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  1. I recently had an episode where I believed I had a spiritual purpose here on earth. I have dealt with depression in the past, but never anything like this. I ended up hospitalized twice within a month. I was never hospitalized for mental illness before nor did I deal with anything this extreme. They called this Acute Stress Disorder. Did you have a period of significant stress before this started? I advise you to be very careful. I lost my child, home and gave away many possessions as I believed I no longer needed them. You need to seek help before things get to out of control. The results of my experience have been some of the most detrimental in my life.
  2. I recently was determined to be disabled. I will start receiving my checks soon. I just received a letter from SSA stating they would be taking child support out of my checks. I live in PA. Is there anyway around this? I was under the assumption from other people they would not consider my SSDI as part of my income.
  3. I was recently determined to be disabled due to mental illness. I have about $60,000 in debt. The largest majority is student loans. The next highest number is back taxes. I need to claim bankruptcy as I can not make these payments against my income from SSDI. Has anyone gone through this process?
  4. I recently found this thread and site from a google search. I decided to join the site. I have gone through similar issues in my own life. I am diagnosed as major depressive but I may actually be bipolar. I was identified as gifted in elementary school as well. I have had a career as an engineer and been interviewed and published at international level. I have never been able to keep it together long enough to reap the rewards of the hard work. Grandiosity, fantasy and ego were the things that held me back. I am now in my early thirties and recently have been declared disabled (receiving SSDI). I am in immensely in debt; lost my kid, home and many possessions due to a nervous breakdown. My point here is that raw talent does not equate to success. I have been struggling with this for a long time. Success is about the whole the package. It is about the hard work and more importantly the discipline. I think it takes more discipline to succeed if you suffer from a mental illness than if you were a person without such an affliction. I am now seeing that my journey is as much about dealing with mental illness as it is about a successful career. Being "gifted" is exactly that, a gift. Having a gift of talent in no way entitles you to success. Considering all the talent and intelligence that you have, apply it to overcoming you illness.
  5. Just a test for a newbie. The time inaccurate on posts.
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