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  1. I visited Pinas Altas NM in the Gila mountains back in the late 80’s (I hope I got those names right). In January, it was 50 during the day, 14 at night. Heavenly. I hope to return someday. A coolfront finally settled in last night, today will be 71 and sunny 😃
  2. Moved in with my then-boyfriend (we married and divorced within two years). I was 20. How often do you buy postage stamps?
  3. A strong unexpected thunderstorm last night (chance for rain was 5%), and another strong one predicted for this afternoon. I’m not complaining about the rain (we’ve had sooo much since April), but having to plan my outdoor planting time around it. I don’t think it’s been broken yet, since the beginning of April we haven’t had three consecutive dry days. The weeds are loving it.
  4. I don’t take benzos much, but I believe you can build up a tolerance to Xanax specifically, more easily as opposed to other benzos (can someone verify this?). Maybe don’t take if it’s not as necessary, like weekends. But I might be wrong.
  5. Not placebo, especially if you’ve never taken it before. Glad it’s helping!
  6. Not really. I do love winter, but I’m really loving the greenery, and planting things, and so far I don’t hate mowing yet. Have you ever been on a trampoline?
  7. Unfortunately, pretty much all scenarios begin with a glass of wine 😂 but putter in the yard, watch a rerun, shop online for cool mixed media art supplies. can you identify trees? (Sadly, I’ve lived here 16 years and have no idea what most of mine are)
  8. Hated to see this question buried under dust. I’m not sure what tips you’re looking for? I’m self-employed, but basically quit working several years ago, now I’m back to working full time more or less. Lol, I don’t work in pajamas! But seriously, this could be a good discussion.
  9. I don’t have links handy, but I take coq10, 200mg. Various reasons, not just heart. Believed to help with depression, and somewhere I had read it could help with vision. I use dr’s best brand, recommended as high absorption.
  10. Weary from an intense day of work, but it was productive so it’s a good kind of tired. Need to run out to the art store in a minute, supposed to start raining again and I’m really sick of it now.
  11. I read them online, and my favorite is zits. I have a 19yo son, so it resonates. Evening routine starts around 5:30. My neighbor comes over after work, and we drink a glass of wine and play with our dogs outside for about 45 minutes. Every night, unless it’s raining heavily. And yep, even throughout the winter. Then I come in, catch the 6:30 national news on tv, maybe watch a little Big Bang theory rerun at 7. Feed the dogs, decide if and what I’ll have for dinner. Do dishes, usually throw in a load of laundry or fold a load, set up the coffeemaker for the morning. It’s usually 8:30 by then, I’ll go to the living room and chat with daughter, check email/news online one more time, then pretty much head to bed. And that’s pretty much every night. What do you do when it’s horribly rainy outside, to pass the time?
  12. Steve Buscemi. I love the roles he gravitates towards. What’s one thing that you would refuse to eat?
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/11/opinion/sunday/generic-drugs-safety.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage
  14. Absolutely not. Do you send Christmas cards every year?
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