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    Dx: Depression, Social Anxiety, SI

    - Depression: Lexapro, Pdoc, Tdoc when I can afford it.
    - Social Anxiety: Any place except CrazyBoards, admonishment that I should just stop being that way.
    - SI: I am SI's bitch.

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  1. Good on you, Melissaw72! You are continuing to reinforce your boundaries with that scumbag. Stay strong.
  2. Excellent! I haven't heard that song in some time. Rocking the song, and the big hair.
  3. My application for SSDI was initially denied. I then got a lawyer. I went to a local attorney office, one staffed by experienced attorneys who had decided to leave the corporate legal world, and work with folks who usually don't have access to attorneys. The attorney didn't specialize in SSDI, but was familiar with what needed to be done, and was a pleasure for me to work with. The attorney told me what they needed, and did [fill in legalese stuff here]. I eventually had a hearing before a judge, and my application was then approved. The attorney got a third of my retroactive SSDI, thoug
  4. Nice choice. I haven't seen that movie in ages. The end of the world today looked much like yesterday. It is cooler outside, though, so I am wearing a sweater today. It is the only sweater I ever knitted, and it is lopsided, and ill fitting. A fashion apocalypse, I suppose.
  5. Where I spent most of my childhood, not looking someone in the eye was considered bad manners. Where I live now, looking someone in the eye is considered many things, none of them good manners: such as being a challenge, or indicating romantic interest. I've sort of adapted to not looking people in the eye when talking to them, but if I'm not looking at someone, there is a strong likelihood that something I am looking at will catch my attention. I then forget about listening to the person I'm supposed to be speaking with, or I turn back to the person, and I start talking about whatever caug
  6. I hate that so many people lost their jobs. Not having the Twinkie temptation every time I go to a store, I'm okay with that. I love the taste of Twinkies, and have no self-control when eating them. I do kind of miss the dreadful quasi-Twinkies, Raspberry Zingers. The ones with the red who-knows-what, not a bit of real raspberry, stuff on them, dusted with what is allegedly coconut flakes, or particles, or something. Tasty! Bad for me! Tasty!
  7. My feelings about Facebook are indifference, and dislike. Mainly, indifference. I don't want to reconnect with anyone from my past. I don't have, or want, a Facebook account. I understand that other folks like Facebook. I'm just not one of those folks.
  8. I've experienced being awakened by the inability to breath. I wake up gasping, choking, coughing. My chest and throat feel tight. I feel like I can't catch my breathe. I do feel panicked when this happens, but I never thought of it beyond my body's instinctual reaction to not being able to breath. I never considered it to be a panic attack, in, and of, itself. I'm not saying you didn't experience a panic attack. I don't know much about the various ways panic attacks can manifest. I have panic attacks that I recognize as panic attacks. They have happened when I'm awake, and I have
  9. "The cat did not want to get in the carrier, and go to the vet." I actually have numerous scars from this reason. Every cat I've lived with has been against getting into a pet carrier. With that reason, folks tend to either relate their own experiences with putting cats in carriers, or just say "oh." My actual SI scars cannot been seen. But, I have some non-SI scars that can be seen. It truly is none of their business. But, some folks don't respect boundaries involving what is, and is not, their business.
  10. I'm really glad you both are doing better. I'm glad that you were able to eat something, and get some sleep.
  11. I grew up taking baths, not showers. I despise, and loathe, taking baths. I think the water usually feels too hot, or too cold. I cannot sit in a tub full of soap suds, and washed off dirt, and consider myself clean. I don't consider sitting in a tub of water -- be it clean, or dirty -- enjoyable, or tolerable, on any level. When I do bathe, I take showers. Sometimes, sponge baths using a wash cloth, soap, and water, or a disposable cleaning cloth, like a baby wipe. There is no particular event that I can recall that is tied to my intense dislike of baths. Being in a shower is like
  12. Holy shit! I'm sorry this happened to you and your bf. I'm glad you got checked out at the ER. How are you doing?
  13. I'm sorry you took too much Tylenol. I'm very glad that you got yourself to the ER. Please keep letting us know how you are doing.
  14. He knew she was abusive, but still left me with her. WTF.

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