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  1. I never used to do "drugs" as a teenager but After starting to smoke cigarettes(im now in my 20's) I started to drink alcohol A LOT, now I feel the urge to try a joint or to *try* ecstasy. I know I shouldn't coz of my schizoprenia but hell its tempting!! Cigarettes in my opinion would be the gateway drug for me.
  2. So whether or not my *family friend* kept it to himself or not it's ' inevitable ' people are gonna find out about my schizophrenia and suicide attempt... "Anyway"? Is that right? I'm gonna have to tell people.... "Anyway"? No sir, I keep my schizophrenia and suicide attempt to myself., thats my choice. So really they are not just gonna find out "anyway." Well, he had the choice to tell people or not. Really no one forced him? The only child here is the *person* who maliciously spreads gossip about someone elses suicide attempt. Yes my future partner will find out from me about my suicide attempt, depression, schizoprenia at MY time, not from gossip(too late).
  3. Are you for real? There are several flaws in which you sided with this "family friend"... 1: Yes agreed my future partner will have to find out about my suicide attempt anyway BUT why not from me, where she can get the real true story, Instead of from gossip which may be exaggerated and twisted, where she might have to believe the gossip or ME? Her parents? HELLO?? 2. Wouldnt it be best for *her* to know as the relationship is going, as to BEFORE. I come across as an unstable whack job otherwise? Again "may"... 3. People gossiping about someone who tried to kill themselves? It will put some people off, yes not all. Again are you for real?
  4. XR has wiped out my psychoses. Somehow different? Try A LOT different? The immediate release just left me with in bed with heart palpitations. There is more to this than just a "slow release"...
  5. As if the XR is a whole different drug all together?? I can't even compare them? The XR reminds me of Zyprexa without the weight gain?
  6. When I took 800 of the XR at night, I would feel groggy after I wake up till midday. I found the XRs sedation was not really a problem after the first 3 months. The restless legs I got on the immediate release disappeared when I switch to the XR. Sedation wise? The XR is A LOT LESS compared to the original.
  7. Judges you suck. Adrian bayley who just raped and murdered ANOTHER innocent girl is out on bail or whatever. This is his like 5th victim. Why oh why isnt he locked up for life? This is ridiculous... Evidence. Confession. Dead girl. Are we missing something here??? Is our society getting worse? If this happened 100 years ago in some places he WOULD of been stoned to death, hanged, tortured and put on the stick to burn and then go to hell...
  8. Fuck them. They got frustrated coz they might think they are wasting their time with a road that is going nowhere. So they suggested something? Welcome to the western world. Thinner is better right? Probably just a jackass comment to make him feel better coz he was having a bad day.
  9. You didnt get results after 2 months at crossfit? So the trainers might be disappointed with " themselves " coz they may feel as if they have failed to do their job? You ever see it that way?
  10. I have been on mirtazapine for 4 months. I eat like a pig and the sleep is GREAT but for the last month or so I feel MORE anxious and I started to isolate myself again . Should I give it more time? Im on 30mg.
  11. Both are true. We are going around in circles, this has been repeated over and over(on these boards) to point where we know more about TD than the doctors do. Again can we PLZ put a PINNED THREAD about TD?? There we can finally put this to rest?
  12. About TD: http://www.nami.org/Template.cfm?Section=Schizophrenia&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=10569
  13. All I can remember: I had to take more cogentin than I did haloperidol. Also I would mumble everything. Melleril was discontinued at least where I live. Also I do NOT like this "Glorifying" of typical antipsychotics on the internet. They have been around for over half a century and have a risk of TD at 5% per year. TD is almost inevitable IF taken long enough.. Typicals work by "Blocking everything". They only work on dopamine. Atypicals are a lot more "Selective" at what receptors are blocked. They work on dopamine AND serotonin. Go figure which is more effective.
  14. HATE IT. First time: Was a complete sugar pill. Second time:.Had nasty akathisia after 2 days, then ended up in hospital coz it did NOT work for my psychoses. It took 7 days after stopping it for the akathisia to disappear. What I heard about abilify: Weight gain to Zyprexa is like restlessness to Abilify...
  15. I was on an old depot called Fluanxol. The akathisia was unbearable but it took 3 MONTHS off the depot for the akathisia to be non existant...
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