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    music, crystals, psychology, Theology, Enoch, sociology, Mythology, Anthropology, Shamanism, statistics, Carl Jung, John Weir Perry, R.D. Laing, spirituality, martial arts, Philosophy of science, conspiracy, integrity, cycles of the moon and astrology, angels, alternative hypothesis of psychosis.....symbolic Interactionism (perspectives of reality and politics in social order on a macro and micro scale can relate to dynamics of social structure since being given a diagnosis to explain dysfunction).

    Alternative natural medicine like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine... chinese philosophy, like taoism and I used to practice meridian meditation and chi-gong moving meditation... some interests in tantric practices Light work ritual inner-alchemy meditation and and kabbalah, Anthropology

  1. gosh!!! I think that's totally all I had to say... don;t expect anyone to read my stuff, but I guess I'm in trouble so I should go sit in the corner with my hands on my head... maybe reinstalling my belief about western medicine...it is an industry so they are kinda counting on the money making loop of making ppl sick {amazingly our human organism can withstand things like cancer treatments for instance and get the the point the patients can return to normal biological function} it is the most invasive for of medicine, people generally get sick to a certain degree from toxic artificial chemicals that do marginally better then placebo's in trials that are done in massive amounts and only presented to fda in selected examples that the drugs work and are as safe as the drug companies wish to reveal... back on topic..might have already said but I don;t think they are interested in finding a cure as such because western medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry, they probably only have a mentality to find biological reasons for psychosis to market newer drugs....maybe we'll get lucky but I think a massive change in culture and philosophy needs to take place or maybe psychiatry will enter into a separate branch of medicine and science to better encapsulate what it really is
  2. I mean I never meant to be patronizing Titania, you dont deserve that, I think you're an alright sort of moderator on this place, thanks for not resorting to pulling at whatever you can get to put me down as irrelevant and to ignore my slightly controversial statements, even though I may not have communicated to the best of my ability to stay acceptable on this place.... my beliefs make for a tricky position, maybe I like to see psychiatry for what it is, although it may be tricky from a society that places so much trust in its practices, at least I identify some notion as to why they desire the status they promote as the foremost authority in the science of minds...but does it go any further really then acting as a categorisation of individuals to fit a label and get the right meds that patients use like trial and error until they find something that works for them, doesnt anyone else realise they aren't really that helpfull or insightfull to talk to about the mind and process of deviating from the norm? they are more aloof with me and have nothing interesting to say, just for me to accept I am mentally ill and need drugs for this..studies, what studies? support the use of drugs, yeah they are helpfull for about 6weeks from the episode........ psychiatrists are supposed to be more then they actually are in practice, especially since they are often the only source for getting over MI and the world of mental illness stuff they promote, i find they only randomly assign patients with meds without really having any idea what the drugs do [only what the FDA reports but they report what the drug companies want them to, and they are taught how to dismiss complaints about cognative side-effects and life outlook with a notion that one can return to everything of value their life had before treatment.... everything else is concocted to be part of the illness, even the side-effects...surely I'm not alone with this? The meds don;t actually address any of the problems a person has or understand why they get psychotic, and maybe there is a real tendency to return to psychotic process once the chemicals in the brain return to optimal level {plus possibly an over abundance of dope receptors that developed for accommodating to medicated state..... maybe because they like to see probelms as biological so they can prescribe something promoted as medications for a theory that the illness's are biological, and disease like they know to be some of the degenerative diseases... I know I get in trouble to suggest that the drugs potentially induce a pathological state that is "scientifically" observed as part of the initially problem, yet these scientists may have trouble distinguishing between effects of drugs long term and what was originally going on...like they lose objectivity in studying psychosis from the unknown influence of the drugs that haven;t been around all that long to really study their effects..... This is probably pointless, I consider CB an interesting place to talk about what's been on my mind about all this stuff...thanks for your time if you read any of what I wrote...have a nice day and night...and don't worry about anything I said, I'm supposed to be improving my karma and weight of my soul from illusions and impermanence of this mortal existence I guess I will feel rather edgy waiting for a reply... now I guess I have overstepped the mark....should I be embarrassed? am I gonna get in trouble???????? can we make things a little more light on CB.....I;m actually getting sick of this MI shit, hope I get off my government order to deal with nausiating empathetic clinicians who like to see me as a lost case, treatment effective case....doing well? but I want out of this shit,,,maybe that's all my problem is, I;m sick of dealing with the psychiatric profession and thinking about how much it sucks as objectively as possible..........and yeah this place is supposed to support the medical model and I'm out of line, thankfully not many actually take me seriously on this place.....
