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  1. I think that's right on the high end of the so-called "therapeutic range," but someone correct me if I'm wrong. If they left you on it and it's working, they must not have been too worried. But you should ask your pdoc about it for sure, especially if they haven't checked it in a while. Are you having any adverse reactions or signs of toxicity?
  2. One of my meds - Geodon - has to be taken with food, so I just take it and the lithium at the same time with breakfast. Rinse and repeat at dinner time, with a diazepam thrown in around midday usually. Then Zyprexa at night.
  3. This post is ridiculous on all counts. The dental history of your "potential friends" is neither your business nor ours. And as mia pointed out, this board is not here to sate your curiosity.
  4. Being disadvantaged in one aspect (like being money-poor) doesn't negate the unearned advantages you may have because of another aspect (like being white), and vice versa. That's all I have to say, despite the inflammatory language littered throughout your posts, Stars.
  5. I assume that people who don't see it either take it personally rather than seeing it as an institutional, macro-level thing and thus go into denial, or they lack even the tiniest hint of a sociological imagination. Or, y'know, they've never had to "unpack their invisible knapsack," as it were. Or they're trying to hold onto their advantages, whether unconsciously or not, especially people who are disadvantaged on other axes of oppression, like class. Of course, some of them are probably just assholes.
  6. One. Two. Three! (Imagine I'm a stately owl.) Would you rather do laundry or clean dishes, given the choice?
  7. Whee! I miss having one. Some jackass stole mine on campus a few years back and I haven't gotten around to buying a new one. Enjoy it!
  8. Ugh. That really sucks. I hope you can find another typical injection that works just as well.
  9. Tornado watch for the entire state until later tonight.
  10. I can definitely relate to feeling like you're addicted to him. I'm not with him anymore. But that was my story, not yours, so it doesn't mean your relationship is doomed or anything. Also, there were a lot of other issues at play in that relationship besides mine- issues surrounding his sexuality, his family, his tendency to lie, and my bipolar disorder, to name a few. I do feel like I have a better grip on the issues that caused my frenzy around him, and honestly, intensive therapy is what I feel helped the most. I was seeing my therapist three times a week for a long time after that. It wasn't easy by any means. Have you told her how hard it is for you to focus? Is she teaching you any skills to try to manage your emotions in a healthier way?
  11. I have been through a similar situation. For two years, I lived pretty much the way you've described. The circumstances were different, of course, but in the end the fact was that nothing he did ever seemed to be enough. It was very painful, not to mention completely exhausting, and I didn't know what was happening or why I was acting the way I did. Are you still seeing the therapist?
  12. I was generally hyperactive as a kid, and got depressed when I was 12, but I don't think the bipolar emerged until my late teens. I definitely didn't have a full-on manic episode until freshman year of college. Environmental changes/stressors can certainly trigger a first episode of BP, I think.
  13. What unbelievably simplistic yet convoluted descriptions of the disorders she's referencing in the first part. I didn't get past 4 minutes in. I didn't foresee it getting any better. Where's her medical degree from, I wonder?
  14. I have psychosis, and I don't hate you. And I definitely don't think you're evil or faking. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad, though. How did the pdoc appointment go? Do you have a therapist you can talk this all out with? That may be helpful, too.
  15. True. The person below me reads before bed to make themselves sleepy.
  16. True. I like Billy Crystal. The person below me likes windy weather.
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