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  1. @echolocation , lol, salt, pepper and a fork 😊 and also, my daughter introduced me to burrata, it’s a whole milk mozzarella ball, about the size of a poached egg, and inside is a fresh soft curd, much like ricotta cheese. That, drizzled with olive oil, and tomatoes and fresh basil is mind-numbingly delicious.
  2. Started taking trazodone again. Weirdly, it’s working this time for sleep, and only 50mg. No hangover per se, feel okay when I get up, but I’m having weird bouts of really bad irritation and/or frustration. It comes on suddenly, too, I’ll be feeling okay, then the next minute want to hurl things at the wall. Usually starts late morning, maybe 13-14 hours after taking it. And not every day, but at least half the time. I didn’t have this prior to starting it, so thinking it’s gotta be the cause. Has anyone experienced this? It’s not bad enough to warrant calling pdoc, it was hard enough deciding to go back on a sleep med as it is. But it’s bad enough to sometimes resort to Ativan to calm down.
  3. Still tired and battling irritation, but picked up a good haul at the farmers market, including half a dozen large deep red tomatoes. That helps tremendously.
  4. My first thought was, I can’t believe you still have your tonsils! When I was growing up, it was almost a rite of passage in childhood to have them removed at first infection. Seems I recall now that dr’s avoid that surgery now. Had mine out at 3, vague memory of the hospital curtains and downtown lights. ETA: and duh, I just realized my kids have theirs too. But they never had a problem with them. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. What’s even worse, IMO, is that they recommend you put your cell phone next to the car seat, so you have to be right there by the child to retrieve it. Think about that. People are forgetting their *children*, but hey, let’s find a way to remember them because you wouldn’t forget your cell phone. Extremely sad statement on society. I’m calm but tired today. Very sickened by political headlines. All in all, WTF is this world coming to?...
  6. Well, I did bring it up pretty late in the session, and he had a couple of theories as to why I’m doing it. I think though that in the grand scheme of everything I’ve been through the last few years, this was pretty far down the scale, so maybe that’s why he didn’t take it quite so seriously. If it continues, I’ll bring it up again.
  7. A portion of my peaceable kingdom. And yes, the husky *must* stretch out in the hallway, always the hallway, forcing me to step over him. It gets really fun when halfway through stepping over him he decides to stand up.
  8. I’ve been struggling with the Worst Case Scenario thing lately. It mostly is my brain playing out these ridiculous what-if conversations with people, that leave me irritated or downright angry, and of course the conversations never play out even remotely like what I’m imagining. Talked to tdoc about it, he seemed a bit perplexed, called them loops, and said they were creative (I really hate it when he says that). No real advice though from him, except to just let them play out and not put emotion with them (how, exactly?). They’re not ruining my life, and it’s not everyday, so hopefully it just doesn’t get worse. If it gets me really agitated, I take a half Ativan.
  9. Nice morning, sunny and 79F currently, but humidity will begin rising, and thunderstorms due later this afternoon. Remnants of former hurricane Barry will reach here by Thursday, and now saturday’s forecast is 100F. Thank god I sprung for the second a/c for upstairs.
  10. I started lithium initially years ago because of depression. I have trouble with AD’s, and pdoc wanted to see how it would do. It’s not perfect, but I do think it’s helped control the depths of it. But unless you have very steady types of low cycles, I do also think it’s also kinda like saying “zinc will shorten a cold”... since you don’t know how long the cold’s going to be otherwise, you don’t *really* know that it’s shortened it. Anti-depressive effects might be more subtle. Lithium has the fewest s/e’s of any med I’ve ever tried. And the lovely part is that if a dose is skipped, there’s no withdrawal symptoms. Not that I’ve skipped very much, but some meds are a bitch on wheels.
  11. Near 90F today, but fairly low humidity. Looked at the end of the week forecast, tho, 94F with a heat index of 105.
  12. I’ve never had that happen on CB, but for some reason it happens on CNN, but oddly only occasionally. And when it does, happens repeatedly then disappears for a long while. Aggravating as hell, I have to go to another site to clear it. And yeah, clearing cookies did nothing.
  13. It’ll be 84F, sunny and low humidity today. And a nice weekend forecast, tho I haven’t looked at specifics.
  14. Calm. Anticipated day at home, cleaning for daughter’s visit in a couple of days, with some studio time woven in, but don’t plan to leave the house. Yesterday was the wrap up of our mental health week, youngest had a med check in the a.m., then I had tdoc, then youngest had tdoc. I just do NOT want to get in the car today!
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