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  1. Acidic Mouthwashes Eroding Enamel: http://www.freysmiles.com/blog/view/acidic-mouthwashes-are-eroding-enamel DIY - Mouthwash You Can Make at Home: http://www.freysmiles.com/blog/view/re-balancing-your-oral-ph
  2. I'm glad you had such great success with braces and thanks for telling your story. It gives me a bit of hope. I'd feel so lucky to find such a great orthodontist. Your case sounds similar to mine. My teeth almost touch in the front and do pretty well on the right. On the left it's wide open ... most of those teeth just don't like each other at all. I can kind of chew, but not well on that side. It's more like breaking stuff into a bit smaller chunks than really chewing properly. I try to do that now and then to give the chewing side a break. It's so open on the left side it has kind of an eye shape. I'm sure there is TMJ or serious joint problem going on because I hear a popping sound if I open my mouth wide and it's been there a long time. I feel my jaw shift, too. It is a pretty strange case so I'll keep my hopes realistic. Mine was largely ignored and written off as no big deal by my parents and most dentists when I was a teen and could probably gotten insurance to pay for it. I knew something was wrong because it hadn't always been that way. I fell as a kid and my front teeth went through almost all the way under my bottom lip. Another kid had left a backpack out on the floor that I didn't see and I tripped. I sometimes wonder if that had anything to do with it, but other things can cause it besides injury or illness or sleeping too much on one side. It may have just been genetic luck of the draw. One of my brothers seems to have a similar bite but it's so slight that it doesn't bother him a bit. As an adult I heard insurance will always try to deny paying for surgery and call it "cosmetic" no matter what kind of note your dentist/doctor writes. Sure, for a select group of people it is purely cosmetic, but most NEED it. Some are just lucky it makes them look better, too. I don't mind chewing gum, but I rarely do because we tend to buy altoids more. Also, I am afraid gum will make jaw problems worse even if it helps keep my teeth clean. I used to chew it all the time and imagine myself like a cow or giraffe chewing, haha. My grandparents on both sides raised beef cattle and I liked the zoo ... even (accidentally honest) got my brother and I locked in a zoo as an adult, hehe. Good times!
  3. I'm Bipolar 1 / Schizoaffective and probably OCD and PTSD depending on who you ask. I had my first manic episode this year. I can attest that those hallucinations, both auditory and visual do seem very real. Mine also merged pretty seamlessly with reality and helped feed my delusions. Some of the auditory especially were amazingly perfect distortions of reality. The only thing that gave away the visuals at all was perhaps they were slightly more sped up than the real stuff, and some just seemed like flashes. I doubt anyone else would have disputed their authenticity, crazy or not. Yes, I do still think about mine often, especially since some of my auditory stuff ended up to be true even though nobody else heard the same "loudspeaker" I was hearing at the time and it's unlikely it was fed by any outside sources. I wasn't around anyone and I didn't watch TV. I hadn't checked the news online or anything. I still did and said enough stuff to get a stay in the HaHa Hotel. Good thing I didn't tell them everything I was thinking. Good ol' paranoia. My brother was diagnosed similarly years ago so it wasn't quite as big of a shock when it happened to me. Yeah, it was pretty obvious to everyone the space cars really weren't coming to pick me up simply because I was an alien female version of Christ ... or whatever I said to them at the time. It is hard not to dwell on things seen and heard in an episode. I'd share more, but it might just feed someone else's delusions and it is way past my bedtime. Sleep hygiene ... still working on it.
  4. I like Biotene OK despite the cost. It's a pretty good product, but I find it interesting that the back label on mine says it's distributed by GlaxoSmithKline. Any guess what else they do to make money? Hint in case anyone has been living under a rock for too long: It involves meds that may cause dry mouth and dental problems! I loved Novamin toothpaste even though it was pricey. The closest thing now are some Burt's Bees products as they bought out Novamin it seems. The Burt's isn't as nice feeling, though. I'm sad my local stores don't seem to be carrying the paste anymore, though they have just about everything else from Burt's. When I run out I guess I will have to order online ... just like with Novamin. Maybe if I special request it they'd get it back in stores. It must not have sold very well if they got rid of it, though. I'm glad research is going into tooth replacement and regrowth since I have some jaw misalignment and other issues that are screwing things up despite my best efforts ... and I can't afford or get the nerve to go for the expensive, dangerous, and painful surgery. Google LIPUS tooth regrowth. I wish every dentist offered it.