  3. I still not sure if this was all for me or not....hmmm, maybe I better to check my wording if I talk about actual risks of psychiatric treatments not that I intend my stay here to go much further then this dying note to CB....maybe the evidence isn';t damning enough but it is well known the drugs only suppress symptoms, but at what cost...maybe getting worse psychosis as a consequence of the treatment over the long run is something to ignore, and the bias of societies that promote the current medical model surely practice.. drug industry have puppet strings and financial incentives to journals and education and government bodies to be reflecting medications and the idea of illness the way they want including not educating the clients about potential problems.... maybe I'm pushing it a bit to note that psychiatry does everything in its power to elevate its status to be regarded as a "scientific" profession {that lacks proper scientific exploration and maturity, it has manifested itself down the line of illusion of excellence for the purpose of an ideal model of social function and oppression of any deviants in social web, like political oppression in Russia that made deviants to the political order out to be ill and in need of treatment, maybe psychiatry isn;t really doing anymore then just that when it comes down to ugly and highly stressfull situation a potential psychotic endures and ends up forgetting the real triggers to maybe be re-emerced in at a later date they might revisit the psychotic process like it may indeed need to be forfilled and completed to some degree, and resolved for the better functioning of patient thats purpose in life has been molded to suit a more acceptable state of being that may not necessarily be what is best for that person or they take on for the family or something like I remember my history starting...bla.. will any progress ever be made?? maybe this doesn;t deviate from the topic as much as I was thinking.. like psychiatry for me represents a power in the persuit of ignorance, and a limitation of the evolution of consciousness of our species... wow, I gone too far now?? Can it ever really be a genuine science, since they understand relatively little about consciousness and consciousness is not measurable, its comes down to subjective interpretation of an observer (psychiatrist or family member or such reporting to psychiatry about behavioural problems that may even be limited to negative environments for the patient). A situation the patient experiences that is clinical and abnormal, no effort to communicate triggers or meanings of experience will only get noted as symptoms to put the person in a box with detached and alienating guidlines of how to deal with such a person with some idea of medicine to suppress the manifestations of the patients frame of reference to themselves and the world around them. The world of science, more like humanitarians, power forces for social order have not much interest except for para-psychology to understand the human mind in its spiritual perspective and natural states of mind and personality changes that indicate psychosis to the general population that may be ignorant to potentials of the consciousness and being open to more mystical experiences, and for a mystic to go through stages of transcendence will get alienated which is a stressfull experience and the psychiatrist can only really observe a person in psychosoctial stress for the oppression of their personality and value systems and risk to thier attributes and motivations to go beyond limitations the social web or family may cast on someone considered mentally ill..... Maybe I'm at fault for trying to find a way that psychosis isn;t necessarily a disease or medical condition, medicine would need to invent a notion of chemical imbalalance for the drugs to correct yet there is no proof that psychosis is a result of dopamine or biological abnormality {yeah there are other postulations out there, yet they are still relying on the dopamine hype for positive symptoms, when will they get the courage to scientifically address other theories...psychiatry is still relatively at immature stages of development and isn;t pure in its ability to acknowledge its own downfalls...........what gets me is the lack of receptability psyc hiatrists have toward discussing and dissolving the real problems that lead to psychotic states, mine are quite vivid and intending to resolve personality deficits and opening of doors in the mind to greater expanse of reality then what an athiest or self promoted scientist is ready for, it belongs more to anthropology.... the industry is too good at ignoring any avenues of research that will indicate that the idea of medicine cannot exist for the mind and can't be verified scientifically, its all an illusion as is associating psychosis to dopamine, as I believe blocking dopamine works on different principles of inducing a chemical