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  1. Thanks Will, we are going to look into that. I think NAMI is a pretty good organization, and so does my mom. The only issue remaining is the group thing, for my antisocial non-American husband. But I think at this point he'd be willing to try it. Thanks for everyone's help and I'll see you elsewhere on the boards.
  2. I have tried taking him to see both my former pdoc and tdoc, with not much luck. He doesnt like authority figures, and in his country the MI are treated w/ much more compassion it seems (unless they are violent). I didnt mean to insult anyone especially those whove been through trauma (my mom is an adult child of an abusive alcoholic and has MDD and PTSD) so I know how that is. Thanks for listening, and I'm not going to do anything stupid (not intentionally, at least). xoxo everyone I have a new pdoc now who is muslim like him so that helps, and a new tdoc, who I plan to bring him to see in a few sessions more - she's just trying to wrap her head around me, the poor dear , but I do really like her and think she will be helpful.
  3. my dx is bp II with anxiety. i also like to drink more than i should, which works ok sometimes to calm me down, but not recently, and i know it doesnt mix w/ certain meds, so i stop when im really nuts on the manic side (like now). the depressions arent that bad. and there is a seasonal component too. i know its bad that i drink, ive had that lecture before and been to aa more times than i care to remember as well as a rehab where there was zero psych treatment and anxiety meds werent allowed, so i went REALLY nuts there... i know my main issue is BP II, has been for many years, officially for approx 10 years, before that i had a few depressions. i dont think im borderline, but i can see myself acting like a drama queen due to codependency with my husband, so maybe im becoming that way. no insult meant, but i have 2 friends who are borderline due to abadonment and poor self esteem and i never thought of myself that way, but now that im trying to really get rid of the alcohol and im not working, im feeling borderline. i need sometthing to do other than worry about everyone and everything and try to prove how screwed up i feel to my parents and husband.
  4. Well it's not my first time my ridiculous self has been to crazy meds, but the account got deleted, servers got upgraded, and i got married almost 2 years ago to a man i really love from a different country and of a different religion, after a bunch of other guys I was smart enough not to marry (thank god i have some rational thought left). This is probably the worst I've ever been because I'm not working so I have nothing to do, and I actually care about that fact now that I'm not in my 20's. I know I'm not on enough Lithium yet (had to change from Lamictal which stopped working due to really horrible stress at work and with my family, after that I was on Trileptal which worked pretty well except for the tingling in my fingers and toes and the swapping of words). I'm still under massive personal stress due to family and pending litigation that I'm trying to avoid pursing. Fun times. Trying not to be a drama queen, trying to hold it together ajd it's not fun. Cant even locate my anxiety meds, so taking my emergency med Haldol and trying to pass out, waiting for that to happen I hope. Here I am, my fellow crazies. Nobody else seems to get it, including my husband who I love, but I wish would just go away if he isnt going to get it and acknowledge that he needs to change to help me by working a normal schedule and being a bit understanding that I have a real disease. Trying not to become Borderline on top of the Bipolar, trying not to become Bipolar I and have to check myself into the hospital again and wait 3 days to get a bed, but losing my patience beforehand b/c I'm surrounded by crackheads talking to themselves who really need detox. Wishing my husband would get the picture that this is not something I'm making up because I find it fun and entertaining. Here I am, sorry for the rant, but hey thats what us crazy bipolar women do isnt it? Poor men who seem to love us. OK thats enough for now, going to try again to sleep...
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