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  1. I got this as a gag gift for a close friend, but it really is useful. How much or how little do you sleep every night?
  2. Mikl, I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain. Please keep checking in. 300mg lithium, for likely *anyone*, is nowhere near a therapeutic dose. You might be getting initial side effects, but no benefits at all. It’s pretty fast acting, you might get relief with an increase in less than a week. I’d really encourage you to at least try. Please stay safe.
  3. What really begs the question is that 1., you actually have a leftover lamb chop (why weren’t they all inhaled?), and 2., you haven’t eaten it yet??? I’d kill for leftover lamb.
  4. I love gift wrapping. Last year I bought clearanced stuff from target... lots of black, gray, red and silver wrap and ribbons. Are you good at choosing gifts, or do you totally suck at it and it stresses you out?
  5. God yes. Jellybeans. Any, although jellybelly flavors at least slow me down. What’s your favorite book from childhood?
  6. I avoid fast food places like the plague, especially fried chicken. It’s not even food! Do you take vitamins/supplements?
  7. Second coming of Christ, and no one else was invited? 🧐 My mattress is 17yo, bought it when I moved here. Still very comfy. Do you mostly listen to newer music, or older favorite bands from the past?
  8. As a native texan, I’d have to be insulted at the thought of beans in chili. But as a now diehard northerner, I love beans in it, and quite frankly love vegetarian chili the most. Do you have any special food traditions (for whatever holiday) in your family?
  9. I don’t know if this is considered a phobia, but I don’t like seeing people walk barefoot if they’re stepping on anything other than smooth surfaces, I instantly imagine what it would feel like stepping on something sharp and uncomfortable and I get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. And I googled tryptophobia, and I LOVE images like that but they need to be all perfectly spaced.
  10. Oil of Olay facial moisturizer, the original, lightweight pink stuff. I’ve been using it for decades. It’s the only thing that keeps my face from getting too oily, which at the ripe old age of almost 57, is amazingly still a problem. What comforts you the most, like when you’re sick but not dying (I.e., a cold?)
  11. I TOTALLY get it. It is two different heartaches, and pets are with us such a short time, but yet they’re daily affection, and it’s just so damn uncomplicated. It’s just pure love, without conflicting emotions. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve lost two senior dogs in a year, and the second one was sudden and unexpected. Wishing you strength.
  12. 😂 those are both suicidal, because without heat the windshield will fog up. But I guess if I didn’t have wipers I could stick my head out the window. Do you remove your shoes when you walk in your house? (I’m deeply mystified by those who do).
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