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  1. Hey everyone! ? Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to catching up!
  2. I remember! Hey there! Omg, it's been forever since someone called me Opie. I like it! ?
  3. So, I'm not really new. I used to be very active back in the day. No one really wants to hear about that, though. I've been having a lot of trouble recently. I have a bunch of physical problems, which have very much exacerbated my mental health problems. In the years since I took my crazyboards sabbatical, I was diagnosed with one of my hardest challenges to date. It's called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Unless you have it or someone you love has it, you most likely have never heard of it. To totally generalize this rare condition, it's constant h
  4. When I was in college and had writer's block and a deadline approaching, I would try to just ditch the computer and go old school with paper and pen. Grab a notebook and pen (or pencil) and either try some outling or even just write out some stream of conscousness. Just do anything to get ideas from your head to the paper without the added distraction that the computer adds, ya know?
  5. As we say a lot it is very important to say that everyone's mileage many vary. Some people have bad experiences, dome good, some indifferent. Tramadol is known to have antidepressant qualities, so, yes, it can have an effect on mood. Even painkillers other than tramadol can effect your mood. It all depends on the person, dose, and the length of use.
  6. Different areas have different public programs and call these programs all sorts of different things. By the way, you might want to consider the whole anonymity thing when you continually post about this and other very area-specific programs. It gives away your location very easily. Just FYI.
  7. Yup. All of the dogs I have ever had have been rescues,
  8. h3llo, I really think that you need to print out this quote and put it somewhere you will definitely see it every day... like maybe a post-it note on the corner of your computer screen or on your bathroom mirror... something.
  9. Stuff like this makes me sick.
  10. I have a dog. I've had two, though they never overlapped.
  11. dont tell me im no bad riter. your a good one? o, i got u their! lol! maso-kiss my ass! Have I pained you yet, red, my love? mwahahaha
  12. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. I mean, if someone were to say that they used to find solace in a song, but now can't because they were raped while at a concert for that particular artist, well, fine, but you are talking about someone's POST. Your statement is extremely manipulative. If it takes so little for you to turn your back on music you supposedly liked, then I would have to say that you were never really all that big of a fan to begin with. If such minor things in life affect you sooo much, then I would suggest dealing with it in therapy. Serious
  13. You seem to have some sort of answer and excuse for everything, so I really don't know what you expect anyone to say.
  14. I'm not saying the OCD is new. I'm saying the symptoms are new. You said it yourself that they have only been present for a few days. Nip it in the bud, Star.
  15. You need to talk to your doctor ASAP... especially since this is REALLY new.
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