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  1. with me being a psychology major and bipolar II I think everyones crazy lol, but I understand how you feel I had an episode too but other than the people that know that, most think I'm just overly emotionally as did I until my doctor mentioned Bipolar II. Your fine hun, what we have is NOT shameful.....People notice a lot less than our minds tell us they do, their too self involved for the most part.
  2. Anyone else with advice I'm on my second morning and I'm optimistic and terrified, I hate how I over evaluate everything........
  3. I'm new to this forum but not mental illness, for me it started out panic attacks, then nervous breakdown, severe anxiety and recently Bipolar. I've been through HECK with meds and was ok with lexapro and lorazepam, but within the last 3 yrs the depression has been out of control, weeping, hopeless, no motivation, it takes an hr to decide to finally shower. Go to doctor and she mentions Bipolar 2 I blow that off 'I'm not crazy" my mom and sister are, then I really start researching bipolar and reading many of your wonderful posts. I don't have the Manic in a way where I stay up with energy, or alot of energy never felt that way maybe when I was younger, but the down side to Bipolar all of it times 100.....I'm scared of Lamotrigine, I've tried so many things for my depression that didn't work. The first night I took it I felt a bit anxious, the next night didn't take it and I was A MESS i felt the need to move my legs as if I had restless leg syndrome I paced my house for 2 hrs in tears all I wanted was the SEVERE ANXIETY to go away and to sleep. It scared me and my sister, I thought not for me called doctor and she said that was weird never heard of that before, maybe coincedence I should try again.......I took one this morning and I feel like doom is lerking and I don't know if it's just me because I always stress or I should be scared, nothing bad so far.
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