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  1. Thanks gear. I just didn’t really know what to expect. It’s been so long since I started taking it daily instead of a PRN only. I do wonder if I’m starting to feel a very tiny bit improved. Thank you! Very good to know and hear. I didn’t know if I was crazy to think I could be very slightly improving so fast. Not out of the water yet though.
  2. Can a zyprexa increase of 10 mg work fast for reducing manic symptoms? As in starting to help in days even? Or does it take longer to see even a tiny bit of improvement? I was taking 20 mg and now I’m at 30 mg total (15 mg twice daily). This will be my third day of the increase. I think this dose increase is what I needed all along, you guys. I was so bad about taking the PRN consistently. I never took more than one PRN pill a day (25 mg total daily) and I confess I took it like once per week, if that. I kept forgetting or didn’t want to take it. Bad, I know. I’m sorry.
  3. Cheese, how are you doing?

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    2. jarn


      Cheese, nothing to apologize for ❤️ 


    3. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      Jarn's right. Nothing to apologize for. We're just glad to see you.

    4. echolocation


      happy to hear from you, chee. take care of yourself, and remember, we're always here to listen.

  4. I’m dumb I’m sorry. 

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    2. Antecedent


      you're not dumb you are the cheddar that makes everything better, rain or shine, depressed or manic or in the middle (and I hope the middle comes around again soon!) you are always a ray of sunshine and I'm glad you are here

    3. echolocation


      you're a good cheese, and you're not dumb. i like seeing you here. crazyboards is better because you are here.

    4. jarn


      You're not dumb Cheese.  One of the reasons we all like you is because you're so caring and give great advice.

  5. I am going off of lamictal and won’t be on a “true” mood stabilizer (topamax is for weight and eventually maybe adding gabapentin for anxiety?). But I guess my flavor of SZA is more psychosis heavy. I’ve always responded best to AP’s and not mood stabilizers. I don’t even notice my reduction in lamictal. And I have been on lithium and briefly Depakote and never missed those when I got off. Best of luck to you with Depakote. I have heard good things about it with regards to mood stabilizing. I know/knew of people who took/probably still are taking it.
  6. I wish I hadn’t heard the words that lead to the message from the universe telling me that no one likes me. It’s really broken my heart. I just can’t believe it still. I can’t move past it. It hurts me greatly. I am just a burden that no one likes. Nothing can change my mind I don’t think. I heard everything. Ok. Going to bed for real now. The universe is out to destroy me. Why now?
  7. “All the moments of life have been leading up to this point.” I just heard that. It was weird and I’m scared. I have to stay alive for the sake of others. My parents already lost one child. It should have been me instead though, right? But I also feel afraid though that the universe is coming after my life one way or another. Anyway, I better eat a piece of bread or something (just to get something in my body) and head to bed (it’s just about 6 pm). I don’t know what else to do right now. I’m scared.
  8. I’ve heard chatter from afar, a voice somewhere commenting on my actions and movements, a voice somewhere commanding me to do bad things to myself, random words or phrases sent to confuse me all the time, etc. I can never seem to find where this or these voice(s) are coming from. When I’m really bad off I wander the streets talking to the voice(s) trying to find where they are coming from. I usually end up in the ER with a shot of AP at that point with court orders galore. Not fun.
  9. Manic out if my mind. Need something like a sledgehammer to knock me down. It’s gone too far. God juice is overtaken me

    1. aura


      Worried about you, Cheese! Have you been sleeping?

  10. Thank you wise iceberg!!!!! You are so smart! This now makes a lot more sense to me. I understand the difference now. I didn’t know what the heck tdoc was talking about but now I do! Thank you again!
  11. I told my tdoc about my back neighbor spying on me and taking pics of me and the possibility of cameras installed by said neighbor, and tdoc said that was an irrational thought. I didn’t quite follow. She said something else about how it doesn’t make sense for neighbor to do that and to look at the facts, such as neighbor is probably just mowing her lawn. I looked confused (I was confused because I know neighbor is taking pics of me without my permission), tdoc then said “sorry I don’t want to make you feel more anxious and confused.” So then tdoc said to replace the negative thought
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