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  1. Thank you so much for your insight. Guilt is such a big, big problem for me and you don't know how much better it makes me feel just to hear that I'm not the only one who has issues like this. And I needed to be reminded that just because my kids aren't in soccer and gymnastics and ballet and karate that doesn't make me a bad mom. So, thank you so much <3
  2. When the parents expected you to reciprocate, what did you do? it's horrible, I know, but i feel like I need to have some excuse ready to fire off for when that situation arises. i just can't have people over. Even if it didn't look like crap, we literally do not have the room. Also, just wondering if this was the right forum to post this in? Should it maybe be moved tot he panic/anxiety board instead?
  3. How do you do it? My children are at an age where they want to start doing things with their friends: spending the night, going places with them, etc. I pretty much have lived in constant fear this school year waiting for the to come home again and ask if they can go to a friend's house. The last time my daughter spent the night with her friend I had 2 anxiety attacks, thought of every terrible scenario imaginable (sexual abuse, you name it) and finally ended up calling to check on her once I calmed down a bit. I wanted to go get her. I'm sort of okay with them going over and playing or going
  4. 5 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Depression | http://t.co/CqAqmLRNgs http://t.co/XyKNsfFNdv

  5. I Hate You, Don't Leave Me http://t.co/U8pKqztYIC jesus christ this is so accurate its scary

  6. Pretty rad RT @Jezebel: These Disney villain perfume bottles will please your inner vixen http://t.co/rPIO7KBSLu http://t.co/gunAVg6fC4

  7. "The people they trusted abandoned them..." http://t.co/TjOxLOhoMK

  8. I am so proud of Brayden Schenn. I miss Brayden Schenn. Among other people.

  9. Photo: Signed, every person I’ve ever tried to be friends with. Sorry http://t.co/Ezlu5qGVff

  10. "I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.”

  11. RT @FYFeeling: Never hold onto someone who is no longer holding onto you.

  12. Watching Orange Is The New Black and kicking myself for not watching it sooner.

    1. koa


      Such a good show.

    2. Velvet Elvis

      Velvet Elvis

      I watched it all in less than a week.

  13. RT @lm_GrumpyCat: Spongebob will get his license before Taylor Swift finds love.

  14. Photo: kushandwizdom: Everything Love http://t.co/NBt1thKfkK

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