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  1. Come to think about it, one may have to embrace messiness when one has AD/HD. At least a certain amount -- not to the point when it obstructs functionality. I suggest that the functional messes (not being able to find a wallet/key/the bills/phone/class notebook/calculator/etc.) be fixed first. The aesthetic messes can go later. It's all about priorities, really. But that's just my unprofessional AD/HD-self opinion.
  2. Weird weather by our standards... namely because temps have been so stable. After July's soaking (12" - 300mm of rain!!), August was almost bone dry. We did not hit the 90F mark until September; unsurprisingly, it was soon followed by a 20F drop and some rain. Nonetheless, I believe that the mercury was reliably between 75 and 95F the past few months, which is remarkable for our area. Next 3-5 weeks are looking to be our only guaranteed temperatures in the pleasant zone (65-80F highs with low humidity). The interior northeastern portion of North America breathes a collective sigh of relief.... because come about November or December, things can get below 0F.
  3. The weather here is only a little hot... but bloody extremely wet!! The interior northeast (aka 'Midwest') of the US has received 12 in. (30cm) of rain over the past 30 days, which is 4X the precipitation we usually experience...
  4. Thanks Velvet Elvis!!! It seems to have worked!!!!!! +1 to you!!!!
  5. I remember that the last version of our boards' software allowed users, whilst logged in, to view their own personalized content (e.g., posts they started and have replied to) so that users don't forget about what they've said. As someone with AD/HD, that was really useful for me. Would it be possible to resurrect that feature?
  6. This response isn't in context of schizophrenia, but... I have problems in eye tracking as well. My eyes go herky-jerky everywhere when I try and focus (visually and literally). I think the root issue might be some sort of sensory processing disorder, maybe? Not sure. However, I can give my sympathies and say I know how it feels.
  7. The humidity (and stupidity, for what it's worth) are so thick that one could not even cut it with a knife. Steaming warm, random chances of rain to water my tomato and strawberry gardens...
  8. Thanks VE for your respectful and encouraging words regarding site upgrades. My experience in IT development and deployment is that even the most tech-savvy users will *NEVER* accept changes. Hopefully the site recovers to full functionality.
  9. Nice all, especially Hester's 5k walk. I, for one, just play fitness games on my Xbox bodily Kinect sensor. Most of which are totally exhausting. 60 minutes per day *every single day of the week with no exceptions* as per my pulmonologist. This is further complicated by the fact that I cannot walk more than 200 meters/yards outside my own subdivision without having to deal with steep grass inclines that seem to have been designed to prohibit pedestrians from accessing throughways. On that note, I should probably engage in a rapid walk across the alleyways that few cars traverse. Perhaps I shall post the results tomorrow evening!!
  10. *sigh* This reminds me of my repeated attempts to contact my ophthalmologist for purposes of performing surgery on my affected bum right eye, which suffers severe keratoconus to the point of legal blindness. Total phone tag. All the pre-op visits have been scheduled; all that needs to be done is a date for a minor operation. fml. That all said, I'd avoid anything EKG-cardio related (unless you have a known cardio disorder; arrhythmias can be fatal!) I, for one, have a known cardiac nerve obstruction due to previous surgery when I was an infant 30 years ago, and am concerned for myself as well as others who are also prone to potentially fatal arrhythmias. If you know you are *NOT* an arrhythmia risk, though, I would personally push your pdoc into a balanced load of stims and tell your pdoc that you are *NOT* at risk for fatal issues and take your stims as desired! Furthermore, please do not kill yourself, WonderfulCheese. I have had at least 3 close members of my family or best friends do the act over the past 15 years. It is traumatic for those who survive on past the suicide's decision. My very best friend of 10 years killed himself over tinnitus (a neuro-sensory disorder that is totally evil; I have it myself as well!) because he refused to see a doctor regarding his condition. I know you're better than his naivete, and that you're capable of reaching a solution regarding this issue. If you have any seriously psychologically life-threatening concerns, please don't hesitate to PM me; that's what we CBers are here for.
  11. KillBytes -- I hear you on the photography. I forgot to mention that as one of my 'special' 'interests', which it's been since at least since I was age 12...
  12. Xbox-Kinect video games for 1-2 hours (as my pulmonologist suggested) as usual.
  13. The stupidity humidity outside is oppressive, even if it's only 25C/78F.
  14. At least you can e-contact your SDoc; I can't even get in touch with my PDoc via email (although US health IT regulations are probably going to change that extremely soon). Granted, if I were in the shoes of a Doc (in the US, they're pretty much bound to 80 hour workweeks), I would personally want a sports car. Heck, I almost became an MD myself due to that kind of greed (thankfully I absconded and am going the PhD route at this time). Well uh, I still want a sports car, but doesn't any man in his early 30s...? I'm thinking you should really push the half/half idea if it seems comfortable to you. Maybe you can email the doctor about the idea. But this is just a popular opinion...
  15. As someone who is attempting to reach into higher academia (i.e., PhD) and also has severe AD/HD, this topic is very interesting to me. I've passed the AD/HD issue onto my advisors and they have all trivialized it because my GPA doesn't look AD/HD-like. "Hello, that's because I spend twice the time on term papers than others do!!!" Ugh.
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