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  1. I really don't know... I still get hypomanic but it doesn't last long, same thing with depression. Trileptal isn't the most effective mood stabilizer But I have tried all the others and cannot take them as I got SERIOUS side effects so I am stuck with trileptal.. Basically my meds are as good as it can get...
  2. I am currently on Clozapine, but have been on zyprexa I have found clozapine to be the absolute most effective medication for my psychosis. I had more psychotic breakthroughs while on zyprexa then I have on clozapine Clozapine is a very high maintenance medication...lots of blood work, and it is extremely sedating when starting...I found once I hit 100mg the sedation gradually lessened. Now on 300mg taken at bedtime does help me fall asleep and stay asleep...but no sedation during the day like it was in the beginning. I have been up to 500mg/ day...some side effects were more pronounced...but I found I get good coverage on 300mg/day but there is room to increase if need be in the future Keep in mind the expense...since having to get it filled on a weekly basis for 6 months...then every other week for 6 months, then once a month...can be expensive if you have copays for your meds not fully covered by insurance. It all adds up I wish zyprexa would have helped me as much as clozapine, it would be less of a hassle...but clozapine works, it really works...I have been on almost all antipsychotics..this is the only one that makes my Schizoaffective more manageable...I still have to have a low stress environment, and am completely disabled and unable to work...but Clozapine keeps me from having to be constantly in the hospital or worse...
  3. Stims make me crazy, I wish I could handle them, but I lose my mind.. Same thing happens if I drink coffee...
  4. I have a lot of experience with prolixin and haldol. Prolixin helped me with psychosis, but gave me almost like Parkinson's disease. I would shake so bad, it was AWFUL...and I was on a dose ranging from 5-30mg. Haldol made me so RESTLESS to the point I couldn't sit at all. I will say it did "dull down" my personality...flat affect
  5. I don't know if you have already tried this but: I take my bedtime medication about 1-2 hours before bed, for example, if I want to get to bed by 11pm, I take my meds at 9pm....by 11pm the meds have definitely kicked in and I can barely keep my eyes open. I struggle to fall asleep if I take my bedtime meds and immediately try to sleep.. not sure if this helps, just wanted to share.
  6. It might just be a matter of it is too stimulating for you, thats what happened to me.. I typically do better on sedating meds... Maybe IP might be good for you, you can make more med changes quicker... I am sorry you are struggling. ❤️
  7. It keeps signing me out and not allowing me to sign back in....it says locked account...please help?
  8. I have chronic pain and have tried both lyrics and gabapentin... The lyrica gave me anxiety and irritability so I stopped taking that I was on gabapentin for about 8 months...and it did help with some of my chronic pain and I think it also helped with anxiety and depression...IMO gabapentin is more promising for psych issues...
  9. When I was on vraylar I went almost a whole week with getting little to no sleep...I think it is a very activating medication...some people feel calm from it but to me it turned me into a dysphoric state from little to no sleep, so I had to get off of it.
  10. I have taken up to 500mg of clozapine..currently at 300; all I can say is I didn't feel like it helped depression very much because I was tired and lost a lot of motivation. It did help suicidal thoughts, but my mood wasn't much impacted by clozapine. Also, the higher the dose gave me incontinence..but I will say, if it takes a higher dose to help psychosis, by all means it is worth it (I would take higher than 300mg if need be for psychosis)...but to take a higher dose to help depression doesn't sound appealing. I have found Paxil to be effective for both severe OCD and depression.
  11. Are you to take it in the morning or at night? It gave me severe insomnia because I found it activating, but it may be good for you to be on a activating med..? Possibly?
  12. I also have schizoaffective and OCD... my OCD is mostly the "checking" kind... It is definitely possible to have both I take Paxil for my OCD and it works great!
  13. It is definitely possible that it was the fanapt that is causing the insomnia... In a similar experience, when I was on Invega, I noticed I was having insomnia, but wasn't sure if it was the med... Until I got off of it and got back on Clozapine...now I fall asleep immediately and sleep through the night... Sleep issues are definitely bothersome, enough so IMO to change a medication...
  14. What concerns me is that you haven't seen much of any improvement...IMO in 6months time you should feel *something* Also, you are having bad side effects...and if we look at the PROS and CONS...it seems to mostly be CONS I am not sure if rexulti or vraylar can be taken with Abilify..? Maybe someone else can chime in here... I know Invega and Abilify can be taken together from what I've read.
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