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  1. Lol!!!!! I know, right? Lol!!!!! You are absolutely hilarious! Oh, A! You crack me up! Thank you for the laughs! Good to know. I still want to try Tody. Maybe today I’ll get it if I have time. I have that urge too! I feel like up and moving to start fresh with cleaning and everything to a new place! I think about it from time to time lol!!!!! I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing them!!!!!
  2. An app I really should use more that I think you might find at least partially useful, @Antecedent, is: FlyLadyPlus Now, don’t hate me if it’s too bogus or too corny. Lol. I have not had the focus to play with it extensively. But some of it I did find helpful. It’s a checklist-like format if I remember correctly. I do like a good checklist! Just throwing it out there. It’s free so that’s a big plus. If you hate it, delete it! No sweat!
  3. I am so wanting to try this!!!!! Thank you times a million for posting these helpful tips! I get overwhelmed by prioritizing too. I feel like “EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TODAY ASAP RIGHT NOW” too and I get sidetracked and overwhelmed. Very much appreciated! I’m so scatterbrained. Anything helps! You are fabulous @Antecedent!
  4. Thank you! I didn’t know that! Very informative! This is very timely information for me. I was just thinking about this. I have put off asking my dr about a Prozac increase for too long. I am struggling still. I’m going to try to work up the nerve to email my dr about this.
  5. I took it long ago. Ages ago! I didn’t have much luck with it I think I eventually fell asleep out of sheer pure exhaustion. I wish you better luck!
  6. I’m sorry you are feeling so tired! I took risperidone up to 12 mg and never got tired from it. That’s too bad! Especially since it’s helping you so much! I agree to try maybe 0.25 mg AM and 0.5 mg PM. If that doesn’t work, have you tried taking all 1 mg at bedtime? It’s worth a shot. Especially since it’s been helpful to you when other meds haven’t been as helpful. There is also Invega. Which is risperidone’s younger brother medication. I took that too for quite a while. It is similar to risperidone and supposedly has fewer side effects (even though I got zero side effects from risperidone) and you take it once daily. I don’t know much about how it works chemically, maybe someone can chime in. And I don’t know if it is as good for OCD as risperidone is. I took it for schizoaffective. You’d have to ask your pdoc about that. Just wanted to send some good wishes and support. I hope you can figure out a solution to this ASAP with your pdoc’s help. Sending good luck your way!
  7. @Breathdamnit Saphris made me have the munchies and gain weight too. I couldn’t stop eating on that one! I craved a lot of food while on saphris. I took that for a while and it was somewhat helpful (although not as helpful as when I’m on Zyprexa zydis). I’m glad I could help you by sharing my experience! I wish you as much good luck as I’ve had with Zyprexa zydis! It’s so helpful and really has given me a peace of mind that I seriously thought I’d never have after getting so sick. It’s been a real turn around. I should have stayed on it all those years ago in the hospital and listened to that wise doctor. I seriously suffered so very much by being terrified of side effects that may or may not even happen. I think it’s best to just have a plan and be prepared if side effects occur. If side effects do happen, work with your pdoc to come up with a good plan at that point.
  8. @Breathdamnit just out of curiosity, what is the other weight neutral antipsychotic that you take with your Zyprexa zydis?
  9. Hello! I take Zyprexa zydis (along with rexulti and abilify). I take 30 mg of the zydis daily. (15 mg in the morning and 15 mg at bedtime) I have taken it for years. I currently maintain my weight. But I actually lost 60 lbs at least when I first started taking it. I do exercise a little and I try to watch what I eat a tiny bit. But if I tried harder I’d be able to lose more weight definitely. Even my husband says that Zyprexa zydis is one of the best for being weight friendly. And I’ve tried all of the newer antipsychotics too pretty much. I was on seroquel for many many years because I feared Zyprexa zydis because everywhere I kept reading about weight gain and worse. I gained a ton of weight on seroquel but once I got back on Zyprexa zydis I lost 60 lbs at least. Plus I feel better physically and mentally on Zyprexa zydis. Zyprexa zydis really helps a lot. It is a great med. It has saved my life and is my miracle med. I hope that answers your questions. I wish you luck. Zyprexa zydis is a great med. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.
  10. I’ve never heard of anything like that! Weird is right! I’m so happy for you though! Good news!!!!!
  11. Keep up the great work CRH! 3 days is amazing! You are doing such hard work and doing it very, very well. Try not to feel discouraged. I promise you that you are doing awesome. Much support and admiration from me.
  12. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it! Unfortunately I don’t think lowering or getting off any of the AAP’s I take is something that is plausible. I didn’t know that my AAP’s could be a cause of this. I thought it was negative symptoms like my tdoc said I have. So that’s interesting! Thank you for the info! I have done so much wrong and felt such pain and worse while being under medicated. I feel it’s best I just keep taking all the meds I take and possibly be over medicated for the sake of others and myself too I suppose. I hope I am making sense? I’m sorry I was complaining.
  13. I’m really struggling with zero motivation, feeling blank, and not enjoying anything really or laughing (I’m very flat emotionally). I don’t feel depressed though or sad or anything like that. My anxiety has also been high. Could I benefit from an increase in my prozac dose from 20 mg to 40 mg if my NP agrees? Does prozac help any of what I described? Thanks so much for any wisdom or experience! I don’t know much about AD’s or have much experience with them.
  14. @dancesintherain For what you are asking, I’ve taken rexulti, vraylar, and haldol. I currently take 2 mg rexulti. I find it’s different from abilify. Rexulti really calms me and I believe it helps with the voices I hear too. I recently switched it from noon to bedtime and boy did my brain notice that. I started having psychotic symptoms. But when I took it finally, I felt better. I’m fact, I have been thinking of asking my dr to increase it to the max dose. I don’t have side effects from this dose though so I’m not sure if I should increase it. Vraylar was a horrible horrible thing for me. I had nightmares, EXTREME anxiety nonstop, stomach problems, it didn’t touch my symptoms - made everything worse. I usually do well with AAPs. I won’t touch that one again. That really caused me problems and it lasts so long in your system too. So if you have to stop it, it takes a while for it to get out. Haldol? I took 15 mg daily for such a brief period. I don’t know if I gave it a fair shot. I didn’t notice any increased appetite though or sedation, which was nice. But I was freaking out about possible TD so I quit it.
  15. Has anyone ever done a med wash? Was it IP or IOP or at home? Did you come off all of your meds completely before restarting any? How long do you have to be without meds? How painful is it?
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