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  1. So...I never had anxiety before. Well, now I do. Oh my god I hate this. I cant do this 

    1. heilmania


      Yes you can. 

      If I can, you can. 

  2. Laudanum


    Looking for the perfect photo
  3. I didnt even realize this was here until just now. I dont inspect much on sites. 

  4. Seems to me that dr was a bit irresponsible to not even do a phone refill on the klonopin. Seizures are damn dangerous. Another thing, this dr pretending to be upset by an f bomb makes doc look like a jerk. Doc heard worse, prob used worse. Hope u can switch drs at that clinic. Are u on medicaid? If so do they have car service like they do in nj? I dont know you but can say weve all been deep in hell once or twice. Things do get better from what i see. I hope youre safe and stick around with us.
  5. juvenile black crowned night heron


  6. Hey there, u around for a talk about an incident in chat? 

  7. they can last longer. Ive been in one since probably Feb of last yr. I have depression though, my normal is depressed lol. Cymbalta made me VERY tired too. I had no motivation to do anything when I was on it. I never slept so well though. I hated the side effects of it more than anything
  8. Laudanum


    From a few yrs ago
  9. And for the things I know From the broken all I ask Is to look beyond this place Stop staring at the ground Thinking only what went wrong I know there are days Too dark or hard to take I hope you know This is just one day you'll have to face This is not the whole of your life This is one day This is one day This is one day One day Out of all of your life
  10. Snap out of it? Thats my SECOND favorite response after cheer up. If i had a dime for every time someone said that, id be wealthy. I get really annoyed by that. It seems like a way for them to dismiss feelings that we dont want in the first place. Ppl are so insensitive
  11. My first seizure was at the age of 13. I was walking down the aisle of the schoolbus, got to the top to exit and fell from the top step out of the bus. I urinated and laid there for a moment when the busdriver said are you ok. I replied yes and she got back in the bus and left. I had no clue what happened, walked the 2 blocks home and didnt say anything (teen boy urinating on himself does not encourage conversation). A week or 2 later I had another one, in front of my mother...off to the hospital I went. They diagnosed me w/ epilepsy. This was odd because, at the time, they believed epilepsy came in 2 forms...born with it, or an injury. Now otoh they know varying stages of life trigger changes in the body and its chemistry that can trigger seizures. Teens may get it in puberty due to hormonal changes, Us older types (Im in my 40s now) also have hormonal changes such as the dreaded 'male menopause' theyre talking about recently. That said, if you consult a neurologist, consult a few!!! I live in the NE USA, The doctors in my area were subpar at best but, as a non med professional, what did my mother know? I had surgery 10 years after onset and havent had a seizure since (my personal 'record' was 8 a day but I seized at least once per day) so I encourage you to look around at recommendations, reviews online or, if youre near a large university system, start there. They write the books and do the research many smalltown doctors read (and too many DONT read). I hope everything works out. Good Luck!
  12. There are many different auras people report prior to actual seizures. I, myself, never experienced them. I began seizure activity at age 13 and had corrective surgery (right temporal resection) 10 years later. I have not had a seizure since that time but have had the brainzaps you are talking about when I stopped paxil cold, no taper. Have you consulted a neurologist about this? If this is zapping related to electrical activity in your brain and is not caused by certain medications, with testing such as EEG or MRI they may be able to figure out the cause and the treatment route that is best to take for your condition. Im also not aware of epilepsy 'building up' ...in other words something generally triggers seizure activity such as hormonal changes (as in juvenile epilepsy) or an injury (such as a severe blow to the head). People with underlying factors may suddenly seize in an unusual circumstance and never seize again (such as those complaints of video games causing seizures due to the strobing effect of the lights in the game) if they avoid the stimulus. I hope everything works out and you never have an issue with seizure disorder. If this is troublesome for you, seriously consult at least an M.D. for advice and a neurology recommendation. Good Luck!
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