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  1. If that is the case, it's some subconscious-level stuff. It happened first when I was taking Celexa, and I assumed it was simply the symptoms of anxiety. Once I stopped taking the med, I experienced a considerable relief of those symptoms. However, that was something I noticed in hindsight, and so if there was fear of the med going on at the time, it must have been beyond my conscious knowledge. I'm willing to consider the possibility that it's anxiety and I have to "work through it". Of course, having a phobia is nothing particularly new for me. But the tension I was feeling was so utterly
  2. I've had a rather peculiar side effect from some of the different antidepressants I've taken. Well, maybe not peculiar, but I'm not really sure how I should describe it exactly. It's a sort of feeling like many of the muscles in my body want to clench up and are unable to relax. Additionally, there's a sort of feeling of pressure around my head, as well as my chest (I call it "feeling like a gorilla is sitting on my chest"). When I've mentioned it to my pdocs before, I haven't gotten much feedback despite mentioning how miserable it makes me feel. I actually feel unequipped to truly describ
  3. I don't think I've ever heard of something like that mentioned, but I will add it to the list of things for discussing at my next appointment. Thank you for the idea.
  4. Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention. I have taken benzodiazepines, though they were given only for 'emergency' situations (I usually took them when the side effects from my other meds were at their worst). They did help me relax in a way, but it felt very artificial and wasn't really what I was looking for. Thanks for the suggestions, tryp: I'll bring them up at my next appointment. I actually have a month's sample of Viibryd here, though I'm hesitant to start taking it as I'm not sure how much it will cost to continue it beyond a month due to (I think) no generic being available. Guess
  5. I meant the exercise bit as a bit of a joke at the end. I am fairly fit, in the lower range of the "normal weight" for BMIs, so the motivation I have for exercise is almost purely as a means for improving my mental health. However, the social anxiety frequently conflicts with my desire to exercise (which I have tried in the past.) I have definitely tried these medications for the alloted amount of time. My experiences with taking them has been over twelve years, not sure if that seemed compressed in the way that I wrote it. Some of them I've taken for over a year, and up to maximum dosage,
  6. I'm looking for some advice. I've had a lot of experience with different antidepressants, and almost no success. I'm getting pretty tired of the whole trial-and-error process, and I'm not terribly confident in my doc's ability to prescribe the right thing, especially considering some special circumstances. Here's my history. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety and dysthymia. I've had both as long as I can remember. My first experience with taking antidepressants was Paxil when I was 16. This actually seemed to work well, cleared the anxiety and depression right up. I eventually tapere
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