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  1. I see the Gyno again this week to discuss the Mirena. I get a few good days with the lamictal and then a few low days. Would love it if this would even out to mostly good days. I'm not diagnosed bipolar, just MDD/anxiety spending most of my time on the low end. Keeping myself busy and my mind occupied helps. Thanks for the comments and support:)
  2. I'm feeling a bit more stable the past two days so hopefully the 150 is starting to do the trick. I also have terrible PMS which existed last week and half if the week before. Gyno recommends mirena. Any thoughts?
  3. I've finally gotten to 150mg of lamictal been on it 3 days now. The titration took 3 months. I honestly don't know how I feel. It's not good it's not terrible. This is add on treatment to remeron for unipolar depression. I have anxiety and I worry about how I feel more than the usual person and that can downward spiral into panic. I've had some episodes of crying, feel upset at myself for not being able to tolerate more with my kids, seem to be easily irritated. None of that is new since lamictal. Before the lamictal and 45 of remeron I was literally curled up on the couch afraid of the next day or what I was thinking. I could barely work or take care of my family. I even checked myself into inpatient because it was so unbearable. Now I work full time and can manage things but still have some fear of how I feel or if its ok or am I getting worse or is this the drug for me or will it make me batshit crazy. I take lorazepam around 1-2mg a day to handle panicy symptoms. My Pdoc says ill feel less anxiety as I get steady on the 150 of lamictal dose. I hope so but Im but sure. Right now my brain feels wierd and I dont know what to think. Mental illness is so awful to have to manage day to day. I feel overwhelmed when I think I have to live my whole life battling this disease. I know I have to do it and get through one day at a time and ill be ok. It's just hard sometimes.
  4. I am thankful I'm only taking it as an add on for unipolar depression. Hope you find something that works!
  5. Well I am having a few low days so its defiantly a roller coaster getting to a therapeutic dose I guess. I'm at 62.5mg now. Hoping better days are around the corner.
  6. I'm at 50mg, have been titrating up slooooowwwwly staying at one dose for 2 weeks and increasing by 12.5mg increments. Even at this dose I am experiencing way less "low" periods and have found myself laughing at times. I think I will work my way up to 75mg and hold there and see what happens. No rash thank God. I'm also on 45mg mirtazapine and 1mg Ativan daily to stave off the panic/anxiety. My PDoc is happy with my progress. I never thought I would be on so many psych meds. But they are working and I am thankful.
  7. Still feel it once in a while but now I have an awful cough but you are right I can relate everything to MI or meds somehow.
  8. Thanks for everyone's input. I guess I need to accept that I will be using the Ativan more during this time. I just hope I can get off of them when the time comes. *as I take my nightly cocktail of phych meds...ugh*
  9. I just hate this whole "dependent on meds to make me feel normal" thing. Sometimes I really beat myself up over it, and it doesn't help when you see other people living life seemingly without any issues. I'm so tired of waking up every day worried about how I might feel today, like I have no control of it. I have been trying to stay in the present moment and that helps, I get overwhelmed when I start worring about living like this my whole life. So one day at a time I guess. Boy I really hope this lamictal ends up working, I see the posts of people trying to wean off and that doesn't look enjoyable.
  10. For starters, I have anxiety, I've had it for years along with panic, benzos and remeron have helped. I then went through a very scary and depressed period and the doc suggests lamictal. I really didn't want to take it. I upped my remeron at the same time to 45mg and I started lamictal at 12.5 mg and within 4 days I felt better- the depression was better. Now I have been on 25mg of lamictal for over a week and I am starting to need more benzos and I am very anxious. I went from only taking 0.5mg Ativan a day to 1mg sometimes 1.5mg. Plus I am anxious of the possible side effects of lamictal. I don't know if it is right for me. Has anyone else gone through this anxiety titrating up on lamictal?
  11. Sounds weird right? I am titrating up on lamictal. Have been at 25 for a week. I started at 12.5. For the last 5 days I have felt like someone is pressing on the bridge of my nose- on the left side. Sometimes the skin twitches there. No rash, no fever. Could this be related to lamictal. It's bugging me out but if course I'm paranoid!
  12. I'm glad to see that lamictal is helping some people. I don't have hypomania- sometimes I wish I knew what that felt like- just very depressed lows and anxiety. How long did it take for you all to see the effects of the drug?
  13. Right, I kinda felt like he was telling me - this is our best option and I'm sticking by it. It's my underlying anxiety that screws with me. I am a "what if" thinker and never the "what if this works and I feel better". But I am going to give it a go. I'm going to start on the smallest dose I can cut that pill down to and slooooowwwwly titrate up. Hoping I am making the right decision, because this pit of dispair sucks right now.
  14. I have no desire to exercise at the current moment I have felt so sluggish it's hard to find motivation and time. I know I need to work on that. Ugh. Also I wish I could find a good therapist I have tried a few with no luck. Might have to look into that again. I feel like I am at the bottom of this huge mountain that I have know idea how to climb. I see people at the top and they are well. I just want to get there.
  15. The Pdoc is trying this because I can't tolerate SSRIs- they send me into a full panic. He says he is 99% sure this will work for me depression and subsequently help the anxiety if I'm not depressed. He would not put me on anything else, I begged, because lamictal really scares me. So I'm hoping he is right.
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