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  1. Sertraline was much too stimulating for me, likely due to the mild dopamine reuptake inhibitory properties of the drug. It just wasn't a good fit, although neither was escitalopram that you did so well on for such a long time. Paroxetine, amongst the SSRIs, was the most efficacious, followed very closely by fluvoxamine.
  2. So, I know this thread has strayed away from benzodiazepines, although after nearly three weeks on 120mg/day of duloxetine in addition to the 4mg/day of clonazepam and 900mg/day of pregabalin, I was still feeling uncomfortably anxious and was unable to sleep. My doctor, thus, is having me take 15mg/night of mirtazapine to augment the duloxetine instead of switching the duloxetine for something else, e.g., fluvoxamine or paroxetine, because I simply cannot take off enough work time to complete the switch as it would destabilize me too greatly. I have taken mirtazapine before and thankful
  3. Thanks for the insight, @mcjimjam. I'll try the drug, but I have my reservations on whether or not 1mg of eszopiclone will do anything at all despite my high benzodiazepine intake. There is room for upward movement should my psychiatrist decide that that would be appropriate if I don't adequately respond to 1mg/night. Also, I've read that eszopiclone, for whatever reason, is slower to grow tolerant to than zopiclone. It is the only z-drug approved for the long-term treatment of insomnia.
  4. the half-life of clomipramine its active metabolite desmethylclomipramine are super long, so i don't see why you can't take the dose all at once before bed.
  5. yeah, actually, reading reviews on belsomra online most/many people who have tried the drug complained that it was very weak. that said, i'll likely be tolerant to the effects of lunesta . sigh. i was previously prescribed temazepam to go along with clonazepam and that did not at all keep me asleep throughout the night. it was as if i were taking no more clonazepam at night than usual.
  6. My doctor probably won't go up to 6mg only because I'm on either the maximum or a supratherapeutic (pregabalin) dosage of the three medications I'm currently taking. I'm not really expecting 1mg to do much of anything, really, because of the cross-tolerance between benzos and z-drugs, but maybe if I take as soon as I wake up in the middle of thee night, I'll be able to relax enough to go back to sleep? I wish he would have just tried me on Belsomra first.
  7. @mmaryland, your psychiatrist allows/prescribes you 10-30mg/day of Xanax? That's insane.
  8. I actually requested Belsomra first and my doctor insisted on giving me a z-drug because he was more familiar with them. We'll see.
  9. Thank you for commenting, @Iceberg. I hope that my doctor allows me to increase the z-drug dosage should it do absolutely nothing.
  10. So, I was prescribed 1mg of eszopiclone for the treatment of sleep-maintenance insomnia. I am to take it at bedtime but I have hesitations as I am taking 4mg/day of clonazepam and so I feel as though 1mg of eszopiclone isn't going to do a damn thing. Does anyone have experience with the addition of a z-drug to a high-dosage benzodiazepine regimen? Also, I increase duloxetine from 80mg/day to 120mg/day on the 3rd of September, so about a week ago. Am I feeling the full benefits of the dosage increase at this point in time? I feel like the beneficial effects have plateaued, but I'm not sur
  11. There are entire threads devoted to this on the various add/adhd forums. You might want to check those out so you have a wider variety of member contributions.
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