imbalance to make the deviant more passive and agree-able with less focus on inner-world to being labeled and held as a social deviant in need of treatment until the personality functions in accordance with the social norms...... It is all too similar to methods of categorizing potential witches for persecution, and maybe an extension of eugenic principles that fueled the holocaust where they sought to do population cleansing and needed a model to use to pull people off the street for being inferior or bad seeds, maybe I'm a little crude with this but it is important that psychiatrist aren't educated about what happened in nazi germany, and yes the inspiration came from british and american eugenicists which decided eugenics is a science, maybe thanks to Darwin... and yeah the industries involved with exterminating mentally ill and the jews and gypsies basically escaped war crimes, dudes like rockefeller and the New World order and industy for planned parenthood and abortions, forced sterilisations {does this still happen? I know it did for a while}.... that stuff always sounds like crazy rants and a source for paranoia, even though it may be based on some truth....ignorance is bliss I guess and anyone not out to be ignorant will be cast out as being paranoid freak... Bla, yeah I don;t guess I helped my case with the moderators with this....or maybe it is my swansong, or nobody will read anything I say because the length is a challenge, as are the concepts a little different to normal... someone may like to pull me up for paranoia about the eugenics stuff and NWO, I might sound like a conspiracy theorist not that they are all determined to be mentally unwell but I guess a conspiracy theorist would put themselves at risk of being put into a box and shut out of the blissfull state people who just deal with a dodgy world.
  4. when I was into it I wanted to use chi-gong and taoist meditation to achieve immortality...I know that sounds like a kind of delusion but maybe there is a lot of faith mechanisms and normal tendency people kinda cling to this idea, or of a favourable afterlife...I'm not sure now whether I have any faith anymore, not sure exactly what is to blame or I've lost some of my attributes and sensitivity to spirit world and identity and sense of motivation and desire to transcend the life of normals and mortals , maybe because I see myself as different or I see an opportunity in isolation, a soul mate would be a good thing but my last experience with a soul mate was false and i got scarrs from it still in how I see myself and the gravity of social webs of ppl I used to associate with, so any step I make is kinda into the darkness, but there is element of pure light within darkness...or the creative potentials of the void, maybe I don;t even fully understand...maybe now I see not future or possability for transcendance, or psychosis was for me a stepping stone to polish my integrity and fell into the wrong hands...
  5. when I was into it I wanted to use chi-gong and taoist meditation to achieve immortality...I know that sounds like a kind of delusion but maybe there is a lot of faith mechanisms and normal tendency people kinda cling to this idea, or of a favourable afterlife...I'm not sure now whether I have any faith anymore, not sure exactly what is to blame or I've lost some of my attributes and sensitivity to spirit world and identity and sense of motivation and desire to transcend the life of normals and mortals , maybe because I see myself as different or I see an opportunity in isolation, a soul mate would be a good thing but my last experience with a soul mate was false and i got scarrs from it still in how I see myself and the gravity of social webs of ppl I used to associate with, so any step I make is kinda into the darkness, but there is element of pure light within darkness...or the creative potentials of the void, maybe I don;t even fully understand...maybe now I see not future or possability for transcendance, or psychosis was for me a stepping stone to polish my integrity and fell into the wrong hands... I doubt I'll get any constructive criticism for this
  6. I don't know if this makes sense and wow I had to edit iit to comment on how long this got....Wasn't sure if moderators were talking to me or not, so there is another who has issues? I just liked the chat room for some reason , maybe because it wastes the time effectively talking about nothings, o r getting a moderator rock up in the middle of saying something about mindfulness and my interest and experience with taoist and chi-gung therapy that kept me out of trouble for years...I got kicked forever, bad timing and maybe a bit of stubborness I wanted to say to cookie or point to add from experience, maybe it was the particular med that can be more of a problem with withdrawals... I know zeldox seems to get a lot of critisizm as maybe the shorter half life contributes and the distress of missing