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Status Updates posted by dancingteapot

  1. Had a good birthday. Had a strange feeling but I tried not to let it get in the way.

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Happy birthday!!! I'm glad it was good despite the strange feeling. 

    2. jt07


      Happy belated Birthday! 

  2. Had a lovely piano lesson.

  3. i want to cry but I can't

    I'm suicidal.

    I'm sick of constant failure.

  4. Debating on a hot bath to settle my nerves.

  5. I know it was inevitable but still hurts. On the other hand something good happened today. Taking life as it comes ...still want to end it.

    1. fantod


      i'm sorry, dt.

      "Taking life as it comes ...still want to end it."

      i can relate.

  6. I want to end my life.

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    2. dragonfly23


      ER time hon, please take care of you

    3. dancingteapot


      I'm always coming up with a plan. Just a matter of time before I exexute it.

    4. crtclms


      Please go to the ER

  7. I have an affinity for energy drinks. Drank 2 in the span of 3 hrs...it actually jolted me...I have some energy!

  8. I know I am safe but time is ticking.

  9. So my day program case manager called my grandmother about my SI. Grandmother is coming to my therapy session tonight. Fuck.

  10. I really need to find a gyno before my BC runs out. Another reason I'm avoiding IP.

    1. cosima


      do you need a gyno to prescribe your bc? i get mine prescribed at a walk-in clinic along with my other non-psych meds.

  11. Finding ways to SI. Not in a good place right now.

  12. Hearing voices. Going out drinking despite this. A lot on my mind so fuck it.

    1. Butterflykisses


      Be safe, but I understand its tough.

  13. I don't want to live anymore.

    1. iwishididnthaveanhedonia


      keep pushing please. youll make it through, things will get better :(

  14. I sense myself falling but will I be able to catch myself or am I going down?

  15. Hoping for a good night out.

    1. BlurredBoundaries


      I hope you have a good night out too!

  16. Sometimes I just want to fall asleep and never wake up.

    1. BlurredBoundaries


      I wish I could too.That would be such an easy way to go

    2. Ceicbot


      ditto..."/ hope you feel better

  17. My family basically told me I'm fat. Fuck my life.

    1. Sync


      Fuck 'em. Assholes.

    2. dancingteapot


      They tried to tell me the nicest way they could, too. Oh well guess in need to face reality.

    3. dragonfly23


      They don't matter, you do. If you are happy in the skin your in, fuck em

  18. All twisted inside. Can't I just be on the linear track?

  19. It's always such a hassle to get my medications...

    1. nonuser


      I know. I still need to get mine. been 3 days

  20. Stuck in this abyss. Reality vs. Fiction. Can't decipher...this could either be philosophical or I'm in some strange episode. Okay then...this is frustrating.

  21. Headed to NYC in this bitter cold. Hopefully I won't become overwhelmed. I just want to wear a dress.

  22. Blank. Yet filled with thoughts. I'm a walking paradox.

  23. Nervous about orienatation at the anmial shelter tonight.

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