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  1. I cause all the negative energy in my world and in the entire world. Bad things happen because of me. I don’t deserve to be alive. I shouldn’t have survived. I’m to blame. It all makes sense now.

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    2. CrazyRedhead


      That's not true, Cheese.....You are a valued member here. and you do deserve to be alive.

    3. CrazyRedhead


      And you deserve to be here, too, DJ.

    4. Cerberus


      Cheese, I hope you're able to look back at this status update a few days later with greater perspective and see not just that it isn't true, but why it could never be true. No individual has the capability of causing all the bad things in the entire world. It is a physical, logical impossibility. No matter how much your illness may send you critical thoughts, that basic truth cannot change. So, if the illness is lying to you about that, it's lying to you about the rest of it, too. You do deserve to be alive, just like the rest of us, and you're not to blame for anything. Every time a negative thought like that passes through your mind, no matter how much like your own thoughts it sounds, train yourself to say, THAT IS A LIE. And then reject the lie. It can be done.

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