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  1. I have been battling mood disorder - bipolar since a teenager, alone untreated un-medicated. Then all hell broke loose! I had a car crash in 2007 and my knee was broken, I was in ICU for a week with broken bones, deep vein thrombosis & pulmonary embolism. The accident brought me into a severe depression, the physical pain was debilitating and the headaches were so intense I just cried in the dark all the time. Eventually the broken bones healed, I started walking and some light exercise, mostly swimming at the gym but then the chronic pain started, my leg and hip on the broken knee side and over time this lead to lower back pain and then neck and shoulder pain too. I began getting headaches that lasted weeks if not months and displaying signs of PTSD. Still nobody was convinced that I needed treatment and I stupidly believed them even though I knew something was seriously wrong (I was 30 years old at this time) Now finally after MRI and CT scans, many trips to various neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and so on I exhausted my medical insurance then lost my job. Enter severe bout of depression. Now on the governments dime I am getting mood stabilizers (Epilim & Rivotril) which is helping my moods and they said that when my mind is "right" the pain will become manageable... is this to be my life? Pill popping and pain management? Anyone have words of encouragement? Anyone had a similar situation with mood disorders being aggravated by a physical act?
  2. Neurologist says they can't find the reason for my headaches... longest lasted 3 months with NO relief - I tried all sorts of combinations of pain relief, migraine medications and nothing helped at all! Luckily I haven't had such a severe or long lasting one since I think 2 weeks is my maximum length of late. I have had CT scan, MRI, blood tests you name it - All I want is relief!
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