  5. I thought this was an interesting article, especially considering I'm slowly recovering from severe anhedonia. I would love to never have to go through it again and wouldn't wish it on anyone. I found this by googling anhedonia and hormones. Hopefully it hasn't already been posted. The article discusses the role of melanocortin and the brain's reward system. It also talks about how some methods of research (mainly the forced swim tests for lab rats) may be causing scientists to overlook information that could lead to better treatments. Besides mental illness, it also has the potential for weight loss applications. Here's the link: Why the Thrill is Gone: Scientists Identify Potential Target for Treating Major Symptom of Depression http://neurosciencen...loss-treatment/
  6. @TakeAChillPill - Thanks for the kind response. I like your cute username, too. I'm sorry Zyprexa was so bad for you, but glad Abilify helps. My brother seems to be doing pretty well on it, too, and has for years. I don't want my posts to determine whether or not Latuda is worth a try, but know that it might be worth giving up if it isn't working out. I was retold the drug rep schpeel about how it's the newest and greatest thing ... that it might even reverse learning and cognitive problems ... that it was one of the safest if I got pregnant. It's very expensive, but don't worry how much it costs. If you can't pay for it the company will give it to you for free! I have a bunch of samples for you right now! It's the best thing since indoor plumbing! Why try anything else? Keep in mind I am still in a happy hypomania as I'm hearing this so it all sounds Uhhh-mazing!!! Almost no complaints of any kind were to be found online. I was feeling super lucky to have gone crazy not long after this awesome drug became available. If this is one of your first rides on the med-go-round and you're feeling really sick, don't be afraid to try something else and maybe revisit this one later. It's on the bottom of my list now, but maybe some day it'll be my wonder drug, too. Besides general flatness and weird feelings, low libido was another sign early on (still hypomanic to borderline normal when that happened) and I have seen similar complaints from others that said they would quit over that even though it was their only side effect. Smart move. My drive left town and still hasn't driven back.
  7. Also, I had been told to try taking Latuda in the morning since I found it very activating. I tried switching it back to night and other times, but things just kept getting worse to the point I truly dreaded taking it or eating the food because I was never hungry on it. Sometimes I would sit there and look at the pill on my desk for quite some time, trying to muster the will to send it down the hatch.
  8. Sorry this is going to be long and possibly repetitive. My mind ain't what it used to be. After lurking for the past few months of my new Bipolar 1 diagnosis (possibly schizoaffective and OCD, too like my bro), I got an account JUST to post about this. One of the first drugs I was tried on was Latuda. I had (at first at night only) some weird feelings that went away when I slept. I had never had that experience in my life, but I explained it to my prescribing nurse as "a weird boring feeling I didn't like". Because it seemed to be working OK with few other side effects, I didn't worry about it. Before long, the feeling crept into the day and I was miserable and crying because I didn't know what was going on and I would just read (mostly my Bible) to distract myself and fill time, which seemed to be going by painfully slow. I think I even went into a brief psychotic depression for a couple of days looking for angels to heal me or take me home. I couldn't stand social situations. This happened around my birthday. It should have been fun ... big family party shared with my baby newphew with a birthday close to mine. I normally love those things ... and I could think of nothing but getting away (or being rescured by angels which I was looking for with some deal of hope). I called to tell the nurse that the medication was making me horribly depressed, though it was a different depression than I had ever felt (and I had been previously hospitalized for severe depression ... and my life circumstances are better and worse in many ways than they were then ... mostly better). It was also making me shake terribly and tense my muscles ... very painful. I looked like I had Parkinson's (and that is one side effect of the drug). By the time they called back, I had no emotions, no ability feel pleasure, etc ... signs of severe dopamine depletion. She said it wasn't the Latuda and that maybe I should have been on more to keep me stable ... that the crash might have been avoided, but still took me off and has been trying other things. Oh, and if you need to get off the drug and it doesn't interfere with any other meds, try St. John's Wart. It gets it (and many other meds) out of the system faster. She told me