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  1. Could you increase your clozapine? Sorry if you already mentioned that.
  2. I only get sedation when I take my bedtime dose. I take 25mg in the morning and 300mg at night. The bedtime dose will put me to sleep within 1-2 hours. I don't really have day time sedation, surprisingly. I have had a large weight gain from it, and it is HARD to lose the weight. But, when weighing the pros and cons, clozapine's benefits will keep me on it. I have tried everything as well, it stinks. I think the med closest to it is Zyprexa...? Not to sure but that would be my second choice, if God forbid I had to get off of Clozapine.
  3. I don't know what I would do without Clozapine. All the blood work, REMS, frequent pdoc appointments, its all worth it.
  4. My processing abilities, working memory, fine motor, and recall abilities are considered "severe impairment", to the point I can come across "out of it" or "slow" or "space cadet". I was diagnosed with this at childhood during neuropsychological exam before psych meds and with psych meds they are MUCH worse. Like I said, Disabling.
  5. Vraylar was AWFUL for me. I went a week without sleeping, it made me have a stiff neck...I was a mess physically and psychologically.
  6. This may be out of the question, but perhaps you could replace zyprexa, Benzo, fanapt with clozapine? Sorry if thats a bad suggestion, just thought I would throw that out there.
  7. Prozac worked for about a year then it stopped, so I transitioned onto Paxil and I have been on the max dose for almost 2 years, it helps a little. Ativan helps to lessen my anxiety, which in turn helps my compulsions. OCD is really hard to treat in my opinion. I even did PHP and IOP which was very CBT based and though it helped a little OCD is still there.
  8. I was on 6mg of Invega for about 3 months after being on clozapine for 2 years. It definitely helped with mood and psychosis, but not enough as I was still having symptoms and insomnia, so I got back on clozapine, my tried and true antipsychotic. I found Invega to be stimulating too, and I tend to regress on any med that is stimulating.
  9. I love dunkin. I typically get a medium caramel iced coffee with extra cream and sugar. I haven't tried any lattes but have heard good things.
  10. When I was with my old pdoc I called often. Mostly because I was off the charts psychotic. She never controlled my symptoms right, and also, during that time I was in school and under a lot of stress. She would call me back, either by the end of the work day, or if it was after hours she would call within an hour or so. So she was pretty good about it. With my current pdoc of 3 years, I have only called once regarding symptoms, and was called promptly (within an hour). I have spoken to her secretary multiple times regarding my blood work being sent to pharmacy (re: clozapine).
  11. I really don't like it. I find is awkward. Then I get anxiety its not going to connect right. I am looking forward to going back to in-person appointments.
  12. I empathize with you...I am on Clozapine and my OCD is through the roof. I am on the max dose of Paxil and its stopped working.
  13. Yeah for some reason it really works for me...and to me it is less harsh...but like stated I am also on Clozapine...and that is my main med....
  14. I was on lithium for 6 years. It almost killed me from toxicity. My level surged and was 2.1, which is scary high, I was disoriented, vomiting, diarrhea, lost may gait and balance, hallucinations so severe, nightmares, shaking, it really almost killed me...I had to be hospitalized and on IV's . While on it when I when I wasn't toxic, it thinned my hair and made me feel sick. Depakote made me have edema in my legs...SO severe I had to be in the hospital for that too. I am on gabapentin for my fibromyalgia, it doesn't really work as a mood stabilizer for me. I was on lamictal for 4 years back in the day...it worked pretty good. Currently I am on trileptal.... I have virtually no side effects and find it pretty effective for both mania and depression..however, I am also on Clozapine, which I know is helping with those things as well...
  15. If I remember from the past, you do better on sedating meds? I know I do... Invega could work, I know it worked well for my psychosis, however, it did give me insomnia... Maybe you could go back on Seroquel? Or theres even Saphris.., or Geodon? Just some thoughts, let us know how it goes!
  16. I know you are clozapine, but I notice you are not on a mood stabilizer...maybe that could help?
  17. I have had 2 experiences with haldol Experience #1: It turned me into a zombie and made me have the WORST akathisia I have EVER experienced. I would have to get up and walk laps during dinner because I could not sit. I also had flat affect... Experience #2: I was okay. I didn't have really any side effects, but it was ineffective I hope it works for you if thats the path you and your dr choose
  18. I am so sorry you are going through this.. I mostly struggle with delusions, paranoia, sometimes Visual hallucinations..however, when I DO experience AH, it is mostly ALL musical. It is very frustrating... I notice that the AH get worse at night, when I am stressed, and when I am not on the correct AP or the right dose. I hope your pdoc responds promptly. If all else fails, there is always clozapine...
  19. Have you tried Latuda? When I was on it in the past it really helped my depression...
  20. I can't say that clozapine has given me a "normal" life, but I am no longer in a continuous nightmare...it is a very high maintenance medication, especially in the beginning, at least in my experience...the weekly blood draws, the frequent visits to pdoc, and being patient when titrating up. Also getting used to the drooling, the severe constipation, the fact that I need at LEAST 12 hours of sleep or I cannot function AT ALL. My symptoms were so severe, without clozapine I don't think I would make it. It really is my life-line...
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