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  1. The carpet, definitely. I find vacuuming satisfying. Do you sort out your meds into daily compartments or just take them right out of the prescription bottle?
  2. oooo, let's see. I have seen The Clash, The Who, Pink Floyd (twice), Grateful Dead (8 or 9 times) and a bunch of midsize and small shows. I have also seen Taylor Swift and Katy Perry somewhat against my will, because I had an elementary-aged daughter. Which reminds me that this morning I am going to attempt to get tickets to see Bob Dylan. Would you rather deal with the sound of a baby screaming or cats mating?
  3. Yeah, you sound as if you might be depressed. Depression can mean lack of motivation and focus, even if mood-wise you don't feel that bad. For me, lying around on the couch, letting things slip, and not even bothering to shower are sure signs of at least moderate depression, which can still be debilitating. I don't really have suggestions for meds. As Blah suggests, I've take a stimulant (adderall) in the past to get over the hump for that sort of depressive state, though a lot of docs are not keen on prescribing them, and especially to someone with BP1 I imagine (my one and only clear hypomania ramped up after I started Adderall, and gained me the BP2 diagnosis). Also, if you have a disability services office in your school, and you haven't registered with them, I recommend that you do in case things start slipping in the new school term or the future. As a grad student, my registering with disability services has helped get me some wiggle room, and as a teacher, it allowed me to give some extra slack to students who had a valid medical reason for things like late assignments or needing extra time on tests.
  4. Well it’s not this time, 6:45am, as I try to wake up after being awake for two hours last night. Do you own any t-shirts or other memorabilia from a concert you attended?
  5. Columbus likes shaking them til they're dead. Good clean fun.
  6. Zoloft (sertraline) got me through most of two degrees and two childbirths without postpartem depression, so I’ll say that one. Do you drink beer?
  7. No. It does not make sense. But nothing surprises me with American insurance companies. Hopefully the dermatologist can just eyeball the things on your arm and assess that they're nothing, because that's happened to me a few times with things I was worried about (pale Irish/English lady here, too). At least they're requiring a prior authorization suggests that they'll pay for it once they approve it, but I know, that's another appointment with the dermatologist and more waiting.
  8. Keeping it together, though anxiety impeded my ability to do much work today. Managed to do some other things though.
  9. Been home alone most of the day and only have a couple of errands, so odds are I won’t have to. would you rather pull out an umbrella as soon as it rains or brave the wet until it’s raining really hard?
  10. hmm. I think someone recently posted an article talking about this in bipolar that I found interesting, because I have the same problem. Was it @argh?
  11. More likely t-shirts with images. Do you reside with/sleep with a plush friend?
  12. yes. Maybe space alien skeletons, maybe a shit ton of government paperwork in triplicate. What song/artist will you definitely sing to if it comes on the radio?
  13. I think maybe this thread reminds a lot of us of jt (and his often deep, metaphysical questions), but I'm going to try to get it started again in his honor. Fly. Though I think I would fly close to the ground because I'm pretty chickenshit. Marsupials or amphibians? [did I spell those right?]
  14. Mood -- pleasant. Anxiety -- almost full tilt, as has been the situation in the past few weeks. Many things to do in the next 48 hours, including keeping my shit together, which may be the hardest of all.
  15. I would never make that December 1 deadline, regardless of when I started. I've had a package to send a CB friend since June, for their birthday which was in January. You must have extraordinary powers of organization/motivation/and/or have your "mailing stuff" shit a lot more together than mine. I salute you, sir. Also, the houseboat ad sounds really cool.
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