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  1. I know, I was thinking the same thing, about researching the topic on the net. Agreed. I do go through stages of wanting children, I will admit. But I see child prostitutes walking the streets, homeless children in masses, I'd rather adopt. Anyway, I'm not even thinking about relationships at the moment. I need to focus on building my business, income and stability of mind. I'll save that stuff for the future Slicey. Right now he has to care for his existing family
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasectomy#Side_effects http://www.sideeffectsguide.org/vasectomy-side-effects/ Actually I'm more worried about complications, which can include chronic pain. My brother did a lot of reading while considering it and came by many on the internet with such complications. I can't afford private healthcare, and I don't trust the government with my testicles thanks - only our public mental healthcare is good (FREE soup and bread on cold days at the clinic!).
  3. If it weren't for the potential side-effects, I'd have a vasectomy. I dont want crazy kids, no, I don't want ANY kids. But that's MY choice, not something I would want forced upon me.
  4. So much more money without alcohol! :D

  5. Ganja makes me paranoid, as if I'm having a psychotic episode. Lots of anxiety too. From a different room, my brother could hear my teeth chattering. My face would flush, I would be disorientated. Horrid experience. Still took 8-11 terrible experiences before I stopped. I still miss the feelings of when it was "good". Once in a while, if I'm drunk, I smoke one drag off a joint and I still feel paranoia and fear creeping up. It takes a lot of mental effort to keep myself sane on pot, however little I smoke. If I am sober, I am deathly afraid of weed and don't touch it at all.
  6. "I want to feel better, let me kill brain cells," because that is what you are doing. Have you tried jogging or exercise when you feel like crap? Get high on natural endorphins. Make it hard to obsess on drugs. This might sound lame, but it is effective for many. Oh for fucks sake. I stated "How would one go about getting out of this mindset - I want to feel better, let me take something!" <<--- you see there, I recognize it as a problem. I KNOW how bad the shit is for me. If you have not noticed, you are the third person to in this thread to tell me this, as if I have no fucking c
  7. I know, I do have a history of self-harm, but that went out the window when the drugs came in. When I'm in a depressed mood, I abuse substances instead of cutting. So your statement of "self-harm" in spot on. There are no support groups where I live. There is a population of about 12 000, most of which are living in the location, in shacks, with no income. I was hoping someone here would be able to tell me something I didn't already know :-/ I am talking to my therapist, but he basically asks me "what can you do?", not giving me any real advice. Anybody with personal experiences? Day
  8. There used to be NA meetings 10km away from me, but I don't think that lasted. I do live in the poorest region of a developing country... That's why I'm asking here. I'll speak more with my therapist too. I stopped the inhalents. Aside from the chloroform, I tried each once, and never again. If I was given a source for chloroform however, not sure I could resist.
  9. I love drugs. Anything that makes me feel good. Used for years but quit: Marijuana Daily: Nicotine (cigs, pipe, snuff), Caffeine (pills, tea, coffee) Regular: Alcohol Once in a while: Codeine(300mg doses), Klonopin (up to 8mg) Rarely/Once-off: Mescalin, Ativan, Zolpidem, Mianserin, Effexor, benzine, petrol, butane, chloroform (two 3 hour binges) ...and probably a couple of other things, I have abused either for escape or recreation. I'm taking this more seriously now, as I realize that I DO have access to other drugs, and would probably do it given the chance, even heroine, no, ES
  10. I'm just going to listen to Placebo and feel lonely now.

  11. I'm in therapy and have had med adjustments since. I hit a particularly low point when I was already depressed and ceased caring about my existance/health/life. I've had trouble with abusing over-the-counter meds. I took 6 allergex along with the klonopin. I'm in therapy, have told my psychiatrist, psychologist and family about the cutting. Only told my brother about the meds. I'm getting help, and I'm considering booking myself in at the loony bin if I worsen and pose a risk to harming / suicide. Not sure what caused me to dip so badly.
  12. A while ago, it could have been 2-3 weeks ago, I took 8mg as opposed to my regular 2mg. I was in a highly self destructive mood, and also popped some other stuff and cut my legs up. Anyway, how would this once-off 'spike' in my dosage affect me? I've since had some problems associated with klonopin withdrawal, but I'm not sure if it is linked. Thanks.
  13. I don't know about you past posts, but... You were up all night last night, right? I was chatting to you for 3 hours if you remember. Seriously get some sleep. You were paranoid then, all I can suggest is getting some rest.
  14. Go to the pub and drink beer. Watch anime. Web design. Sleep. Eat.
  15. off to therapy I go! D:

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