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  1. @browri Thanks for your response! That makes sense then to take it a few hours before bed too, to help with ruminations for you. When I did take it before bed I slept beautifully. I slept through the night, every night. Now I don’t sleep quite as wonderfully but still pretty good with the Zyprexa Zydis. I was afraid it would make me tired when my pdoc said to try it in the afternoon but I’m so glad that it just makes me calm. You are right, calm not tired seems to be what it does. It is so different compared to Abilify. I thought it wouldn’t work and would be the same thing. But not so. I should have tried this AAP long ago.
  2. For those on rexulti, what time of day do you take it? I'm just curious. I was originally taking it at bedtime and now I take it in the afternoon. It seems to be like a good switch so far to take it in the afternoon. I don't get tired from it. Just super calm. Does time of day to take it matter to anyone else?
  3. I took the IR for many many years then switched to the XR. I preferred the XR. It was smoother and less side effects like less weight gain and by far less sedating IME. I slept at night 9-10 hours ish vs 12 hours a night on the IR. And I had to take the IR 3 times a day to get good coverage. I was constantly tired. The XR just once a day at bedtime. So much easier. I took 800 mg of both versions for a total of 10-11 years. I finally switched to zyprexa zydis for a sedating med which is better for me personally. I should have switched a long time ago. Seroquel XR is a good med, don't get me wrong. I just do better on zyprexa personally. Ymmv. And good luck with Seroquel XR!
  4. Thanks! I hope so too! And the almost drunk relaxed feeling gone but still feeling ok, especially considering how late in the day it is.
  5. Well. Pdoc kind of took the lead right off the bat. I didn’t feel brave enough after that to bring up the idea of upping rexulti even nor asking about clozapine not that option for sure! Since my afternoons and evenings are worse (she asked when was worse), I’m to take my 2 mg rexulti in the afternoon 1-2 pm to help get me through my later parts of the day. So that’s all that happened. Uneventful. ETA: I took my rexulti about 20 mins ago maybe now and I am so damn calm unbelievable it’s amazing and i am loving this feeling! My whole body is jus t so relaxed. Everything feels so good! I don’t why I was wasting this as a bedtime med. I am not tired either jus t. Calm. Amazing!
  6. Do I ask to retry clozapine but at a much lower dose like no more than 150 mg - 300 mg? I was up to at least 600 mg before and we overshot the dose and that’s why I had bad side effects.
  7. I see my pdoc in a few hours. She just upped my Prozac to 20 mg not quite a week ago. I had a few good days then my mood has tanked again, unfortunately. Also, some troubling thoughts have been on my mind like the monitoring from the government and some messages from the universe. Do I just wait things out or ask for a rexulti increase? I’m taking 2 mg rexulti currently and I know my pdoc wants me at 4 mg. She has pushed for this before. The thing is I don’t know if I need it or not and should just wait and see if the Prozac helps in like 4-7 more weeks?
  8. @argh I have SZA BP so I hope it’s ok to post. I generally do not have super long remissions. I’ll get a good maybe 1-3 months free from the mood junk (guessing here). If I’m super lucky I think I remember a time where it’s been a little longer free from mood junk longer than 3 months. But then things go up or down it seems. But I always have some mild-moderate and sometimes worse psychosis even when in remission from the mood stuff. It’s always some “delusional thinking and paranoia” as my treatment team puts it. Always simmering in my mind. But I have “treatment resistant psychosis” as my pdoc says. So, there’s that.
  9. Hi @jarn! I take 20 mg zyprexa in the Zydis melt in your mouth (but not in your hands ) form and it is my miracle med. That’s what a hospital pdoc called it one time while I was IP. I was stupid and got off of it for fear of weight gain and more and I’ve lost so many years because of that. I should have just stayed on it. I have heard that the Zydis form is better for not gaining weight but I don’t know if those are just rumors flying around. I like the Zydis anyway because it hits me very fast when I go to bed and I’m trying to sleep as compared to the pill form. It really is a great med for me. It is the one med I’d pick if I had to choose to be on one med only. It quiets my brain, it lessens my anxiety and irritability, it has prevented mania and I’m able to take an AD even (!) which is major, I believe it has helped with the psychosis because I don’t think abilify or rexulti are doing much for that. But it’s hard to tell I guess for sure. Oh and I’ve been losing weight since coming off a high dose of seroquel and getting on Zyprexa Zydis! So it can be done for sure! Everyone is different but I have been losing weight, slowly but surely! I hope you have great success with zyprexa. It’s a great med for me so I hope it works great for you too. Keep us posted.
  10. @~nestling~ I’m on 20 mg of Zyprexa the Zydis form (melts in your mouth) and I’ve been losing weight! So it’s definitely different for everyone. YMMV for sure. For instance, seroquel was the big weight gainer for me. But for others, they don’t gain weight on it at all. But zyprexa has been good for weight neutral to weight loss for me. Believe me, I feared it too. Especially when my dr wanted to up the dose to 20 mg. It’s a wonderful med for me so I hope it can help you too and that you don’t get any weight gain side effect!
  11. You guys were right. It was a fail. I had such a huge appetite during the day. I had to switch it back to all at bedtime. It didn't help anyway for me in the evening or afternoon. Just made me overeat which made me feel crappier anyway.
  12. I heard that I don’t deserve dinner/to eat because I haven’t been cooking dinner for husband at all. I ate a little bit despite hearing that, but I’m feeling bad about it. The voice is right. I don’t deserve to eat.
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