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  1. bahahahaha...this legit made me laugh out loud. And is very true.
  2. It's probably a snake who was/is handled a lot by it's owners and has worn hats before. If the internet is any indication snakes in hats is a pet snake thing, apparently.
  3. high stress, bad thoughts. Gotta make it through the next week. ugh.

  4. Yesterday I had 3 Bean, Quinoa, & Corn Chili with white rice and crumbly corn bread. I'll probably have the same tonight, but with loads of cheese. I can't eat fat-free meals (and that virtually was, save for the cornbread) because my blood sugar severely drops a few hours later and I get ravenously hungry, tremors, and light-headed. When that happened last night, I had apple pie with ice cream and was good as new.
  5. I really want to make a terrerium, I may hit you up someday for tips! I committed to and followed through (both of these are successes for me, I rarely do the first and when I do the first, the second rarely happens) helping prepare and serve breakfast at the soup kitchen.
  6. So much I want to do, so little drive.

  7. organic whole milk vanilla yogurt with sliced banana and LOTS of almonds. I have it almost every day, either for breakfast or for dinner. Richard gets Fussie Cat cat food. Tiki Cat is another VERY good brand, chill. And any brand of canned cat food is better for your cat than the highest end dried food. Cats are dedicated carnivores, meaning they get all their nutrition from animals (not just meat; the blood, bones and organs). Their bodies have no use for the carbohydrates added to dried food (and some wet foods, like the green peas you mentioned) and it contributes to feline diabetes
  8. Thanks!! My typing skills took a steep hit, but otherwise it wasn't too bad! lol Thanks, Mim! They were a lot of fun, I have to admit. I got several compliments and a lot of stares, mostly from cashiers. heh. I wouldn't do them again unless it was for a special occasion, but I'm glad I tried them out so I know I can do them again if I want.
  9. I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and did some talons. I've been dyingggggg to try them since I saw them on a contestant on Project Runway last year. They only lasted a week, though, as it was difficult to do anything with nails that long. I did a gel mani at home (the building gel, not the shellac gel, which is the nail polish gel) and considering it'd been well over a year (closer to two) since I've done artificial nails, I was pleased with the results. First I did them in WnW "I Need A Refresh-Mint" Then I re-did them in a more fall friendly color, Covergirl Outlast Grape
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