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  1. Is this true? Because I was thinking of donating to my local red cross.
  2. I can't function because of this and I isolate. I am in my late 30s and I haven't had friends since my college years. It's very hard and disabling. I wish people wouldn't be so judgemental. My only friend is my family.
  3. i haven't been able to get rid of it. no medications help so i isolate and don't talk to barely anyone. my life consists of internet and video games.. (i've had it since i was a kid) its been decades..horrible
  4. Honestly, I don't remember it was years ago. They gave me a booklet of things that could occur, but I took the risk I was so hopeless. Have you looked into ketamine? The treatments are expensive, but some people say they work , and I suppose TMS. Good luck and feel better.
  5. didn't have much luck with it, it kicks in pretty fast. it helped for a few weeks, and then it stopped. the first few days it knocked me out when i took it at night, i could barely work the next day, but that went away, it helped the anxiety a bit, but that went away after a few weeks. i also had urges to eat non-stop, and that was annoying too. glad it help some!
  6. honestly, it didn't do much for me. I hope it works for others, for me it was not that helpful. can you recommend any books or specific things you did in therapy?
  7. My advice to those who are thinking of ECT is to get a few different opinions from various doctors/clinics/hospitals that offer it and talk to others as well at support groups who have done it..But remember everyone's experience is different. It is usually a last resort treatment. I had tried like 20 medications and nothing worked so my doctor talked to me about it and then I went to visit the clinic. I had a meeting with the director of the clinic who explained to me its not 100% guarantee that it will work, the possibility of memory loss, but at that point I was so hopeless I didn't care. He did tell me though that it had 70 % chance of working, (according to studies) which are way better than medications offer, so I went ahead and did it. I was hopeless and hated life so at that point I'd do anything to feel some relief. They started by unilateral (which means you get the shock by 1 side of the head first) do 12 treatments spaced out 3 times a week and then depending on the person they continue maintenance treatments or might try bilateral (which means you get shocked at both sides, and more chance of memory loss) but I think it all depends on the person, the type of depression they have, etc, and everyone responds different. I was willing to try it, regardless of how others speak badly about it, because I have very severe depression and I couldn't deal with it anymore. Luckily, it helped so I'm grateful for that. Now I'm trying to work on getting my OCD and anxiety under control. I do not know too much about TMS. When it first came out I think insurance wouldn't cover it because I had met a lady who told me she spend a lot of money on it and it didn't do anything for her. I think more insurances cover it now, but I'm not 100% sure. I hope it helps you, its terrible to suffer this way. Again, it varies with everyone I think. Some people have wrote horror stories about ETC and TMS and others have had their lives saved by them. Not sure if you tried MAOI's ? You probably have because they are usually given as well before you decide about ECT. I hope you can find a therapist who specializes in trauma/PTSD that the ECT caused you and can help you maybe consider TMS......I really hope you feel better soon.
  8. Why is that certain people ask me from time to time why I don' t post as much as I used to anymore on social media? Just last week a friend said to me "Get instagram!!". Yeah when I was younger and when it first came out I posted more photos, and comments. Not too much though because I had anxiety and depression and low-self esteem, and I'm not really the type of person who likes to drive attention to herself. But I haven't posted a new photo in like 4-5 years....My answer is simple "I got bored of it". I use it mainly to communicate with family and friends that live far, for reading news, or sharing something useful, something I might think is funny, or important..(in my opinion anyway).. I no longer feel the need to constantly post photos every single day, how I feel, or check-ins, events that I might be interested in, my routine workout, where I am traveling to, etc.. Last time I remember posting a picture was 2 years ago , after I returned back from my vacation. (and that was a picture of the area not me personally) I realize it has gotten in our lives, I just don't understand some people. I feel like my friend is nosy because she has asked me so many times why I don't post new things. (She moved away a few years ago, got married/kids, and we don't talk as much as we used to). She's the type who posts every single detail in her life, and I don't want to judge people but considering what some studies suggest is that many of those who constantly post on a daily basis have hidden issues themselves. I am not one to judge since I suffer from anxiety and depression, but I just found it annoying when she asked. I didn't want to argue because we have been friends since we were young kids, so I just let it go, even though a part of me felt like saying "You post way too much". What do you guys think? I find it ironic that the stigma towards us who have accepted and are trying to deal with our mental illness exists, yet those who constantly posting their lives on social media, hear studies about social media and narcissistic personalities and laugh. Years ago when I confided to my friend that I was depressed and anxious she said to me mental illness, and psychiatrists are a joke, a lie. The illness is not real, it's just weakness and you need God in your life. I suppose the future will show because plenty of studies suggest selfies, and sharing way too much information on social media is linked with people who have those hidden issues. I just find it ironic that I once got made fun of, and I sure hope my friend (or those who laugh at those studies) have nothing like depression or anxiety because it is painful and annoying, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. Are you better now? It varies from person to person. I saw results after my 4th treatment, I never responded to any medications so I do maintenance every 5-6 weeks. From what they say the longer you space out the treatments the better, for the patient that's what happened to me. I hope TMS helps you.
  10. old post I know, i'm glad it's helping people for anxiety, my doctor is suggesting it to me , so we'll see...
  11. I am on my first week of 50mg and I feel very tired as well too. The first night it knocked me out! It seems to be helping my anxiety somewhat, and I feel like I have an increase in the the amount of time I want to be around people. Hopefully it will work. Good luck to everyone.
  12. Hi all, I am on a low dosage of Risperdal like 0.5mg 2 x a day, but I am also on cymbalta...Risperdal was hell on the first week, but it got better, however, i read on other forums that some people still feel the drowsy effect, and for others it won't go away until 3-4 weeks. I hope that's the case for me.
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