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  1. Echo, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve buried many pets, and it is indeed hard. I’m very much in favor of planting something over his burial site... may I suggest something hardy, and a perennial so that you can see new life spring from it every year as the earth warms. Take greatest care.
  2. Absolutely not a stupid question, but I doubt there’s enough public feedback yet to provide any clue as to how it might affect you mentally. I agree, I went to a mass vaccination site, very dystopian but yet oddly surreal because everyone was so happy. Psych meds have always affected me weirdly, giving me bizarre s/e’s, and the Pfizer vaccines I swear had cocaine in them. I was bouncing off the walls for about the first 24 hours for each. I’m wondering tho if it was a simple reaction to a sudden and greatly lessened anxiety... and maybe yours was a “crashing” from a horribly stressful year? No such thing as an incorrect experience. Man, we’re all just trying to survive at this point. I’m glad you feel fine now!
  3. I so feel this. I want everything I create to be perfect, but believe me, it’s not. And perfectionism is boring. Try to focus on just the actual act of creating. That’s what my work is about, and you’ve seen it. I try to do my best every time, but the joy for me is being in the midst of creating. I’ve currently got an expert in my field laying down heavy constructive criticism on design, but I finally exploded and said no, I work by plunging into things, not tedious constant thumbnails. Sorry, that’s rambling, but basically just enjoy the act, and forgive the result ❤️
  4. I’ve had trigger thumb... I say “had” because it’s disappeared. Very weird, it’s like my thumb would dislocate at the base joint, I would have to pop it back in. NSAIDs helped tremendously, basically ibuprofen. I’m not saying this is a cure, but I really increased fresh ginger in my diet, and I take CoQ10 daily, and the trigger thumb hasn’t come back, it’s been a year and a half maybe?
  5. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I hope there’s something that can be done to make Beau comfortable and extend your time with him. I’ve lost two senior dogs in the last two years. One was a slow two year decline, and the other was sudden in a matter of hours. Neither is worse or better, it’s just damn painful either way. Thinking of you two.
  6. I basically know nothing about my current tdoc, and that’s absolutely fine. This isn’t a friendship, or a relationship... I’m there for him to help me, that’s it. I’ve seen him for more than a decade, at this point I feel comfortable talking about anything. I would honestly feel rude and prying asking him about anything personal, he clearly isn’t willing to share. I do know he likes to collect special artsy things (don’t really want to give details) because they’re in his office.
  7. Not buy toilet paper for the three of us was not an option... being able to FIND toilet paper was apparently not an option either. Finally was able to score a case of janitorial 1-ply rolls that are about 12” in diameter. I decided not to spring for the giant gray plastic toilet paper holder to house it, and they’re not perforated, so this has been humbling.
  8. Happened to me. I was taking 300-400mg for years to quiet my head. The heart pounding is what made me drop it, it would start about 1-1.5 hours after I took it at night. It wasn’t a sudden overnight change, but I started noticing it over a period of weeks become more and more regular. My pdoc swears he had never heard of this issue, but I’ve seen it raised before here with members.
  9. I’ve had three sessions already, using the doxy.me also, with my iPad. The first time I was sitting in my bedroom, which is the quietest corner of the house, but the last two times I needed to talk openly without my adult kids overheating anything, so I sat in my car. Worked fine, except I have to pause if an ambulance goes by, and where I park is on a common emergency route. He laughed. I’m getting used to it, tho I don’t like it. Someone mentioned wearing readers... my tdoc always wears glasses, but now I have to wear readers to focus on the screen, don’t know if he finds that strange.
  10. I’ve been with my tdoc for way many years. Had to one point discuss some very negative sexual stuff. Starting it was difficult, but he showed absolutely no emotions out of the ordinary, we may as well have been discussing the weather. So, it became more comfortable. I doubt your tdoc would be surprised, or would react really in any way, but I know breaking through that glass wall is hard. Maybe start with “I need to talk about something but I’m embarrassed”, he can sort of take the lead on how you talk about it? Good luck. ETA: tdoc is roughly my age, maybe a tad older (I’m 57). Don’t think I would *ever* bring up sex with pdoc, he’s very British-like in his manners.
  11. Standing freezers are awesome. I’m now, however, trying to find a replacement seal, and they’re fucking expensive! I have a kenmore, but they apparently don’t sell the seals, this was a cheapie model for was less than $300. if you have the inclination, I’ve been using the foodsaver vacuum sealer for a decade at least now. Zero freezer burn, if it’s sealed properly. And what I like most is being able to plop a frozen chunk of meat into a bowl of hot water to thaw, and it’s safe from getting waterlogged. And quick. the downside is of course the price of the bags. I use the cut-your-own rolls, but I’ve learned to really consider whether something will be frozen longer term, or if it’s worth the price of the bag. And I don’t think they would work with racks of ribs @chem 😂
  12. Just read that the governor of Georgia issued the stay at home order... and reopened a popular tourist beach. Town has to comply. I’m so infuriated I can barely think straight. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/04/us/tybee-island-georgia-beaches-open/index.html
  13. I had honestly wondered about the Amish, because they’re all over the place where I live. Guess they’ll find out soon when Walmart implements the x-number of customers only allowed at one time.
  14. Going to a dinner would be exceedingly unwise. And illegal, in my state. Very few states that aren’t under strict stay at home orders.
  15. Both. Any. All dogs, no matter what. They rock. No matter the hemisphere, are you ready for the seasonal change?
  16. Hi Anna, good to hear from you, although so sorry to hear about the house. That’s awful. Good luck with it! (I remember you, but don’t think we crossed paths much)
  17. I don’t know if this will work for you, but it had tears in my eyes several times... being barraged by bad news constantly can make you numb, I hope this helps. Good stuff, for a change. https://www.boredpanda.com/faith-in-humanity-restored-wholesome-happy-random-acts-of-kindness/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=BPFacebook&fbclid=IwAR2gKCxP6pp7s34eAgaqVGL5qYWxfCkV3rx1QTI3o6pqMKOyapIBMRVP-d4
  18. I’m fine with remembering my normal meds, because I take them with my nighttime routine. Do you have a regular something you can associate with it, like brushing your teeth, or coffee? If I on the rare occasion have to take something else, like an antibiotic, I keep a small notepad next to it. Just write the day (even abbreviate it) and make an x or check next to it when you take it. Especially helpful if you take something multiple times a day. You can instantly see how many x’s you’ve made for that day.
  19. Omg, LFA, you’ve been through SO much, I’m thrilled to hear your life is looking up! That’s awesome!
  20. That’s harsh. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. Thoughts are with you.
  21. Granted! But now you have time tick-tick-tickin’ in your head now. Nonstop. I wish I could keep my houseplants more alive.
  22. Gear, what happened? I’m just trying to survive the day.
  23. Granted, but you discover there’s no bicycle lanes, and a car runs you over, splat. I wish I could make the day longer.
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