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  1. This is interesting. Seems like there are some hard manic symptoms... psychosis, hospitalisation, etc, and some soft ones... like increased spending, heightened positive affect, etc, which could fit with either but (without the hard symptoms) could fit hypomania. How relative this scale is could be a semi grey area. I don’t have too much trouble distinguishing between them for myself as the hard symptoms I mentioned are a key to defining my manic episodes. Identifying hypomania is useful as a warning sign that things are getting out of control. From a practical perspective it’
  2. My psychiatrist strongly insisted I get something like this done about ten years ago. It cost NZD$900 for about 3-4 hours of testing and was the most money I’ve ever wasted on something. All results confirmed I’m mostly normal, haha, I’ve still got the report with details of the tests I took somewhere. It didn’t even have an IQ test, I went to Mensa for that. Hope it turns out useful to you...
  3. Hi all, the funding for one of my bipolar meds (aripiprazole) has switched from Abilify to Sandoz in NZ. Any thoughts on a potential reduction in efficacy of the latter? I feel like spring is a difficult time to objectively assess this but I have been experiencing some funny thoughts lately in the weeks I’ve switched over... wondering if it’s worth looking into subsidised rates for Abilify over the fully subsidised Sandoz. Thanks for reading
  4. Looks like you're looking for a maximum timeframe. How about three months? That doesn't sound unreasonable and gives you plenty of breathing space. You might find you don't like them in that timeframe and then there's no harm done. Remember you're screening too, they may not be right for you. It is up to you though but six months would be reaching the awkward stage for disclosure. I personally would disclose sooner, maybe within a month of dating, longer if just a friendship but you obviously feel quite uncomfortable doing that, and that is understandable. Remember they're either
  5. Not sure why you're trying to prove a point. Just move on. If he's been unprofessional lodge a complaint rather than making it a personal vendetta.
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