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  1. I’ll try! Let’s see for today: 1. Grocery pickup 2. Crochet or craft with audiobook 3. Jigsaw puzzle with husband 4. Dust upstairs 5. Shower 6. Take meds including PRNs on time 7. Start Laundry 8. Sanitize main surfaces
  2. Thanks A. You are so right and have calmed me too. I canceled my panic order. I do online order pick up. So I order what I need online then we drive to the store at our time slot and then they bring the groceries out and load them in our vehicle.
  3. Oh wonderful @Cerberus. Your wisdom and wit and good old common sense have calmed me down and I canceled my order that I overbought on. I bought some dish soap that was much cheaper from a different store that says it can be used as hand soap as well. I bought just enough to get free shipping (not much $), so I didn’t over buy either. I have enough for a while and I have hand sanitizer two little bottles that I’ll only use for emergencies I guess. I won’t drop dead, nor be mortally wounded, nor will my life change forever, I just might be a little inconvenienced/annoyed. And I’ll avoid tigers, for real! I promise!
  4. Well it's a delivery service. So regular customers could shop and could snatch up what I want in my order before my delivery person gets around to shopping for my items. The person who "shops" for me and delivers is independent of the grocery store. They are their own company. So fees and tip was $12 ish alone. Kind of like those food delivery service people who go to restaurants and bring the food from restaurant to your house yet they don't work for the restaurant.
  5. Omg I'm panicking. If they don't start my delivery order soon I won't get any hand sanitizer or hand soap. I bravely took the toilet paper off my order because husband would be pissed. I have not showered in days and I don't want to drive to the store myself. What the hell kind of timeframe is today through Saturday?! Omg! I'm going to take a PRN zyprexa now I think and try to distract with the jigsaw puzzle. I've been pacing the kitchen for nearly an hour. Yikes.
  6. I just panic bought $80 worth of mostly hand soap and hand sanitizer and toilet paper. It’s being delivered. Sometime between today and Saturday. If they don’t start the order soon I’m canceling because they will sell out for sure by early afternoon of that stuff.
  7. How can they do this ? I am so sorry. You are in my thoughts,if that helps at all. I truly hope this matter ets settled ASAP. You don’t deserve this right now. This is awful. Just awful. Take gentle care.
  8. Aaaaand I’m drunk ? I’m coping welll,!

  9. Hi gear. I dropped a serving spoon out of a messy dish on the way to the table and made a mess for dinnner an d BAM I snapped. All this stress pent up, it’s just eating me alive. It got all over one of the last pair of jeans that fits me too, probably ruining the m
  10. Thank you guys. You are so right. I don't know why his family wasn't taking this seriously. Well his mom did I guess last minute. She cancelled this morning. So that's good. Husband is going over there with just his mom and getting a haircut. He isn't taking this seriously enough. I am freaked out about this fact.
  11. Husband wants to have family dinner at his parents house. There would be 8 total of us. I don’t think this is very wise considering the amount of people and the fact that his mother has health complications due to being a heavy smoker and diabetic. Am I being too over cautious by saying we shouldn’t go? Or am I doing the right thing? He needs a haircut too though. And his mom or sister usually do that. He says I have to do it if we don’t go over there. I don’t think I can.
  12. I understand what you are going through. Having just spent an embarrassingly high amount of money at the grocery store and getting 2 more big packages of TP. I pressured husband into letting me buy a million things to stock up. I’m just so worried. And like you, I always had a good stock of what I needed before all this. But it’s gotten worse. I need to dial back a lot. I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s hard to know what is needed and what is panic buying. I completely get that. You aren’t alone.
  13. See on this speaker, the light flashes on and off on its own! I didn't touch it! It just turns on and starts recording me!
  14. I have zyprexa zydis as a PRN and it's been really helping me during this time. I am worried that my body will just keep getting used to the (PRN) dose or any dose though, sort of like how some people can become accustomed to and stop feeling any helpful effects from a benzo med? Is there truth to this? What's the right thing to do here? I didn't take any PRN zyprexa today and I feel rotten with more voices and evil messages from the universe and agitation from that and anxiety too. To make matters worse I'm being recorded by the cameras in our kitchen Bluetooth speaker right now. Freaking weirds me out!!!!! I can't deal right now
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