a dose...I wasn't on that drug for long but when the doc tried to increase the dose for sleep problems and agitation which was unusual for me and blamed zeldox.. i went off it resenting the particular training doc's opinion and putting words in my mouth that my sleep ddisorder was something to do with me thinking too much, even though I found it part of the effect of the drug making my mind more visual then usual as I tried to drift off to sleep at later stages and strange lucid dreams like the real deal being aware of my body laying in bed having physical sensations of what I identified as alien species [i went back to this in my waking meditation to experience a different kind of lucid dreaming states like shaman trance] tangent, pardon me, I'm to balme***, maybe stuff to do with this doctor getting to me was playing on my mind but then it makes the purpose of meds to block-out all ability to even think and feel... going off was a nightmare.... don't know why I seen this as an opportunity to vent about that. I've read others having similar experience with this one in particular, and really angry about it to the point of wanting it to have a warning. makes it harder to thoroughly explore alternatives as the meds change cognitive function and association to the inner world which is the problem with getting mu ch out of exploring the wayward process's or seeking help for very real triggers and psycho-social stress or identification with developmental states and markdrs in personal history that influences the current state .....to be resolved for the benefit of prognosis and development of the personality, even if we get triggers for bizarre reasons or generally more sensitive individuals to reflection or tendency to get kind of possessed by something external, even if this external is a symbolic representation of something more archetypal or problem solving as I identified with my own experiences of sensitivity to other worlds and dimensions, bla I can't speak for everyone and this is probably already not making sense. meds would interfere with rewards of truly thourough therapy and identify with the inner world to the point it vanishes and no outlets or channels for mental energy can be established because it is already evaporated...pardon my verbs are a little wooly... and yeah some say you can only be in a position to seek therapy from a medicated state because the psychotic state is too disorganised, or maybe professionals are only seeing this from the condition of a psychotic getting pills shoved down thier neck as a form of therapy, humiliated and put in a box like insightless....I know if I was offered an alternative with therapy, I would be in aposition to fullay appreciate the oportunity to express what is going on instead of everything you say to be used against you with diagnositcs with no outlet to resolve major manifestations in the consciousness and experience of the worldS
  7. Thanks and I got it from a page about kundalini and then someone said it was crowley universe card, not sure of the significance of drawing that lol...
  8. Australia doesn't have anything like that although we have places like mental illness fellowship that does outreach work and they aren't likely to be all about medication plus some centers do social things like they probably have all around the world and this thing called "collaborative recovery model" which I'm supposed to be doing and is supposed to help people get ahead and achieve some goals but that's about it for alternative support.... sounds like some promising things going on in your country, it would be good if it gets more funding and the concept spreads to Australia and other countries, like I said what's going on in some european countries like "Open Dialogue" has strong community and family support thing going on that is getting results with less emphasis on chemical intervention. Hope you continue to do well in the future as you are doing well without Antipsychotics. I'd like to be able to get back to when I was free for about 7years and far more pro-active doing music, theatre groups, healthy eating, sport and feeling independent and stable apart for occasional parties I had to travel long distance after allnight partying to catch up with friends that more on the alternative esoteric/spiritual/hippy and artist end of communities so I got into some psychedelics and sleep deprivation, managed to cope alright even though sleep deprivation is my main problem that I go without sleep then get distortions of energy and find it even harder to sleep and it snow-balls to the point I'm considered psychotic, not to mention flashbacks that contribute to emotional state, I just need to prevent that snow-balling sleep problem that leads to my demise, can achieve this on pretty low dose and don't get any disturbing symptoms that is pretty random and episodic. nothing to do with the topic sorry and all about me pls dont bash me lol.
