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  1. Well I'm not really good with introductions so here goes... My name is Andre, a 16 year old living in Australia. I haven't been diagnosed yet with anything as I've yet to tell anyone but my friends about my problems. I have been at points where I have self harmed but I've been trying to stop and have been 37 days without doing anything. I have a tumblr page where I post a lot of my thoughts and keep track of myself. My friends also convinced me to see the school councilor. This hasn't really worked out as the first thing she told me was that if I told her anything that was putting me in danger (such as my suicidal thoughts, self harm, voices, etc) she would be forced to tell my parents; obviously I still have yet to tell her anything as I don't want them to find out. Other things that I guess I could add is that I paint and draw and love music. Any Prince fans around ?
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