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  1. It’s a hole in the wall Korean place, about 40 minutes away in another town. I was there today, happily brought home bibimbap, fried mandu, and cucumber kimchi. Do you celebrate your birthday... and in any special way?
  2. Screaming baby, hands down. I have three kids, BTDT. Earlier this year, we had a stray kitten literally brought to our door. I (and the vet) could only guess at her age, and she went into her first heat earlier than expected. And of course it started on a Friday night. 24/7 weekend of her yowling, I was ready to strangle her. First thing that Monday was a call to the vet to schedule her spaying! Do you have weekend plans?
  3. I still have the ticket stubs from the late 70’s! Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath (Van Halen opened for them that year, they ROCKED, BS got booed off the stage for equipment failure), KISS, bad company, Boston, etc. so, if you attend concerts, what’s the biggest name you’ve seen?
  4. My cattle dog used to bring me, erm, half rabbits. I was always gifted the back half.
  5. Brave the wet. I find umbrellas massively annoying, and get soaked anyway trying to close it and get in the car, or close it while I’m in the car with the door open, and either way I’m fuming. I won’t melt 😂 do you ever collect found objects, like feathers, shells, cicada shells or such?
  6. I totally understand your point, and it’s valid. I’ve never had a dire physical illness, so couldn’t say how I’d react, however, it just really sucks that MI can’t be as straightforward. We all know how people would react if we said “I’m depressed, severely depressed, and I might not live”. There would likely not be an outpouring of sympathy, there more likely would be uncomfortable silence. In a perfect world, there *shouldn’t* be a difference, but there is. It just sucks, is all I’m saying. I’m sorry this happened, BB.
  7. No. Cheese is an important part of my life. Do you like white chocolate?
  8. Yep! Marsupials, I’ve never particularly been fond of amphibians (but newts and salamanders are cute). Do you believe there’s something stored at Area 51?
  9. Everyone has different sleep needs. While sleep is certainly crucial for BP folks, I’m not sure I’d call it “normal” for BP/OCD... normal is whatever your body and mind call for. My sleep needs have varied throughout my life. I’m 56 now, and if I get a good 6 hours, I’m feeling energetic as hell. Often don’t get that, tho, but I still can have a regular-ish type energy to get me through the day. I have an 8 lb chihuahua that apparently doesn’t have a big enough bladder to last through the night sometimes, and have to wake up at 2am to let her out. Sometimes I fall right back asleep, sometimes it’s just a twilight type sleep, sometimes I’m up for the day. Thankfully that’s just sometimes, maybe once a week now. What’s harder on me is when I can’t *get* to sleep, those first cycles are more important to me. Waking earlier doesn’t mess with me as much. is it possible to have your spouse tend to your son, and tell your son not to wake you? (I don’t know how old he is).
  10. Thanks, CRH, I’m searching now for a GYN on my plan. Hoping that’s the cause, because that’s easily curable.
  11. So I’m *somewhere* in the menopause range. Cycles stopped two years ago, but no other common symptoms. However, last night barely slept, I had the sensation of bugs crawling on me all night. Very weird. It appears that it could be a symptom of menopause, as the skin is drying? The weird thing is, my skin doesn’t seem dry, I use lotion every day, and my face still gets oily. Wtf, has anyone experienced this? Dr. Google also offered that it could be a paranoid delusion. That’s reassuring. Making a GYN appt today. And great, exhaustion is going to wreck a much-needed day of productivity.
  12. More dance than music, but this is amazing.
  13. Don’t know how I missed this earlier. Have 17yo and 32yo daughters, and a 19yo son. I vote for having a serious discussion with her, and trying to get her to see the ramifications of publicly posting something like that. One thing that worries me about social media is that it can live forever on the internet. I don’t think kids really think that through when they post some eyebrow-raising stuff. Since there’s such a huge age gap in my kids, it really has been that I’ve raised my oldest in a completely different time, socially, and I can see the vast shift in perceptions with kids that are growing up with it now. It’s just not a big deal to them now. I hate to think how that might haunt them someday. I guess maybe future problems with these type of posts worries me more than present day perceptions, but that’s worrisome on its own too. Sorry, I feel like I’m struggling to make sense, I’m not feeling well today, my mind is mush. Bottom line I’m trying to say, keep the channel of communication open, definitely. Do talk with her. Forcing her to take it down would likely create a backlash from her, and that’s the last thing you’d want at this age. It’s a fucking mammoth job raising kids in today’s world.
  14. Coldfront pushing through today. High will be 69F, maybe, might not reach that, YAY. Currently lightly raining. Turns warm again, but probably not much longer.
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