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  1. hi redhead - i've taken both gabapentin and now pregabalin which are both in the gabapentinoid class of medications. gabapentin is super weak while pregabalin, especially when paired with a benzodiazepine (and you're on the same one i'm on, clonazepam) is really quite potent. it may take time to find the right dosage, but it in my experience was a game changer when it came to the management of my anxiety disorders. it's approved for gad in the EU, although used frequently off-label here amongst psychiatrists who are in-the-know or psychopharmacologically savvy. try it if you get th
  2. i have not undergone ect, but i do want to also let you know along with crazyredhead that you are certainly not alone. i have very refractory variants of a number of anxiety-spectrum disorders as well as major depressive disorder. i really cannot function at all without medication and need to be medicated at all times. it seems that i need very high doses in order for me to respond and perhaps that's your problem? i dunno, but 300mg of pregabalin, for instance which is the standard dose for gad/panic disorder does absolutely nothing, but 900mg does do something - not enough, but in combination
  3. thank you to the both of you for responding. @Iceberg i definitely recognize that more people have an inclination to report a negative adverse effect than a positive one, although there are certainly trends amongst the highest adverse effects experienced and documented by any given drug, increased appetite and subsequent weight gain on mirtazapine for example. i've been struggling with depression and haven't made any drastic changes, although have seriously contemplated returning to ambien from lunesta to escape the oppressive depression but am holding out hope that i will stab
  4. so i guess that glimpse was just a glimpse and nothing more. the big question is whether to switch over to trintellix from remeron and back to ambien from lunesta. nearly all of the reviews on askapatient mention nausea/vomiting which sounds like a nightmare. furthermore, there are many reviews online that mention hair loss and that also sounds like a nightmare. i know neither of these are guaranteed to happen to me, but the sheer number of people complaining about these issues is startling. also, the half-life of trintellix is extremely long so once i take even one pill, it's going to be pres
  5. so, oh my god, i had a glimpse of a normal sexual response cycle today and so i told my doctor about this before all of the changes that my doctor wanted me to make and he said it's my choice to switch or not, but that he would stick with lunesta for a bit longer to see if an acceptable amount of sexual functioning returns. he also said that he believes sexual functioning and my depression levels are highly intertwined (and they are), so that again, he would wait it out because the ambien/remeron combo was so good save for the overeating, the lunesta/remeron combo may be just as good if i give
  6. super insightful - thanks for telling me! my doctor wants me, per a conversation we had today, to switch from remeron to trintellix as soon as possible and resume taking ambien in lieu of lunesta. i told him that i don't think both of those changes should be made at the same time and that i would consider switching to trintellix after switching back to ambien from lunesta as it's not terrible to switch between the two, but it's not without its bumps in the road either. thanks so much for the words of encouragement and support and yes, it's comforting in some weird way to know that
  7. so, just as an update, i think there is something unique to the pharmacology of ambien that makes it slightly more pleasant to take and thus aids in working alongside remeron as an antidepressant. there is apparently nothing dopaminergic about the drug, but i swear it does make me feel just so utterly content in a good way with life overall when combined with remeron. it's a really difficult decision to remain off of the drug but i know that even with the strongest of willpower i will not every night be able to resist binge eating. i'm thinking, however, that even though i feel abs
  8. i'm gonna try that tonight - i'll see over the next few days if it does work or if my anxiety levels spike pretty quickly. 10mg is the highest dose here in the US and yeah, 15mg is a bit high, but i tend to just not respond to medications very well or am an ultra rapid metabolizer as one might infer from my medications and dosages taken. edit: i chickened out and took lunesta only because i am absolutely positive that i'm gonna eat the entire kitchen on both remeron and ambien. it's just not going to work the way i want it to. i have to really think about whether trying trintellix
  9. i actually have and i've also tried nefazodone as well. my doctor isn't too keen on prescribing trazodone to panic disorder sufferers, though, because of its main metabolite mcpp, but that's another good suggestion for me to take to him. i don't think, as a side note, that slightly reducing ambien will help with the hunger, rather it's just going to make me feel horrible. i see that you have also been prescribed trintellix - do you find it activating or sedating or rather neutral? from what i've read online it seems most people find it activating/energizing, however my doctor claims
  10. no, it's very much appreciated! thank you! the only tricyclic i've been on has been doxepin and it was pretty terrible compared to remeron and remeron is by far a walk in the park. what my doctor proposed in order to perhaps stop the binge eating is to lower my dosage of ambien just a tad to increase anxiety slightly which will offset the hunger to hopefully a significant degree without destabilizing myself. it's actually something that i'm going to try, so i'm going to switch back to a slightly lower dosage of ambien tonight and stop lunesta. i think a better question for my ps
  11. i take clonazepam daily and i just kinda live with the sleepiness, although it's not severe. if your sleepiness is severe, i'd talk to your doctor about lowering the dosage of the benzodiazepine just slightly. it kinda depends on how well your symptoms are controlled on the drug and if you can accept the sleepiness as a compromise with regard to effective treatment.
  12. hi there - so because ambien is working as both a sleep med and is also working to keep me stable as an anxiolytic, sonata was ruled out by my doctor because the half-life is so short (i thought it was worth a shot because ambien kept me so stable all day). belsomra i have sitting in my closet and he mentioned it but after taking ambien every single night for over a year and a half, i've become physically dependent on the z-drugs (either ambien or lunesta) and go through withdrawal and fall unstable if they're removed which was why ambien was added in the first place. it's all super bizar
  13. hello all, i have a particular dilemma that seems bizarre and it really is as i can't really wrap my head around it. i take 15mg of mirtazapine at night along with 15mg of zolpidem. this combination works very well as an antidepressant combination and also as an anxiolytic combo. they're taken along with duloxetine, pregabalin, and clonazepam all for mdd as well as refractory and very severe panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. okay, so the problem? well, nocturnal binge eating during which i'm fully awake/lucid and aware of what i'm doing. i have a hard time controlling
  14. Sertraline was much too stimulating for me, likely due to the mild dopamine reuptake inhibitory properties of the drug. It just wasn't a good fit, although neither was escitalopram that you did so well on for such a long time. Paroxetine, amongst the SSRIs, was the most efficacious, followed very closely by fluvoxamine.
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