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  1. I take lamictal (300mg), wellbutrin (300mg xl), and suboxone for my opiate dependence. I had started suboxone in January for my abuse of opiates. At that time, my doctor also uped my dosage of lamictal from 100 to 200. I somehow stopped drinking on January 23rd and am still doing that as of today. I felt as good as I had in a long time. For about 2 months I was who I knew I needed to be. Then a chain reaction of crap happened. From meeting the devilish girfriend, to getting addicted to xanax again, to breaking my wrist and being prescribed roxycotin. After my pain killers were gone I went back
  2. Wow. That is what I wanted to hear in a nutshell. I appreciate the time you took to help me.
  3. I am now on day 10 of my wellbutrin at 150mgx2. On day 5 i saw something different about myself. I was able to get out of bed, get stuff done during the day, and just keep myself busy. That lasted a couple of days. Yesterday, day 9, I didnt feel well. I was very, blah. Its hard to explain, but I wasnt able to sleep much last night either. Today I started kinda, blah. My emotions are almost monotone. Will this change? Is my body just getting used to the medicine? I'm staying positive because I know that these meds take effect long term. I just cant understand why a medicine will show effect
  4. I mean I dont necessarily let people know im bipolar right off of the bat. But when I feel comfortable with the person, whether a friend or a romantic quest. I figure if the relationship is supposed to be, the other person will dismiss it. I have not had too many problems about telling people. Usually they start to notice it anyway. I'm bipolar dude.
  5. The passed 7 months or so, since I've stopped drinking, I've really been non social. For some reason I just dont like being with other people. Im self conscious beyond belief. Ill get into good shape, and then blow it. I really need to figure out my personal life, I want to have more friends, maybe meet a girl. I'm not a bad looking dude at all, I just prefer being alone most of the time. I need to figure out how to change this. I used to be a social butterfly. I knew people all around the city, state and country. I could have run for class president of high school and college (if
  6. I'm sorry all. I had a lot to get off my chest, and I was excited being the new dude in town. I feel really good today, I know its only the first week of wellbutrin, but at 150mg I can tell a difference. Libido is wayyyy up, to a point it hasnt been in years. I have a positive mindset, my anxiety is no where to be found. I hope it continues. We will all have our ups and downs, and I remind myself that all downs are followed by ups. I thank all of you for being here. This is something that is really going to help my mental health.
  7. Thank you guys for support. I did have a bit tougher time falling asleep last night, but overall i feel good today. I can tell my Libido is ski high, where it hasnt been in years, I feel good, and I am able to stay positive. My anxiety was so bad the last couple of days, that I debated stopping, but I know that these meds can help. I'm going to have down days too, but for the first week...ill take it.
  8. Thanks you guys, this is a battle. I'm really happy I found this forum.
  9. I really forced my doctors hand with the diagnosis. I think 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed with depression, it was because I didnt want to admit to myself I was bipolar. It was just so extreme. But Lexapro was not the answer. Once I saw I wasnt going to be helped without guidance, its once I really started to take this mental disability seriously. I'm trying to take it head on, I just dont know if im in hypomania right now or not? I dont know if this is how im supposed to feel. I dont really remember what im supposed to feel like. I've been medicated with Lamictal for 6 months at 200m
  10. Update: I forgot to add a couple of things. The last couple years have been very long for me. Everything from bad luck to bad decisions. However, right now I do have a job, I have great roommates, and good support system. The icing on the cake would be for wellbutrin to help with my bouts of sadness.
  11. Hi all- I am new to this group, and I thank all of you for welcoming me. After checking out a couple other forums, and even signing up for one, the first thoughts about this site are sky high! I felt like I was being bullied and judged by people that were in the same boat is me. I am a 26 year old male, who was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder in 2009. At the time I was put on Lamictal 100mg, and Xanax 2mg daily. I could tell the lamictal was working over the months, but my addiction to xanax was getting in the way of any success I could have helping my condition. In 2010, I changed D
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