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  1. thanks for replying thanks for your reply...I guess you're right re the long half life. x
  2. Hi, I take my prozac 20mgs each morning (for just over 2 weeks now, so still early days) for depression and anxiety. My morning anxiety remains unbearable and I always use xanax .25mgs to get me thru. I am usually OK by the afternoon.. Would it make any difference if I took my prozac at bedtime? If anyone has tried this I'd love to hear from you. XXX
  3. Thanks for that guys. I'm hoping that the prozac will kick in properly in the next few weeks and sort out the morning anxiety. Sigh. XXX
  4. Thanks for that boof! That's really reassuring. No, I don't particularly "enjoy" the xanax, and I don't crave it, so I guess I'm not addicted to it. Half-inderal is a beta blocker, more usually used for high blood pressure, but it blocks the sympathetic nervous response eg. tremors, dry mouth, rapid heart rate etc. XXX
  5. I've been needing Xanax 0.25mgs every morning for the past few months to cope with early morning anxiety. Is it possible to get addicted to this? I also take prozac 20mgs (for just over 2 weeks now) and started half-inderal last night to see if that helps morning anxiety (it didn't). Your opinions would be very welcome! XXX
  6. Feck...it's a long and winding road to health! I had to stop cymbalta a while ago, but because of GI side effects (constipation and indigestion), and I've been a ball of anxiety since. Funny how our chemistries are all so different. It'd make sense that the nor-adrenaline in cymbalta would increase your anxiety tho. So far, the only thing that's keeping my anxiety in check in xanax .25mgs (usually in the morning, when I have to be scraped off the ceiling). I hope you feel better soon XXX
  7. My GP started me on half-inderal yesterday to be taken at bedtime, in hope of treating my morning anxiety. 'Fraid it hasn't made any difference! As the other posters said, it's mostly prescribed for high blood pressure and is very well tolerated. Give it a try and see if it helps XXX
  8. Thank you so much for all your welcomes. I went back to my GP yesterday, as the Prozac seems to be helping my depression a little, but the early morning anxiety is still horrible. Most mornings I end up taking Xanax, which I am not comfortable with, but it's either that or a living hell. So my GP added half-inderal (a beta blocker) to take at bed time to see if that helps, but tbh I still feel like crap this morning. She's putting me in touch with a proper CBT therapist too (phew!) so fingers crossed that'll help. Thanks again for all your hellos! XXX
  9. Hi all, I've been reading up on Taurine (an amino acid) that supposedly helps with anxiety and depression http://depressioncure4u.com/taurine.html Has anyone used it, or have any opinions on it? Cheers XXX
  10. Thanks peeps, I kinda thought it sounded too good to be true. I really appreciate your replies XXX
  11. I'm one of those people who wakes up feeling like the end of the world is nigh....and often startle awake in the middle of the night feeling the same thing. By the afternoon, I'm often feeling a good bit better. I've been reading that this is probably due to naturally higher level of stress hormones (cortisol) in the mornings, which is probably even higher i those of us who suffer from anxiety. So I've stumbled across a supplement called Phosphatidylserine ,(sorry, don't know why it's printing up in big blue letters...) or PS for short, and have read nothing but positive reviews about it. Apparently, it is usually used by athletes who over-train, but has been found to reduce anxiety as it reduces cortisol levels. Have any of you lovely people used it, or even heard of it? I'd love to hear your opinions or experiences. Cheers. XXX
  12. Hi cushiofusion, Thanks for your reply. I haven't been to a pdoc, but it's something I need to consider. I haven't heard of seroquel. I'm really glad you're making progress. It's always good to hear the goo stuff XX
  13. I'm so glad to have found this! I've lost 20lbs (and counting) over the past 2 months and I feel like crap. This is due to anxiety and depression. The mad thing is, I often feel hungry, but I gag at the thought of swallowing food. I only started Prozac 20mgs 10 days ago so it hasn't really taken effect yet. The mornings are my worst time and I force down Complan. By the evening I usually can cope with something, so I'll have a few crackers, or a spoonful or two of whatever I'm making for the kids' dinner. I also supplement with vitamins and minerals. It's really starting to worry me too. I wasn't exactly giant to start with. Can't believe I ever used to wish to be thinner. How are you doing now? XX
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