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  1. Hi Fig. How are you?

  2. Please come back


  3. Hey. Hope your okay. Been a while.

  4. Hey fig long time no talk eh?

  5. Hi fig. Hope you're doing OK.

  6. I miss you so fucking much :(:(:( *pees and spins and cries*

    1. figment


      also, damnit janet :(

    2. M@ri


      I miss him, too. The "dammit, Janet" would have made him laugh.

  7. damnit i miss you :( 

    zoey tried to take your title! i can't handle it right now :(

  8. I still miss poddy :(   


    oh, fyi, anyone on BD chatting, I can't go back even if i wanted to, because i called zoey a cunt. i'm either deleted or banned. i encourage my friends to pm me though, maybe we can exchange numbers. 

    (and yes, i know you're reading this, you nosy cunt)

    1. Chantho


      If you need someone to chat with, I'm around. I don't even know how to get into whatever chat they're using now. I'm not sure I want to. 

    2. tooladdict


      I believe the phrase you used was "cuntiest cunt that ever cunted" classic fig. And I happen to agree. I quit the site soon after you left.

  9. i miss poddy :(

    *pees and spins*

    (it's not the same, i'm a chick. damnit...janet *cries*)

    1. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I miss Pod too. I've cried so much I have no pee to spin with!

      We will get through this. I like to think he is with David Bowie, His mom, Carrie Fisher and Prince!

    2. RepentantSpatula


      fig, you could get a shewee for all of your spinning/peeing needs. I'm sure that would be pod approved. I'm really glad he didn't use that while I was in chat because, ew. ;)

      Tammy, could we add Alan Rickman to that list? Lemmy? Many others

  10. i miss poddy :(

    *pees and spins*

    (it's not the same, i'm a chick. damnit...janet *cries*)

    1. tooladdict


      /me launches foodapault at figgrr

  11. thank you all so much for your hard work, research, and setting up all this. I miss poddy so very much, as we all do. even the peeing and spinning thing. it still feels unreal, no matter how many times i read that damn obit. i'm still bookmarking this fund, in case we need it yea?
  12. I'm a crazy cat lady, I just have one cat. You can be cat crazy without cats. And I'm obsessed. My kitty, your kitty, the neighbors kitty, maneki neko, CHI!  KYAAAAH!!!


    ahem. got too cute for a sec there. sorry. japanese-lucky-cat-colours-and-meanings.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RepentantSpatula


      I'm convinced I picked up toxoplasmosis at some point in my life because I cannot control the "squees" when I see a kitty.

    3. iaawal


      Lol. My ex actually told me that he's pretty sure I have toxoplasmosis given my lack of control around cats. :P 

    4. hopelessromantic


      I am the cat lady in my neighborhood. The neighbors cat comes running when I go on the porch and whistle, then I feed her. She likes me more than my own two indoor furballs


  13. "if you don't want to be called a stripper, keep your clothes on."

    1. tooladdict


      /me takes off his pants

  14. "i can't help myself from hurting you when it's hurting me"  -halestorm

    1. RepentantSpatula


      Well, stay away from halestorm!

    2. figment


      i generally avoid storms unless they are musical in nature.

  15. "lets unite! separately! in our own homes!"  -Go Ask Alice (cb user)

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