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  1. I'm sorry that you in front of most of the chat regulars said my ban was SEVEN DAYS if I behaved in the fourms. I did my best. After 7 days I PM'd you asking if I could be unbanned and you never replied. I waited several days and PM'd again, no reply. so I had the members of chat get you to reply. At this point it's been over two weeks. I could understand it if you weren't active on the forums and in chat to not get a reply but you were.. She-Fucking-nanigans. *drops mic* Also if you had even bothered to look at chat logs you would have found not 20 minutes later the member I "bullied" told me to go fuck myself yet they're the mods fucking sainted child that can DO NO WRONGS! wasn't reprimanded. "
  2. Sorry, I should have said I'm cool with you because you were the only mod I've dealt with recently that actually replied (quickly) to a PM and didn't require other members going after you to get you to reply. They had been active on the boards for days but ignored my message. Not cool.
  3. Heaven forbid y'all answer your PM's on the first one (or two) messages.
  4. False, The next date I'm looking forward to is Jan 21st 2021. The person below me likes stinky cheese.
  5. Eccentric Orbits which talks about the birth (and almost death) of the original satellite phone. https://smile.amazon.com/Eccentric-Orbits-Satellite-Constellation-Destruction-ebook/dp/B01BZI9OHU/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=&sa-no-redirect=1
  6. oh, I thought of a positive: My reddit karma is going up instead of down like a rock like it did the day before.
  7. Scene for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42oucm_lj50 Everything I've touched today has broken and I wish I was kidding. My internet router has a really neat problem where it forgets it's a router and stops actually.. routing. Well, it did it's trick in the middle of the night, I go over and restart it. Comes back up, everything appears to be back to normal. I log in to see why something that was working stopped working after I rebooted the router.... It's learned a second trick. Whenever the router reboots, it deletes random settings from my very complicated configuration file. So far it hasn't been anything hard to redo, however there's one section that if it disappears, my router will be the 2nd thing thrown off my roof (the first being my old printer). I tried backing up my settings however when I try to load it, it says the config is invalid... Lovely. I try to sleep for a few hours, get nowhere, and get back up. I decide to build my replacement router. currently I have two computers (minus a case) sitting on my rickety bookshelf gathering dust. While setting them up, I accidentally unplug one of the power cables from the power strip that's behind and well, touching that bookcase would make a nice pile of wood on my floor. I move one of the computers to the top of my dresser and think nothing more (it'll eventually collapse on it's own, hopefully not in the middle of the night). This isn't anything new for me (done this type of setup before), and I get to the point I need to turn everything on... Push buttons and nothing happens. Notice the switch on the power strip is off, try to flick it and no matter how hard I try to switch it to on, it won't click. Seriously? At this point my options are deal with my dying router or grab the (known good) power strip from behind the bookcase. I unplug it from the wall and start gingerly pulling on the cord to pull it from behind the bookcase. Somehow I bump the bookshelf the slightest bit and BOOM. Bookcase and everything on it are now in a pile on the floor. Oh, it's 6:30am and I woke everyone in the building up. I haven't touched it. I go browse youtube for a while when I decide to tackle a problem I was having with a program trying to communicate with another program. The same data works in another program talking to it, so I start googling. I get nowhere so I start to write a post on the site forums asking for help. Along the way I think "Maybe if I delete it and reinstall it, it'll work", so I do exactly that. it reinstalls and I reconfigure it the same way it was before. except now nothing works. it won't search anything, let alone send data to the other program. Fuck. I try a few things and give up. At that point it was less to do things manually than what I had spent trying to get all this stuff to play along nicely and automagically. I delete the server and read reddit. Lastly (at least whats happened so far), I accidentally kick my desk and the whole thing collapsed. I swore I had destroyed two of my monitors and maybe my computer. I got soaked in beer and vodka/monster and I may have ruined my 2nd keyboard in a week. Monitors are a trooper and seem to be fine minus a scratch on one of them that's in a spot I don't often look. I'm going to take my ritalin, sit very still, and read my book and hope to god nothing else bad happens. At least I'm tired, in a very foul mood, have heartburn, and a headache. Seriously, extra large pineapple, meet asshole. tl;dr literally broke everything I've touched today.
  8. I honestly expected mine to be more embarrassing. it used to be full of porn. Apparently I've gotten more professional in my "old age".
  9. a few sites I'm on have done this, and I think it can be funny. Post whatever pops up when you type a letter in your address bar (like if you type a G put in what gets suggested) here's mine: a: Amazon.com b: bbc.co.uk c: cnn.com d: digitalocean.com (work thing) e: elixir-lang.org (programming thing, I apparently don't go to many sites that start with E) f: facebook g: gmail h: http://heyjackass.com/ (Chicago violence suggestions, actually quite serious for such a name) i: torrent site that's private j: jailbreak.reddit.com (for hacking iPhones) k: kumascorner.com (one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago) l: lightsail.aws.amazon.com/ (another work thing) m: money.cnn.com n: news.reddit.com o: company website p: paypal.com q: suggests an iOS developer's twitter account that starts with Q r: reddit.com s: simple.com (bank t: twitter u: udemy.com (to get smartz) v: ventrachicago.com (chicago transit) w: worldnews.reddit.com y: youtube z: my personal website What's yours?
  10. Don't you hate it when you post from the wrong account?
  11. whhhhat I was worried something happened because hadn't been on. I'm going to miss the hell out of him.
  12. @JustNuts just use an already existing IRC server and it's easy. make it invite only, and to get access you have to provide your IRC nickname.
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