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  1. I'm the same way. Music doesn't really do anything for me when I'm depressed. It's sad to think about. Music is essential to my living and yet most of the time I can't enjoy it.
  2. First off, I hope they make some real advancements as far as bipolar medications. I think there is so much more to be accomplished. Other than that I hope to be far along with my life goals and pursuits. I also see myself becoming more accepting of my condition as time goes on. Overall, I don't think my life will be spectacular but I do think it will be better than it is now if I continue doing what I'm doing. All I really need is my family and a few close friends.
  3. Oh I know the difference, don't worry. I understand that this is a forum and crazy meds is an informational site. I was just saying that I admire both crazy meds as well as this forum.
  4. I took it in combination with Seroquel and Depakote in order to address certain symptoms. In retrospect, it was a waste of time. I will say it is good for anxiety related issues. It kind of zones you out. I don't have pain issues but I do remember it having a slight body feel to it at least when I first started. I'd describe it as soothing. It could help out with further stabilizing your moods if that's your intention but it's pretty mild in terms of its effects. Tolerance was also an issue for me.
  5. I'm on 4 different medications right now so I don't think you should be stressing too much about this. When you look at all the pills you are about to swallow in order to stay sane it can get to you at times. But it's all about how well your symptoms are controlled. I personally think you should be on as little medication as possible to control your worst symptoms but if takes 5 then it takes 5.
  6. Hello to anyone reading, just wanted to make this my first post as to not break any rules. I figured I'd do this first before posting in the "real" forums. I am a male, have bipolar 1 disorder, and am pretty much useless as far as societal contributions are concerned. At this point in time I am not able to function. This should be the prime time of my life but it is not. My most problematic symptoms are anxiety, depression, paranoia, and pretty much lacking a connection to the world around me. I was diagnosed over a year ago after a hospitalization but I must say I am at one of my lowest points. The reason I joined is because I admire the progressive mind here. I like the amount of detail regarding discussions about medications, the brain, and so forth. I also admire the sheer amount of detail on the crazy meds site. Essentially, I think exploring topics with a rational and scientific mindset from the perspective of those experiencing mental illness does good, if only for the sake of others suffering. Writing and researching are two things which I have at least a little interest in and since being diagnosed as bipolar I've been blogging/writing about my experiences and information I've gathered. Granted, it's nonsense at times and nothing close to the scale of crazy meds but it's something I want to grow upon nonetheless. I'm interested in the brain, mental illness, and medications to the point of obsession. I hope that I can add something constructive by posting here. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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