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  1. aCan't stop eating. Now onto Chinese food. This medicine...I suppose it's better to be fat and stable.

    1. alltimelow


      RIGHT?! I find myself grazing constantly!!

  2. Looking forward to volunteering at the local animal shelter.

    1. nonuser


      aw doggies and mousers :)

  3. Binged on American Horror Story today. Now on Asylum. Twisted show.

  4. I think I figured out my Halloween costume!

  5. OMG I can't believe I drank that much. No meds for me. I'm an idiot.

    1. dragonfly23


      Been there, sneaky shit that alcohol

    2. nonuser


      that was me last friday. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Called pdoc and he wasn't in the office. Secretary took my info and said she'll leave a message for him. Idk if I will get a hold of him today or tomorrow. But things are bad.

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    2. Butterflykisses


      I hope you have a speedy recovery. I am so glad he can see you tomorrow!

    3. dancingteapot
    4. Light


      I hope you hear back from the pdoc and feel better & things look up for you very very soon - Take care

  7. I want to book a trip to Israel.

  8. My grandmother just asked if I did all this for attention. I nearly fell off the chair. Like I *want* to be like this...fuck that.

  9. Hardly slept last night...full of anxiety. Ugh, I thought 25 is supposed to be a better year.

  10. Today is my birthday (which is whatever) but all I could think of last night was suicide. Strange.

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    2. sonicwhite


      I'm sorry. I know my depression beats me up from time to time.

    3. whatsizbucket


      Happy bday dancing!

    4. jt07


      Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and forget last night.

  11. Outraged that my pdoc increased his price to $150 for 15 min.

  12. Nervous about pdoc appt. I'm afraid to tell him things.

  13. I wish my mother understood MI...I'm trying to come to terms with it and she just makes it worse. Apparently I just don't try hard enough.

  14. I feel so strange. I can't comprehend myself. I'm not okay anywhere.

  15. I do have a plan. I do have intent. Sorry, case manager I'm not telling the truth to you.

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    2. malachite


      Only you can make the decision. Are there other meds you could try? Could you go up on your current dose?

    3. dancingteapot


      I've been on everything. And I'm on high doses already. Guess I have to keep trying...

    4. malachite


      Please do keep trying. I care about you. I know how hard it is to keep up the fight. I had a pdoc tell me the only thing that would ever help me was maintenance ECT for the rest of my life. He refused to change up any of my prescriptions. I dumped him (eventually) and my new pdoc has tried a rather odd new cocktail for me. It's helping a lot.

  16. Going to take a bath. I wrecked myself today, but I feel this odd ecstacy mixed with guilt. I'm sorry to all I hurt.

  17. Tried the Vegemite...it was...interesting. It's like a novelty item to me.

    1. koa


      Vegemite is proof that Australians are all a little off their rocker.

    2. Beast Within

      Beast Within

      :o I resemble that remark.

      I hope you tried it using the method I posted.

  18. Too much. Too much. Mostly cranial nerves and an eyeball.

  19. Let's see how this pans out. I trust my social worker set it up properly.

  20. My patience is gone. Just gone. All I do now is laugh and cry.

  21. I can't deal with these ups and downs. The basic stressors of life are eating me.

  22. Accomplished plenty today. Approved for Medicaid. Feeling peculiar in general.

  23. Dissected a sheep brain today.

    1. chem
    2. HopefulinWA


      Speaking as a sheep farmer, I'm sure you didn't find much in there. :D

  24. Spent more money today. Partial regrets and partial satisfaction.

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