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  1. Granted. 126 cats now inhabit your living space, and they’re hungry all the time. I wish I were neater.
  2. I was really flummoxed a few months ago at a Mexican restaurant to hear a swing version of Walk on the Wild Side. Today I drove my kids to school, did a bunch of meditating, went to a medical appointment, and picked up my son.
  3. The dog is being weird and agitated at 1 in the morning. I took him outside and he just stared attentatively down the street. Now he’s back upstairs and I’m on the couch paranoid that he knows something we don’t or our house is about to burn down or there’s carbon monoxide or something. Note to self to buy more detectors tomorrow. Maybe a fox outside?
  4. Necklaces. I always manage to lose earrings. Do you prefer sweet or savory flavors?
  5. One block. Do you know how to skateboard?
  6. Not usually. Have you ever played pool or billiards?
  7. Granted, but there are monsters there that you previously haven't been able to see. I wish I could get this chapter done.
  8. Granted. You don't sneeze anymore, but when you encounter an allergen all the built up pressure from not sneezing makes your eyes pop out of your head and bounce up and down like slinkies. I wish I knew how to figure skate.
  9. Granted. But they're calling for you to bail them out of jail. I wish I had eaten something healthy today.
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