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  1. Very glad to see that there are others here with this.
  2. I think I have cyclothymia as well. Counciler said that I might have it but was never properly diagnosed... my mom was bi-polar as well.
  3. I don't take any meds, I just struggle with my ADD (primarily innatentive). I've taken meds before, some where bad (Rittalain) and some were good (Welbutren) but I'm not on any now, and I don't have insurrance anyway. Other people usually notice my symptoms more than me, which effects me in the way they react to me. It also effects me of course in what I am able to get done (or not) and how long it takes me. At some point I should probably go back to Welbutren. I'm not against it, it's just the current fact of my life is that I am un-medicated. For those who are unmedicated, what are your reasons? How do you cope without meds and if you've been on meds how was that compared to being off meds.
  4. A few years ago I was seeing a counciler who said that I could possibly have cyclothymia- a mild form of bipolar disorder. However she left the practice before any formal diagnosis was made and I haven't been back since. (Now I am moving so it will be a long time before returning to counciling is at the top of my to-do list). I have anxiety disorder (NOS) and ADD-I, and have had major depression quite a few times in the past. The thing is that some ADD symptoms are similar to Bipolar, although my personal oppinion is that I do have cyclothmia. My mom was also diagonosed with anxiety disorders and manic-depression (now bipolar). I'm pretty certain that she had ADD too although was never diagnosed (innativentive for both, not hyperactive). Anyway, was just wondering if there is anyone on this board w/ cyclothmia or any discussions of it? Thanks
  5. Just wanted to introduce myself. I picked my name because it's something I used to say to my mother all the time and it drove her nuts! (so to speak). She hated it. My main ailment is ADD, primarily innatentive which I think they should rename to something like Diffused Attention Syndrom because I don't ever feel like I'm not paying attention (ok, sometimes I know that I'm spacing out) and I notice ALL KINDS OF THINGS that other people don't even realize are happening... so I feel like I pay a freakin LOT of attention, just not always to what YOU want me too. Even when I am paying attention to what I'm "supposed to" I still notice and see a lot MORE than most people seem to. I also have anxiety not otherwise specified... so bland! I said to the therapist- "Can't you give me something better?" OCD in the form of hoarding... but I also do things like pick at my legs and pull my eyelashes out and have obsessive thoughts (like sometimes-rarely anymore- I obsessively think about running my finger over the edge of a piece of broken glass... I don't want to do it nor do I feel compelled to do it, but I can't get the image out of my mind) My mother was diagnosed with "Manic Depression" which we know know as "Bipolar Disorder"... my therapist said that I could possibly have cyclothymia (a mild form of bipolar) and I think it's very likely but we never got far enough to diagnose it properly. I have delt with depression bunches. I have some social phobias, but they are much better now and I really love people and being in social situations, but it can be difficult at times. In school I was "painfully shy" and terrified of rejection. Like I said, nowdays I'm much better. I have allergies and asthma... but what does this have to do with being crazy? (looking at the various boards) I am a big time procrastinator, probably related to stress and ADD and whatever... I'm not really a self injurer but I can relate in some ways....... And finally I am very interested in psychology, esp. abnormal pscych and "crazy people" in general. And I'm a lefty... not that that matters! I guess that probably covers it.
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