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  1. I just feel like posting a bunch of . . . . . . . . . 's.. Because that is how I feel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. Welcome Seehorse. I am new here also. I have a 15 year old boy that is rebellous. The other day, he got mad at me, and said he would not come to see us when he moved out. At first I was upset and mad, but after a few minutes that turned to sadness, but I waited for a little while before I talked to him. When I did finally talk to him, I told him it was not fair for him to talk to me like that, and I would never say that to him and I loved him very much. I said, you need to apologize and be real with it.. Because saying that to a parent is one of the most hurtful things a parent can hear. Especially when we love them that much.. He said he was truely sorry, and he actually said, "I love you." which made my day.. We all have bad days, and that includes kids.. But what I learned is to wait a little while before speaking to him to make sure that he and I have cooled off a bit... IT makes it more meaningful. that's my two cents..
  3. I took syntroid. But I stopped taking it when I stopped taking my mental meds.. My thyroild has started working normal again.. I am not sure how long I can stay off the mental meds though..
  4. OhMy, I was where you are now, not that long ago. Namaste. I wish I could say something that could make you feel better. But think of one person that loves you. If you leave, you would upset that one person.. Try talking to this person and let them know how you are feeling. It is very embarrasing telling someone in real life that you have suicidal thoughts. But once it comes out of your mouth, you will feel a big relief. If you do not have a good friend, or someone that you think loves you, then try talking to a religious leader. If you don't want to do that, then walk into the ER room and tell the admistrative lady. It will not take them long to have you in some protected room, and talking to a psych.. It was only a month or so ago, when I went. I am so glad that I did. I look at my kids every day and wonder what would have happened to them if I left this world. It would have been very selfish of me, but at the time, I didn't care who I hurt. I just wanted the pain to go away... PM me and talk to me, if you would like. If you want a buddy that cares, I will be that person. I don't have many friends, but I am in constant search for one.. I am a bit weird, so you will have to over look that.. I hope that when you read this, a calm feeling has come over you and you were able to dig out of the slump that you were in..
  5. I was on the net 20 years ago. How much longer is this "new to the internet" excuse expected to be valid? It's like complaining about horseless carriages. If something has been a part of every day life for this long, at what point can we say it's the fault of the people who chose to remain ignorant if they don't get it? Automobiles have been around a while, but there are new drivers..
  6. Thanks Olga for the very informative message.
  7. I wasn't trying to start an argument or get an arousal from folks. This is one of my first threads that I read, and I see the words idiot and stupid throughout. I am not a fan of either descriptive word. Peace!
  8. Hello and Welcome AZ girl. Today is my first day, and trying to meet new friends too. I have a BS in Comp Sci, but I would love to go back to school and get a degree in Psychology. I think it would be very interesting. One thing about the brain I would love to know more about is why some people are color blind. I am color blind, and want to know why. I am also severly depressed and have anxiety. The doc's say it is from PTSD from the war. But I think I am just depressed.. Anyway welcome and hope to see you around.
  9. More and more people are gaining experience with internet usage. But I have parents that just started using a computer. They ask me questions about it all the time. That is just an example of two people that I know who are new to "the internet". Anyway, some "experienced users" need to have more compassion. :-)
  10. I thought the motto was "Can you give me two tens for a five?" I lived there when Edwin Edwards was in the Governor's Mansion. Hahahaha, that too. Another motto of ours is "2nd to last in education" Croix ouch.. being from Mississippi, that hurt. haha.
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