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  1. I'm leaving the chat.  if you get that link, will you leave it for me?

  2. I take 4mg a day of klonopin, at least 24mg a day of zanaflex, at least 2400mg of gabapentin +others and my doctor doesn't want me to drive without it. I definitely suggest you consult your doctor.
  3. ok, thank you. I didn't start this. It was started by others to assist me. I will let them know.
  4. @Wooster you know what your assistance animal does... or so you think till they are gone. Another CB member is here at my home at the moment. I have had a horrible time functioning and yesterday finally ended up having some kind of neuro episode. If it were not for the love and support of CB I don't want to think about where I would have been or what would have happened. CB has really helped me thru this and I am so eternally grateful and I owe you all so much love and kindness.
  5. Your positive thoughts help greatly. I had no idea how much he did for me. Now I find myself trying to keep myself together alone. I am gathering steam slowly and people around me are offering to help with physical things like repairing the yard which was damaged by the same tree that smashed my truck. I will be ok eventually. I just need to take things very slow until the pieces fall into place. Thank you who have donated and who have voiced support. Thank all of crazyboards, I love you, you have helped me greatly for several years.
  6. My therapy/assistance animal "Bubba" passed away a few days ago. I am currently a total wreck. not over his loss. I have lost many animals over my lifetime. He did things for me that no other animal ever has. He woke me up in the morning because alarm clocks don't work any more. He got me to take my meds when I was not acting "right" he brought be out of mild seizures and had his way of letting me know if one was coming so I could take something to prevent it. He would sit on you if you had anxiety. That said, I rescued an assistance dog from a drug dealer a couple years ago and she has been running wild on a farm. In order for her to get the vet care, licensing and equipment she needs it is going to cost me a lot of money I don't have. I have a gofundme set up and controlled by someone else so the money cannot be spent wastefully. If not for me, do it for the dog. she is a 45Lb blue heeler and she loves to help humans. Here is the gofundme http://www.gofundme.com/forjimmy1 if you rather use paypal directly or square please send me a PM Thank you so much for just reading this even if you cannot donate anything. Edit to post: Link has been fixed. Thank you for notifying me that it was not working.
  7. I currently have the ability to make another anonymous donation. Would it make chat here as reliable as it is on other sites?
  8. maybe it's time to think about an easily activated backup chat. I'd toss in $10 on it.
  9. I have known two people well who committed suicide. They only exhibited a couple of the "signs" listed beforehand. However, they both had long term terminal illnesses. They both expected multiple surgeries and a lot of pain.
  10. Hello, I am Jimmy. I have been reading the board for far more than a year. I am a bit afraid to post due to bad experiences. I have been in the chat and found it awesomee!! Maybe with some more good experiences here I can work on those things. My Dx have chaged over the years. The current ones are fairly accurate. Aspergergrers Spectrum Disorder NOS, PTSD, Head Trauma NOS (with siezures), Social Anxiety Disorder, Fibromyalgia There are others I am told are either cured or gone due to trauma or recovery, not that I believe that.
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