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  1. I can't say that clozapine has given me a "normal" life, but I am no longer in a continuous nightmare...it is a very high maintenance medication, especially in the beginning, at least in my experience...the weekly blood draws, the frequent visits to pdoc, and being patient when titrating up. Also getting used to the drooling, the severe constipation, the fact that I need at LEAST 12 hours of sleep or I cannot function AT ALL. My symptoms were so severe, without clozapine I don't think I would make it. It really is my life-line...
  2. Getting angry easier, negative energy and racing thoughts, irritability and impatience, dysphoria, being argumentative, etc..
  3. Paxil CR made my anxiety worse, but regular Paxil has helped a lot. Have you tried the regular formula? - Also, have you had your clozapine levels checked? If so, were you in the normal range? If you haven't had it checked, maybe you should...you may need an increase or decrease... I am right in the middle of the normal range on 300mg...
  4. Honestly, the ONLY medication to help with this the most for me has been Clozaril/Clozapine. I was constantly psychotic, depressed, paranoid, or manic. I had no pleasure. I felt like I was barely alive. Trileptal is helping as well, but I believe you are already on this? Paxil helps as well, mostly with the anxiety and OCD. Maybe you could try clozaril/clozapine and eliminate some of your other medications?
  5. 300mg/day works well for me. I have been up to 500mg/day and just had more side effects. My clozapine blood range is in perfect range on 300mg/day.
  6. I have heard Zyprexa is good to use as needed...but when I was in PHP I asked the pdoc how I can reduce/prevent episodes or relapse...and he said something that has stuck with me and really helped me: Consistency. The only medication I use as needed is Klonopin..and that is used only in anxiety or panic attacks...
  7. Considering I was on a mood stabilizer the chance of mania wasn't as high...actually my PHP pdoc said that Paxil is not very likely to cause mania...but perhaps it can...I just have had a great experience with it,
  8. Hello! I swear by Paxil...it really helps depression and bad anxiety and OCD. It also is the only Antidepressant that didn't cause me to have mania or dysphoria. No negative side effects
  9. I believe Invega helped more with psychosis...(at least for me) mood wise it did not do much...So Risperdal may be your best bet...but @mikl_pls probably knows more..
  10. I will share my experiences on the med(s) you are considering as an option: Atypical AP's Risperdal: Helped but not enough, I can't remember if it helped mixed episodes as I was primarily taking it for psychosis which only mildly helped Geodon: I became anxious and dysphoric on it, it always seemed to be working in the beginning but then a huge rage would happen (plus you have to eat a certain amount of calories with it Invega: LOVED it, but I ended up having a delusional episode on it and it gave me insomnia Saphris: Just made me sedated, wasn't on very long and didn't notice much of any benefit Latuda: I found this to be activating but in a good way. I felt very motivated and it really helped my anxiety Rexulti: No experience Low dose clozapine: I think clozapine is the only AAP that actually really helps mostly all of my psychotic and mood episodes, I am on 300mg and that seems to be the right dose. Also I had a blood test to see if my clozaril was in the right range and it was perfect, so if you do decide to get back on it ask to take the blood test to see if your levels are in the right range....in the past you could have been out of the range... Typical AP's Haldol: Gave me SEVERE akathisia and flat affect Prolixin: Gave me shaky hands All in all I prefer AAP's
  11. I really don't know... I still get hypomanic but it doesn't last long, same thing with depression. Trileptal isn't the most effective mood stabilizer But I have tried all the others and cannot take them as I got SERIOUS side effects so I am stuck with trileptal.. Basically my meds are as good as it can get...
  12. I am currently on Clozapine, but have been on zyprexa I have found clozapine to be the absolute most effective medication for my psychosis. I had more psychotic breakthroughs while on zyprexa then I have on clozapine Clozapine is a very high maintenance medication...lots of blood work, and it is extremely sedating when starting...I found once I hit 100mg the sedation gradually lessened. Now on 300mg taken at bedtime does help me fall asleep and stay asleep...but no sedation during the day like it was in the beginning. I have been up to 500mg/ day...some side effects were more pronounced...but I found I get good coverage on 300mg/day but there is room to increase if need be in the future Keep in mind the expense...since having to get it filled on a weekly basis for 6 months...then every other week for 6 months, then once a month...can be expensive if you have copays for your meds not fully covered by insurance. It all adds up I wish zyprexa would have helped me as much as clozapine, it would be less of a hassle...but clozapine works, it really works...I have been on almost all antipsychotics..this is the only one that makes my Schizoaffective more manageable...I still have to have a low stress environment, and am completely disabled and unable to work...but Clozapine keeps me from having to be constantly in the hospital or worse...
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