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  1. I had wondered about that. But I wasn't aware of what options I had outside of amphetamines, or the caffeine/rittalin style ones. I'll set up an appointment with the doc and see what he thinks about it. But still, I'd like to hear any personal stories or people who had dealt with it before and what they had to say.
  2. Hi there! I'm a new member here as I feel this is the best place to seek our peer reviews on my medical status. For starters, I'll give a little background info: I'm a 22 yr old Medical Biology student about to apply to OSU's DO school and BEYOND excited about it. There are, however, a few obstacles to overcome. Growing up, I saw a therapist for unrelated issues that led to an IQ test in 5th grade trying to explain my failing grades through public school. What was found was an above average IQ that was bored with the monotony of the class room. As of 8th grade, I was moved to a tiny private school (less than 200 students across 6 grade levels in the back of a church) and suddenly took an interest, as it was more free and open to allow me to focus when I wanted and rest when I wanted. We had a family business that I took part of in my free time (metal fabrication. If it's metal, I can do it. From sawing to welding and machining). We had that business for roughly 8 years. I did not go out with friends or play kick ball in the neighborhood, as I was always there. Not complaining, just giving reason for my next point. Not spending a lot of time with the other peers, I took to trying to listen to everything around me so as not to be left out of what was going on socially. It is mine and my physicians belief that that choice and forced habit may have led to my adult-onset ADD. I began college looking forward to completing a Mechanical Engineering degree before going back and going through medical school (I know, high ambitions! More like crazy ambitions. lol), and almost immediately, my grades began to fail. I was able to stay in school thanks to my filler and gen. ed. courses being high grades, but my science and math grades were suffering. I switched majors after moving to another state roughly 2 years ago, and here I am in my 5th year of college just having been diagnosed within two weeks end of my spring semester. To drive the point home, I went from mid-D's in all my courses (Genetics, Organic Chem. 2, and Physiology) to high B's, and coming in 5th from highest in my Organic class of 30+ students. Needles to say, I'm certain this is an issue I have to get tackled. I had a bad habit in class of trying to pay attention, would have a thought enter my head that was completely unrelated, and I would suddenly regain awareness several minutes later in my phone reading facebook, not able to recall when I had stopped paying attention. I always chalked my inability to pay attention or study up to motivation issues. But I knew that couldn't be it. Anyone I had ever discussed biology with KNEW I had no other choice of study. What brought me to my doctor's office was one day I noticed that while having a discussion with a fellow student, I was editing a conversation beside me's vocabulary, trying to listen to another conversation for class information, and noticing that there seemed to be a set pattern in shirt colors repeating as students walked by in the adjoining corridor. this would be excellent, except that I was retaining absolutely NO information. I decided that that was where I drew the line. My doctor started me on 25mg doses of Vyvanse. That was where my grades swung up dramatically as I stated above. It was good, but only because I would zone out like normal (that didn't change), but I wouldn't come aware later. I was able to catch that I had zoned out immediately and fix it, but it didn't happen any less frequently or less severely. I just had the motivation and the ability now to catch it when it happened. Come one month later I explained this to my doctor, and he upped my dosage to 40mg. It was a miracle. But I started itching like crazy immediately. I wrote it off as poison ivey or chiggers (I had just finished a days work in the yard when it struck). But it only got worse. I began to have clear bubbles form and explode on my hands, feet, wrists and stomach. Most concentrated on the sides of my hands, in the curve of my thumb (where thumb meets pointer finger) and inside of the wrists. For the next month we agreed to have better sleeping habits and see if it helped (I was also having weird episodes where i'd forget where I was, but that turned out to be sleep deprivation), but the itch didn't cease. Next months appointment, He switched me to a generic form of Concerta at 25mg, and a generic adderax (hydrochortizon I believe it was called) that was like Ibuprofen on steroids. It worked to remove the rash, but the itch only subsided. We did remove me from the Concerta, as it did absolutely zip for my attention span, but sent my anxiety and stress through the roof. It scared my family, as I am known to NEVER freak out or worry. I just don't see a point in stressing out over things that can be fixed. This last visit, he prescribed me 20mg a day of Aderall XR (the generic form). The bubbles and itch are back and even worse. It has spread to my scalp, and eyes now (minus the bubbles thankfully). Google has failed me. Thanks to it searching by keyword, it finds either spam medicine sites, or leads me to places like this, but not to anything truly helpful. I DID try to search this site, but the search engine here isn't helping me either. Like the last post I read before I wrote this, I feel like a Jack of All trades, and I'm losing my mind here. A) has anyone experienced this? I read about one other guy on a site I can't find now that has, but it was from 2009. B) If you have, what helped? The amphetamine based drugs are causing his to worsen, where the caffeine and otherwise based one didn't do anything helpful...
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