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  1. I’m dumb I’m sorry. 

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    2. Antecedent


      you're not dumb you are the cheddar that makes everything better, rain or shine, depressed or manic or in the middle (and I hope the middle comes around again soon!) you are always a ray of sunshine and I'm glad you are here

    3. echolocation


      you're a good cheese, and you're not dumb. i like seeing you here. crazyboards is better because you are here.

    4. jarn


      You're not dumb Cheese.  One of the reasons we all like you is because you're so caring and give great advice.

  2. Manic out if my mind. Need something like a sledgehammer to knock me down. It’s gone too far. God juice is overtaken me

    1. aura


      Worried about you, Cheese! Have you been sleeping?

  3. I haven’t eaten yet and.....pretty much 5 pm. I function. Riiiiiight. 

  4. Since starting zyprexa I have gone down at least 3 pant and top sizes and lost 65+ lbs. w/o trying. My fasting glucose is slightly elevated but I’m working on adding more exercise to remedy that. Fingers crossed!

    1. shesellsseashells


      That's amazing! Congratulations!

  5. Cracking and breaking into bits here. Coming unhinged.

    1. Blahblah


      This was me this morning. Ended up laying in bed feeling anxious & weepy until 3pm in which then I proceeded to go for a walk to this natural/bio pharma type shop. Was going to buy some Mag/Calcium/B supplements. I picked some out, but then the line was so long I said forget it. I turned around and walked home. My pathetic day.

  6. SZA might just finally beat me this time around. :( 

  7. I’m hungry. I don’t ever get nutrition when husband is working. I don’t cook for myself. No motivation, etc.

    1. confused


      I have my husband pick up packaged food, fruit and microwaveables  I have trouble fixing meals,  sometimes I have cereal for dinner.

    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      Cereal is often my dinner too. I understand. 

    3. saintalto


      Can you buy some healthy snacks to feed you during the day that don’t take preperation? Perhaps little bags of nuts, nutrition bars, or fresh fruit etc...?

  8. Maybe I can begin weaning off some of my meds tonight and use my light box tomorrow! This just feels totally right. 

    1. saintalto


      But it’s not totally right. Your light box makes you manic. Going off your meds is going to send you straight to a hospital. Make an appointment before September with your pdoc. These are really bad decisions Cheese. 

    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      I’m sorry. I won’t stop meds without dr guidance. Thank you for the chat. :)  So helpful!!!!! You’re so awesome sauce!!!!!

  9. Good news everyone! Fluid restriction is over! And I have a good vein apparently! Easy peasy lab draw this morning! Now to wait for results!

    1. jarn
    2. aura


      That's great to hear! I know this was hard for you.

  10. I can’t make myself call to reschedule with pdoc. It’s been overdue a week now. I was going to blog but I don’t want to be a blog hog. I can’t focus enough to comment on others’ blogs. So.

    1. saintalto


      It might be a good time to reschedule because you had such a bad experience with your therapist and might want to talk to your pdoc about her “diagnosis”.

  11. I have glitter iridescent spring & cabin fever! Or manic, according to husband. I’m not convinced. 

    1. FairyBelle


      I think your husband might unfortunately be correct, Chee. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for better days for you. Hope you may talk about your elevated mood with your doctor too ❤️

  12. Well hot damn. I think this PRN zyprexa is slowing me down a bit already! I just need to stay on top of taking it for a while longer and I’ll be good!

    1. DogMan


      So pleased to hear. Hope it is gentle and you stay happy, just not speedy/dangerous 

    2. Wonderful.Cheese
  13. It’s nice seeing husband more. I love him! I hope I can keep up this less sleep routine forever. 12 hours is way too much. 7 ish is perfect! So nice to have more hours in a day! I can do this nuvigil taper too! I know I can! Wish me l luck!

  14. Aaaaand I’m drunk ? I’m coping welll,!

  15. Why was I so stupid and got off of zyprexa zydis all those years ago? Vanity vs sanity. It is clearly my miracle med as the hospital pdoc said. Rexulti isn’t bad other. But zyprexa zydis really is my miracle med. I should have stayed on it. It would have saved a lot of heartache. 

  16. I’m sorry. I’m just a burden. And I don’t want to bring people down. No one can help me. No pdoc or tdoc. The worry and messages aren’t going away even after this pandemic. 

    1. Juniper29


      You're not a burden. ❤️

    2. dancesintherain


      you'r'e not a burden cheese.  hang in there. 

    3. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      You're one of the brightest spots around here for me, Cheese. You're not a burden.

  17. Ok ok ok. Going to shower today. For real. It’s been at least a week. Yikes. 

    1. mikl_pls


      I always feel better after a shower regardless of how I feel beforehand and during the shower. Something about cleaning myself makes me feel better, I dunno... I hope you feel better.

    2. Blahblah


      Good on you! I've been avoiding that today, will try to take one now.

  18. Sorry. I was so whiny last night. I had to delete my whole blog too because of the monitoring. I see case manager today. I’m nervous. 

    1. jarn


      How'd it go today Cheese?  Thinking of you!

  19. Tempted to delete my Facebook aka “Fakebook” account. So much garbage. Even my posts are fake “happiness” and “smiles”.

    1. Blahblah


      I hear you...It's garbage for the mind. But I'm sort of addicted still, I'd need to find something worthwhile to replace it with.

    2. Unstrung Harp

      Unstrung Harp

      Yep. I know what you mean. I find myself posting silly things or whatever when my life feels like crap, and ask myself why I'm doing it. Loneliness maybe? But I keep in touch with a lot of family and old friends that way, so I hesitate to delete. Sabbaticals are nice though.

    3. jarn


      I deleted mine in October and I thought I'd feel lost without it - I spent a lot of time on FB - but honestly it's the best thing I've ever done.  I likely will lose touch with some people, but the people who I really have relationships with we've found ways to stay in touch.

  20. Very nervous for my pdoc appointment. I have to leave now for it. 

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    2. Juniper29


      I hope it went well!

    3. Blahblah


      How'd it go Cheese, any updates? Hope all is OK?

    4. Wonderful.Cheese


      Thank you all for the support. I will update in my blog. 

  21. 22 brand spanking new yarn skeins today, what will tomorrow bring? Yikes....!

  22. If time permits, I will try to blog after tdoc this morning. Gotta run soon here to see her! See you cats later! 

  23. It didn’t work all day today asleep, but PLEASE send me back where I truly belong tonight! I feel so awful. I can’t handle this!

    1. mikl_pls


      I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Please know that you are a good person and deserve to be happy. Sending hugs and warm thoughts your way!

    2. coraline


      I truly am sorry that you are struggling so..I wish the best for you..you deserve peace in your life..

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