  9. dah long reply...please don;t make this thread all about me or someone will close it, I've said too much already
  10. I liked Titania's comments...must say I wasn't intending to scare anyone but maybe suggest that a cure for schizophrenia will come about when there is less reliance on biological treatments and I wouldn;t have put further information just that someone asked for more information and links if you noticed, was going to leave it where it was before this. Sorry cookieN that you had worse second episode, must be horrible to have one on meds and be told its the illness worsening, same kind of thing has happened to me but was a period of time after I stopped using meds and had family start worrying about me when I began to question my history. I'm not an expert so cannot say why but like titania says everyone is different in way they respond to extended periods on drugs... If anything I make for patients annoying their psychiatrists with information they disregard, some doctors may be aware of paradoxical reactions and withdrawal problems with certain drugs. good luck cookieN and hope you don't have too much problems because you're worried about stuff. Glad titania if I read correctly that you have found stability without drugs, I also had a period of several years out of the loop, good luck and carefull with stress as you probably already know. Titania, I'm interested to hear more about Soteria, does your friend talk much about it? I believe and its not anti-med that if they are getting good results with minimal med use why not try to get medical model to learn something and get up to pace with best treatments?? that's what makes me agitated is that there is so much evidence for a better method such as soteria but the majority of professionals are oblivious.....It makes sense that the whole world could learn from soteria... so my words are aimed at authority of who makes the medical model what it is, although I'd have to talk to places like NICE.... not intended to scare the pupils Actually the RAzael thing is just an interest all I could think of for a name on this place, I'm not claiming to be the same although I've been guilty of enlightening the wrong folk in the past when I had a life...Trust what I say not what I do, but that was growing up when my life had nothing to do with Mental Illness.
  11. You long post would be much better suited to a blog, somewhere or to a forum where participants share your POV. I was mainly here to use the chat service but I've been blocked....do you have any suggestions on other sites with chat and MI?? I wouldn't probably talk like my long post in chat if any of the mods wanna let me back in....
  12. agreed that med can help people overcome symptoms, but as for recovery it means they are stuck with the drugs for a long time and if taken off the drugs the relapses could be worse then the initial reason they put on them, psych professionals only go so far to say the illness worsens and it is evidence that drugs are needed but they don;t like to think that the drugs worsen prognosis especially if the drugs are withdrawn....true to some extent but I'd much rather a first episode to be seen through with alternatives for long term prognosis being good, that's kinda what the links were saying. Mad in America I see as just an alternative source of information and has credible sources and free pdf's of studies by the WHO for example that found prognosis better for psychosis in developing countries etc, pluc other accredited professors and researchers who don't have financial ties to drug industries for a change. At least it is out there unlike simply trusting what the general population is told about medications and mental illness by pharmaceutical front groups and government agencies and sheeple, claims I hear that have been made about pro-med fallacy and marketing spins that can't be backed up - like "AP regrow brain matter or are neuroprotective during psychosis that needs to be intervened as soon as possible if not before it even becomes a problem [screening] to avoid brain damage that the drugs will prevent", it isn;t at all scientifically verified, and the alternative has more evidence. Pro-med groups don;t like knowing the truth that drug companies and allies work hard to keep un-biased information discredited and away from education of professionals and understandably some information could be harmful to vulnerable individuals to keep taking their meds. Until the professionals are better educated and government responds accordingly we have not much choice at all.
  13. my religious beliefs influenced my MI yeah I lost a whole lot of faith or interest in practicing spirituality but not because of MI just the pharmacological treatments If anything I could see that diagnosis would make ppl question their spiritual experiences more, if not let go of all spiritual truths they had before diagnosis for therapeutically benefit if they were opening up a sensitive too much to bizzare ideas (from the perspective of an atheist profession of psychiatry).. because spiritual concepts are seen as part of the illness for example. What about the DSM category "Religious and Spiritual Problems" does anyone get that? that would open one up to seeking guidance from relevant spiritual groups or to learn about their own meaning of life...So I guess my personality has drifted to more spiritual set of values that contradicts how I was brought up, which caused me problems in my history with oppression from family. But with MI diagnosis comes the tendency to label this development as an illness, little is understood about defining psychosis from a deep spiritually identified experience, like maybe it should.
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