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  1. My beloved group is no more. My heart is broken. 9 years minimum there.

  2. What the what? My brain must be melting.

  3. SSDI phone review in 10 minutes! Yikes! I'm very nervous!

  4. My stomach is angry at me because of these med changes.

  5. Omg I'm panicking over this pdoc appointment yikes. One hour....

    1. pinkfloydforeverlove
    2. mikl_pls


      You'll be fine! You made a bulleted list of what you wanted to do in your blog, so if you don't already have that written down on a piece of paper, I would bring that list in with you to your appointment so you don't forget if you get nervous or something. Best of luck to you! :)

  6. Help! If anyone has any opinions about my blog I'd so appreciate it. I'm going bonkers over this!!!

  7. $50 on a haircut now. And I thought I was getting better. 

  8. I don't want this life anymore :(

    1. jt07


      I'm so sorry you feel that way, but I can relate. I hope you are feeling better today.

  9. Damn you anxiety!!!!

    1. aura


      Yes, damn anxiety indeed. Sorry you aren't feeling well.

    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      Thanks aura. You are so sweet. I appreciate it. Time for bed methinks. Goodnight!

  10. I have a great idea to stop Seroquel XR on my own in 1-2 weeks. I'm very happy. I wanna be less sedated and lose weight and be less depressed 

    1. saintalto


      But more crazy? And more depressed (seroquel helps with depression)?

      I'm on around 600+ mg of seroquel a day but I'm at a lower weight again (everything I lose now is simply vanity weight). It took a long time to shed it, but I did it without going off any meds.

      Think about it, you are happy now, but right now you are on seroquel. Rocking the boat could endanger that happiness and rather quickly at that.

      btw, hi again :P


  11. Tonight I either live or die. Because snow angels. That u is aall. It's either r or going to be funny laughing or sobbing. Meaning damn it meaning. I shouldn't have missed so ma n y meds !!!! I'm dimn

  12. Yikes I'm anxious. I don't want to see my pdoc. All it does is ruin my day. But husband is home and he will force me to go. Ugh. 

  13. I'd better head to bed. Too many bad thoughts. Goodnight CB-ers. 

    1. aura


      g'nite Cheese, feel better

  14. I am feeling a little better this morning. 

    1. amianthus


      This is good to hear. :) I hope the rest of your day is better too.

    2. dragonfly23
    3. lifequake


      Hope your day/eve were better, too.

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  15. Panic attacks galore today! I couldn't even "do" any therapy today. Took a prn just now. 

  16. Should I do the PHP thing or not? I'm really stuck. 

    1. survivingbp


      I think it could be a really good idea! It's probably worth a try - if you really don't like it after a while, you can always drop out right?

    2. lifequake


      What would you do instead?  When my alternative was to stay in bed all day, alone, & depressed, I found PHP helpful. 

    3. Wonderful.Cheese


      Thanks guys. I didn't get a call about PHP from my team today but just realized it's a holiday and the clinic is closed.

      I am supposed to see case manager tomorrow. But I doubt that will actually happen.

      But I'm super nervous to do PHP again. I don't want to do it but probably should. But I've been through it all before. Meh. My meds are fine and I already get a lot of therapy. I prob don't need it. Idk. Sorry for rambling. 

  17. So freaking depressed and out of it right now. I can stop everything from ending. But I'm too scared to do it. I don't want this life anymore anyway with how I've been feeling.  

  18. Everything is all my fault. I've probably ruined my marriage. 

    1. Southern Discomfort

      Southern Discomfort

      Don't be mad at yourself, be mad at the illness. You didn't ask to be this way and it's not your fault.

      From what you've said your husband needs to learn some boundaries around your medication.

  19. Currently panicking and can't stop crying. I don't want husband to die.e I think I'm the one hwo should die, nto him. What if the cancer spreads again? Is it only a matter of time?!

    1. saintalto


      Is the cancer back? I think I may have missed your journal entry...

    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      No. Thank goodness the cancer is not back. Just panicking about things. Sorry if I was unclear.  

    3. saintalto


      It's okay, nothing to be sorry for. 

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  20. I'm back! Trying to navigate this place. Lol

    1. jt07


      Good to see you back!

    2. dragonfly23


      Welcome Home!

  21. Deleted my blog

    1. koa


      I hope you will start another one if you feel you want one.

  22. Dying inside

    1. fantod


      forbidden hug, Cheese.

    2. dragonfly23


      More forbidden hugs, Wonderful

  23. Coming down from the mania a bit more! I think I'm improving a bit! :)

    1. San


      Glad to hear it!

    2. jt07


      I'm happy for you!

  24. LOUD ANGRY MUSIC! ALSO, singing loudly. At least I'm using headphones. LOL Still my poor neighbors.

    1. Butterflykisses


      I am dancing to my favorite songs lol

  25. Calmer today finally!

    1. dragonfly23


      That's wonderful, Wonderfull!

    2. cosima
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