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  1. Hi everybody, So for many years I've been taking Dexedrine for ADD - 30mg in the morning and 20 mg at noon. Absolutely no problems, it was working super. Then last month, I get a call from the nurse at my clinic saying their pharmacy is having a hard time getting Dexedrine so the doc is switching me to Adderall. When I picked it up, the pharmacist said it's the same as the dex, only it's 5 (or 4?) salts instead of 1. The next day (and every day since the 1st), taking the same dosage in AM and at noon, I've noticed a big difference. My focus has plummeted - I get to the end of a sentence and don't remember what the beginning of it was; my brain feels like jello; I'm irritable and have had several (mild) altercations with people; and I've been sluggish and tired. Yesterday I saw the pdoc of the year (had one pdoc for a long time then last year a new one and now this year yet another new one - they're residents at the med college - I go their clinic = no choice). This pdoc was brand new - it might have been his 1st day even (it was pretty awkward), so he had to check everything with his supervisor. I explained everything I said above, of course mentioning that life is one big frustration and asking him if he can please help me so I know what's going on. He didn't have any answers, but only asked if I ever tried Dexedrine XR (which I haven't). He verified with the pharmacy that they're having trouble getting Dexedrine and then talked to his supervisor. In the end, he said they (the clinic) need me to take a lab test (blood & urine) and he wants to see me in 1 month to see how things are going. I asked him if he thought things were somehow going to change and he said he didn't know but just come back in 1 month and go to the lab to have this test. I never had to take this lab test before and when I mentioned that, he said everyone who takes stimulants has to have a lab test "to see how your body is reacting to medication and check if 'outside medications' (substances) are interfering with the effectiveness of (the ADD) medication." ??? My appointments usually last 15-20 minutes but this pdoc was way behind schedule and I was there 1 hour and 15 mins (waiting most of the time) and had another appt. across town to get to, so I asked him if I could come back to take the lab test and he said it was OK as long as I come back and do it before the appt. 1 month from now. I have no problem taking the lab test but find it kind of strange I was never told to do so before now. So my questions are - has anyone had this kind of experience? Was this guy testing me (because I was getting fairly frustrated)? Is there a difference between the same doses of Dexedrine vs. Adderall? I know no one is a doc here but I'm wondering if I'm just a weirdo or if others can relate and offer me some helpful feedback ... my world has changed considerably and I just get the impression that this pdoc maybe can't or won't help.
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