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  1. Thanks @Duelist I'm on 3x 300mg right now. It's definitely helping right now.
  2. Mine seems to have subsided after a few days so it may just be your body, but I'm sure the probiotics help.
  3. I've been getting loose stools from it last couple of days since we upped the dose. If I was working I'd be annoyed by that, but since I'm already stuck at home with a bathroom across the hall from my room, I'm ok with it (as long as it's temporary and gets less bad as my body gets used to the medicine).
  4. My diagnosis is fibromyalgia. I don't know if that's technically neuropathic, but afaik gabapentin has been successful at treating it.
  5. I've just started on gabapentin for chronic pain and I'm wondering what to expect in terms of side effects and efficacy. Is this something that will start to releive pain right away? Or do I need to wait a few weeks like an antidepressant?
  6. I'm trying to find out if I'm eligible for foodstamps if I've been on an unpaid medical leave but technically still employed full time. I've had no income for three months now and I'm getting desperate. I'm in the US, in Arizona (if state matters for something like this).
  7. Has anyone experienced muscle tightness as a side effect while taking Effexor?
  8. I took lyrica for a short time - it was prescribed to help me with chronic fibromyalgia pain and sleep.I don't know how much it would do for depression since I was already on effexor with that.
  9. How does Ambien CR absorb vs regular Ambien? I know that Ambien 10mg will absorb in the stomach quickly unless there's food in the stomach which greatly reduces its effectiveness. With the Ambien CR 12.5mg half is supposed to absorb in the stomach and the other half later while you're sleeping, but I don't know where this second round hits. Is it in the intestine?
  10. crtclms, try searching for the Bob Newhart show with the year the show first aired. For example, when I search my local pirate bay library, I know I'm getting the right Doctor Who episodes if it's from Doctor Who (2005) because 2005 is when the new series started.
  11. There's no policy against littles in chat, but as others have mentioned, it's something that many people here don't have experience with so it can present complex challenges. If another member here acted like there was a rule against they were mistaken. It sounds like it was a case of misinformation that didn't get cleared up in real time.
  12. "My horoscope says..." "We definitely don't go there."
  13. I was on Wellbutrin XL for some time. The first few weeks or so it reduced my appetite, but as my body adapted I didn't see a big change in weight or appetite. Are you concerned that one version may cause you to lose too much weight? If so the best thing to do is to let your doc know about your concerns. If you're looking for info on how to use Wellbutrin for weight loss, this isn't really the best place to ask. We're a support community to help people deal with MI and to make informed decisions about their treatment plans, but we can't offer any advice on off-label use of prescription medications. I don't know if that was your intention. I just wanted to make it clear just in case. And welcome to CB.
  14. The smileys at CB have taught me so much about the subtleties of emotions.
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