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  1. Gear, what happened? I’m just trying to survive the day.
  2. Granted, but you discover there’s no bicycle lanes, and a car runs you over, splat. I wish I could make the day longer.
  3. Granted, but you discover they’re living in the White House, and they’re multiplying. I wish I weren’t afraid of heights.
  4. Granted, but you get alllllll the shedding that comes with it, and your vacuum cleaner blows out and sets the house on fire. I wish I had a maid.
  5. Fedex ground is pretty reasonable. And last time I used it, UPS has a 40% off code if you’re printing the label online, code is “EASY”.
  6. I want the holidays to be over. I want normalcy and routine and quiet, and for bad memories and nightmares to fade. And I haven’t even had Christmas yet, we’re waiting for my oldest and her partner to come in tomorrow, we’ll open gifts probably Sunday. I’m just done.
  7. @Fluent In Silence Well yes, misogynists *are* cunts, but see that just explains my point, in that the word is very derogatory towards women. I don’t see it as being a taboo, rather that the very essence is just about the worst thing (an American) could call a woman. So yes, let’s have more open discussion about vaginas though, that should be able to be uttered by a man without him giggling and blushing. 😊
  8. Mostly dark, but if it’s just a piece of chocolate, nothing added, sometimes milk is a nice change. Honestly, though, I’m not all that into chocolate. If you like beans, what’s your favorite kind?
  9. @DogMan you might need to re-explain the aussie’s use of that word, Americans might take it the wrong way 😬 it’s still on our ever-dwindling list of words you just don’t use.
  10. Both of my two youngest started meds early for ADD (not adhd, no hyperactivity). My son started around second grade, it was vital. When he was taking them, there was a very noticeable improvement, his teacher could instantly tell whether or not he had taken them that day. He just simply wasn’t able to focus without them, and it wasn’t a typical daydreamy type distraction, it was like he simply couldn’t think. That year his teacher also had him use one of those large balls instead of a seat (the other kids thought it was cool), having to balance also helped him focus. It was a hard road though. He hated the way the stimulants made him feel, and non-stimulants didn’t work at all. And all three of my kids are naturally stick thin to begin with, so weight was and still is always an issue. Took a LOT of trials of various meds, and we finally landed on adderall XR being the most tolerated and effective. He’s 19 and still takes it, though not every day. Basically same scene for my daughter, except she was either fifth or sixth grade when she started. Ironically she’s also on adderall XR, and on a higher dose than her brother. She’s 5’, and he’s 6’. Perhaps what might be helpful, with the blessing of their dr, they didn’t take their meds on days they didn’t need to, like weekends, holidays and summers. Of course shorter periods of non-med use worked fine, but over summers I had to wean them back on the meds before school started, because it is quite a jolt. My daughter recently described what her brain is like sans meds, she said it’s like she has 20 thoughts swirling around her head, but she can’t pick one. Anything she reads, or when she drives, she said it’s like there’s 20 options of thought, and she gets stuck. When she takes her adderall, she said she can grab one of those thoughts, and hold onto it. Knowing that’s what she feels like, I can’t NOT have her medicated. It sounds horrible, and frustrating. She’s not allowed to drive unless she’s taken her adderall that morning. Youngest is also on Zoloft for anxiety and depression. She’s been on it for years, and it helps tremendously. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say whether it’s strictly biological (oldest daughter is the same), or whether years of slowly falling apart family life perhaps influenced it. Both of my youngest are intelligent, son scarily so (although he doesn’t have a whole lot of common sense at times 🙄). Seeing what they’re like on non-med days, tho, they would be having a MUCH harder time with life. I knowing it’s scary when you know how delicate their growing and maturing brains are, but if this was a physical illness, instead of mental, would you be hesitating? i know my BP was showing up in my teen years. I wish I had been medicated properly, because I honestly think that’s what drove me to use illicit drugs starting in middle school. It was really about trying to cope, and quiet my head. I’m imagining those drugs were harsher on my brain than prescribed ones would be. Had a really rock bottom depressive crash in my early 20’s that landed me in IP for quite a while. *Maybe* that could’ve been averted with proper care. It’s a tough decision, and it’s hard to find support at times. I’d like to also add, although eating with stimulants on board has been a nightmare, I’ve made sure that what they *do* eat is hopefully the best I can get them to eat. I was careful to avoid dyes, tried to have them eat the least junkiest food possible, limiting sugar, avoiding soda as much as possible (they’re both big water drinkers). It wasn’t and isn’t perfect, but I’m confident that their ADD isn’t the result of a food allergy, as some non-believers would criticize. Sorry, didn’t mean for this to be so long. Happy to answer questions.
  11. Thankful, because @dancesintherain just jogged my memory that I have a script to pick up this afternoon. Thank you, and yay for meds being there!
  12. Can’t stand rye seeds. are you more heat tolerant or cold tolerant?
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