to use the herb. I did not do this on my own. Do check with your doc or nurse. Many herbs can make meds not work or cause dangerous interactions. Be careful of grapefruit juice, too. It can increase the effects of some meds greatly. That weird feeling may be Anhedonia creeping in. I figured out what it was by looking up the meaning of common antipsychotic side effects. It is the inability to feel pleasure and it SUCKS. Mine was pretty severe ... near catatonic at the worst of it. The only thing I could feel was anxiety, and eventually that even went away. I could feel pain, but I couldn't feel that "shock feeling" when you get hurt or almost die from nearly having a wreck. I could hear music, but not enjoy it or feel that "dancy feeling". I could taste food but not enjoy it. I could not cry or get angry even when warranted. I could not make facial expressions naturally ... only fake. That sort of thing. I could go on and on about the suckiness. The world seemed "colorless" and flat ... a feeling of unreality. It still kind of does and I still don't have a full range of emotions or enjoyment of life. I hope I will again. It is still really hard for me as I was always the artsy type ... enamored with the detail and beauty of everything. I didn't take things for granted. Time passed by soooooooooo slowly and the fact I was trapped in a Hell that I had never before known existed only made looking at the clock that much more horrible. I could not sleep more than 2-3 hours a night even with Ambien and Trazadone. My mind started to slow and that's an understatement. I could not drive or pick out groceries without help. I had previously done those things for a woman with brain damage and now I was the one that needed help. Latuda is a dopamine antagonist, as are pretty much all antipsychotics in some way. Abilify is an antagonist and agonist. That, along with Lithium and Wellbutrin started to pull me out. I am off Abilify, weaning off lithium for now, and moving up on Lamictal. I am still on the Wellbutrin, too as it has a low risk of mania for most and might help with the dopamine thing a bit. You could also be having an allergy or side effect besides anhedonia. I didn't get the throat thing, but if you get anhedonia and upping the dose doesn't even you out, get off it ASAP. I didn't try upping the dose and I don't really think it would have helped. I am not the only one this has happened to, although I am the only one so far at the busy mental health place I go. They have had great success with Latuda and I am sure it's a wonderful drug for many. I wouldn't even rule it out completely for myself in the future as sometimes things work later as the body changes ... and it would probably be awesome for mania. Sometimes I don't know if it was just a nasty quick drop after my first severe mania, or if it was the Latuda or both. I still kind of lean more towards the Latuda though, since the nothing feeling used to happen at night like clockwork after I took it, then go away after I slept it off. Also I had been on it a while ... it seemed OK at first, but then not so much. They said my problems would have all gone away after I got off the Latuda if it were the drug. I didn't totally buy that line. Many drug side effects last long after quitting the drug, and some are permanent. Things did improve after getting off the drug and washing out a week. Things still seem to be improving little by little, but it has felt so slow and painful. I am still recovering and fear a relapse if it wasn't just the drug. This isn't to scare you, but tell you that what you are feeling very well could be what happened to me. Right now, I don't know if my brain is getting better on it's own, I'm slowly cycling up, or my meds are finally getting right and working or some combination of those. I'm still new to all of this. They tried different things on me and started to worry I was treatment resistent because most of their patients respond to more things ... and faster. Even said if I could afford the $4,000 for a genetic test to help narrow things down, that I should do it, and I was so miserable I would have if I could have in a heartbeat. In addition to anhedonia, I was having severe akathesia. I could not be still and was always twitching or fidgeting or exercising. Combining that with lack of sleep, I was sooo tired and sore. I would exercise (and I am out of shape) to get the exercise high and waste time ... nothing. I would live only so I could take my meds and go to bed earlier than normal to escape it. I became more suicidal than I ever thought possible. I felt no remorse and if I had not been taught "Thou Shalt Not Kill" I seriously could have been an axe murderer and felt no guilt. Nobody should ever have to go through that. Unfortunately anhedonia is a common feature of both crazy meds, and being crazy. Hope you feel better soon if you don't already. A nothingness feeling or possible allergy should not be ignored.
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