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  1. It’s a beast. Hang in there. Head’s a bit swirly right now. Leaving this afternoon for a several day art workshop. I’m excited, but this is severely out of my comfort zone. It’s small (12 people), and I’ll only be a couple hours away in case of emergency (kids have been warned not to do anything stupid). Just being in a social setting for a few hours really depletes me, and this’ll be 24/7, I have my own room, but sleep might be nearly non-existant. Hoping it won’t warp factor 9 me into a mood cycle.
  2. Yep, coldfront is blowing through right now. 20F overnight tonight. Heard a snowplow at 4am, wtF, it was only raining and in the 40’s. I thought my porch roof was collapsing, it was so loud.
  3. Rabbit37

    Targeted ads on CB

    “Mismanaging retirement withdrawals”. omg, am I THAT BORING?????
  4. Overwhelmed. Multiple things crashing down on me. Each one on its own would be manageable, but altogether, my head is exploding. Leaving for a four day art workshop next week, hoping the break will do me good.
  5. Cold front is arriving today, with lots of rain (yay!). Tomorrow night will be 23F. Kinda wish we would be getting snow, but still lots of dying leaves on the trees, so it’s best we’re not.
  6. Deeply frustrated, would like to smash something. Have been continuously working on an idea for a project, thought I had it nailed. After 6 solid hours of work today, it all ended up in the trash.
  7. Hey, good to see you again! Yeah, crazy never really takes a break, does it? Hope you can beat the rat bastard soon enough.
  8. @Gearhead my pup was Texas cattle dog, but really close to blue heeler type. I love Joe so much!
  9. After a brutal coldfront moved through (badass thunderstorm) last night, high today 47, and down to 30 tonight. Yes, woohoo, fall!
  10. He is seriously not a morning dog 😂
  11. I slept last night!!! (I’ll pause here for the applause to subside). Have tdoc today, however, so that’s going to burst my balloon.
  12. A banner about retirement, and an ad about “unblush”, a night about female desire. Probably because I bought face cream from amazon? Oops, forgot to ask question. What’s your worst/weirdest junk food craving?
  13. I don’t even own a watch. Which part of me feels a bit sad about, but other things occupy my mind. Do you sort clothes for laundry, or just dump it all in and let the clothes fend for themselves?
  14. Hi! Your CB family is still here. Hope you can find things to fill your day.
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