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  1. @saoirse I was diagnosed with SZA in 2006 or 2005 or so. I was in a state hospital forced there by the court system. I couldn’t leave on my own will. I was there that first time for 7+ months. Ability saved me from that stink hole. Thank goodness. I get jumbled up. Confused because of the chatter of the voices and can’t focus on anything hardly because of the constant talk. When they get bad they tell me people who I love and like are going to die or get very ill. Sometimes they tell me to do bad things to myself. It’s hard to follow a conversation or get things done because I’m so distracted. I also receive these bad messages from the universe. Through media like music or radio commercials or billboard ads. Really many many forms I receive these messages from the universe. They are so negative and scary. I hate getting them. I also get freaked out by people. I know they are after me. To steal from me and will beat me if they have to. They also some of them are spies for the government which is trying to get me off of SSDI. The president himself is after me. They think I’m able bodied and should be working. i get manic episodes and depression too at times. But my dr believes that my “delusions and paranoia” are the biggest problems for me. As these “psychosis” seem to stick around all the time. Best of luck to you navigating this disorder.
  2. Definitely i had a ton of weight gain from seroquel and seroquel xr. Over 60 lbs. minimum over 10 years+. Risperidone and Invega no weight gain. But do watch for prolactin issues as others have mentioned. YMMV of course.
  3. I got a message from my GP. I have to limit my water intake to 1 liter daily for a week then get labs. Yikes.
  4. Thank you mikl! I didn’t know that! I sure wish my GP would get back to me. Hopefully tomorrow. Oh mylanta. Seizures? No thank you. That would be awful.
  5. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your next appointment and lab draws! I hope you won’t need synthroid anymore. That would be nice! I didn’t know you were diabetic. Are you type 2? My mom is type 2 and my grandpa and my brother were type 1. Both my grandpa and my brother have passed away sadly. I somehow manage to evade it even with zyprexa in my system. Anyway, sorry to derail. A messed up thyroid really is no fun at all. And my GP still hasn’t gotten back to me ugh
  6. Yes I easily get leg cramps and in my feet too! Oh no. I do drink water a lot. I don’t know why I’m just always drinking it. I haven’t heard back from my GP yet. I don’t want to be put on a catheter! That sounds awful! Thanks. We don’t have any pickles in the house but I will get some. Or I wonder if sodium water swishing would have the same effect? I hope I don’t gag. It sounds pretty gross lol! But if it helps, it helps.
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience! Yeah, maybe sticking with my endocrinologist is best. Interesting that you take it at night. I always take it AM because my pharmacist said to and said not with other meds but I do anyway. I don’t know. It’s hard with the nuvigil which I need to wake me up. So I can’t wait 2 hours to take that! I don’t know a proper solution. I’ve tried both ways. So I ignore some rules too. I just had a bunch of labs and I do take a multivitamin so I think that my vitamin D should be ok? But it is something I can ask about When I see my dr again for sure. Thanks again!
  8. First, happy 4th to those who celebrate it. I know fireworks are fun and festive and all. But. I’m sorry. I jump at even the tiniest bang. The big booms? Holy panic! I’m anxious AF right now. Shaky and jumpy. No sleep tonight. Fireworks are legal in my city. Interestingly enough, so is having 2 huge Trump flags outside your house. While sitting on a ghetto lawn chair in your driveway with a beer. And probably waiting for dark to set off loud fireworks. (Seen earlier today a few twin homes down) Oh mylanta. It’s going to be a long night. Anyone else feeling similarly panicky?
  9. Thank you guys. I’ll be interested to hear what my GP says. Lol I’ll probably have to have a side of fries with my salt @Gearhead
  10. I’m sorry. I should have mentioned that I do see an endocrinologist but did ask if my primary dr would take over my thyroid med. Maybe that’s a bad idea. Now I’m not sure. I’m not playing with my dosage of synthroid. I have a message in to my dr. I was just wondering if anyone has had to continuously up their thyroid pill dose (with dr permission) or if you sort of settle on a dose and are good to go pretty much. I was just looking for others with experience with taking thyroid med and how that went for them. again sorry for the lack of clarity. I’m spacey cloudy lately.
  11. Is this right spot for thyroid talk? I’m confused lately, sorry guys. My TSH was 0.87 in September 2019. Now it’s 2.66! I am freezing cold all the time even when it’s 80:degrees out. If I’m inside with air conditioning I’m wearing long pants and under a warm winter blanket. I am gaining weight. More tired lately. Some battles with constipation. (Sorry if TMI). Etc. All the damn higher TSH symptoms basically. I know that my number is within the “normal” range but I felt MUCH better symptom wise when it was like 0.87 TSH. Will I need increases of doses of synthroid for life? I was feeling so good before and then lately I noticed I was gaining weight and freezing all the time etc and got my TSH results a few days ago and found out it had jumped up. Screw Hashimoto’s disease. It can go jump in a lake. I don’t want my TSH to get any higher. Ugh.
  12. Oh wow. Thanks jarn. I must be consuming salt I would think? I don’t add it to anything I eat in my diet. But it’s got to be present in some things I eat? I don’t know about my potassium. Sorry. All I know is that everything else was ok ish except the very low sodium level. My GP is on holiday leave today and therefore hasn’t returned my message. So maybe it’s not very urgent since I’m not vomiting and such?
  13. I had some lab work done and everything was pretty good.....except my very low sodium level. The nurse from the county clinic called very concerned that I wasn’t vomiting or weak or tired or unsteady or confused etc. I said I don’t think so. Definitely no vomiting or unsteadiness. But the others maybe? He said that I should go to the ER if I feel worse!??!? What causes this? What are treatment or preventions? Am I drinking too much water? Flushing all the sodium out? My GP is supposed to call me tomorrow. And mods, I’m sorry. Feel free to move this. I wasn’t sure where to post this.
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