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  1. My dermatologist is emphatic about yearly checks, and I've also had it asked about by my OB/GYN and GP whether I'm doing yearly checks. I am pale with freckles, very few moles though. But my dermatologist advocates for everyone to have yearly checks and wear sunscreen daily.I had a precancerous thing on my face several years back that I only noticed because it was on my face, and I wouldn't have thought it was pre-cancerous, just a vague discoloration. Maybe you can find a compromise between five years and yearly? Maybe every two or two and a half years? And in the interim be very vigilant about keeping an eye on any changes you can see on yourself. I don't think it's necessarily low risk for everybody at this point in time, with the ozone being what it is. I know it's traumatic for you, so obviously it's a big trade off when you have to deal with things like this. And I'm saying this partly from the perspective of someone who didn't get around to two or three mammograms and ended up with a cancer diagnosis that was a little more advanced than it would have been if I'd gone regularly, so I don't think I'll delay any in in the future. Just my thoughts. I'm unclear -- is your dermatologist aware of your trauma history, and are there any work arounds she might consider? Like, maybe not a full body check, but areas you're more comfortable with, or with a certain amount of clothing on, like a bathing suit? It seems like some exam would be better than no exam. ETA: Just to be clear, I'm not in any way trying to minimize how traumatic these exams are for you. And you were a rock star for getting through it the other day.
  2. I'm sorry, yarn. Whatever your relationship was, it must have been rough to be there at the end. Take care of you.
  3. All-encompassing anxiety bordering on panic, with a large portion of profound regret.
  4. I'm sure at some point, but it's not really a book genre I'm into. Do you wear socks to bed?
  5. I just want to say that you are very talented at this game, echo. Carry on. Your wish is granted. They are no longer dreams, but reality. You are perpetually in high school from now on, with seven straight periods of the class you hated most. And the cafeteria always serves fish sticks and lumpy mashed potatoes. Every. Single. Day. I wish that every little thing didn’t make me tear up.
  6. I think it depends on your psychiatrist and where you are. Mine continues to prescribe them to me, though I have never hit high doses and almost always take less frequently than prescribed, and I have seen him for twenty years, so I don't know if he hesitates with higher doses or new patients. My state does now have a mandate that he has to prescribe online through a system that verifies I'm not doctor shopping, and sends the script directly to the pharmacy.
  7. I hope you slept and that things went relatively well today. Thinking of you. Really drained. On day 5 of being sick, and woke up with migraine. Also, biting my tongue, metaphorically.
  8. yes. I get in logic loops when I'm anxious about something that shut me down, which feeds into the anxiety more, until a smallish thing becomes a big thing.
  9. Anxious every time I think about doing work.
  10. Have a migraine and am sad and anxious, and want to move from the couch to my bed to nap, but also want to continue to have puppers lying at my feet for comfort.
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