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  3. What needs not to happen however is profanity coming from anyone.
  4. ok to vap, indigo, pillpopper and who ever else wants to say I am blowing smoke out of my ass. Read this abstract, ( a synopsis of a research article) http://neuro.psychiatryonline.org/article.aspx?articleid=103202 And again , this thread is for Andrea! Please Andrea ask your Psychiatrist.
  5. shaking head, its no use andrea talk to your psych doc, the results will be less confusing than you have gotten here. Sorry your first post turned into something like this.
  6. This is a mental health board, be constructive and nice. Don't say mean things.

  7. vsp and inmate, and I don't care if it is a name or a title, you guys are being really rude. This girl andrea is asking opinions period. wow, I think both of you need to learn to think before you make such rude comments. Anyway this is about Andrea not you guys. Like I said, just one girls opinion. Vap its amitriptyline. This thread has become ridiculus, it is about Andrea no one else.
  8. oh and inmate, I am smart enough to know that percocet is a pain reliver. I know that it is not used as an anti depressent. Another example Amitriptyline in lower doses is used for pain and higher doses is used as an anti depressant. Hence my logic which is a hypothesis that all on this topic are using..No concrete evidence, just giving the person who started this thread some ideas. If you see I did tell her to talk to her doc about it.
  9. I don't know how to put a quote up that someone else has put up so I will just post again. To inmate, my logic. anti depressents decrease the depresseion. Docs now know do not give anti depressants to bi polar as it may make us feel so much better then we escalate into mania. So my logic pain meds decrease pain also making you feel better, therefore possiblity of increasing possiblity of mania. Just one girls opinion it certainly doesn't have to be yours.
  10. also I would make sure the doc knows your Mania is out of control and about to drive you out of your skull. You do not have to feel this way.
  11. Hi Andrea, this is my take. So you haven't been on Lamictal very long. It is a mood stabilizer. Percocet a pain reliever. If you are not supposed to be on anti depressants because if you do it may allow you to become manic then Percocet may do the same thing. Anyway i was on cymbalta for depression and then was finally taken off it because it could cause the mania to break thru. I feel this may be the problem. Call your psychiatrist tho and ask. I only play a dr on tv.
  12. We have to remember that we are the customer. Lots of times we feel we are wasting there time but remember they are lauging al the way to the bank.. Write questions down and just be brave and ask the questions. Don't say you are better just to make him/her happy. You are only hurting yourself. If the doc seems put out then get a new one.. Take up for yourself, you owe it to yourself not them.
  13. Thanks Olga! Always nice to meet new and nice people love it that you take pictures of food. I will l have to take a pic of me putting a stouffers lasangna in the stove. ::
  14. Beautiful! I love tatoos, my husband doesn't so I can't get one. I would get something cool on my ankle. I always say a bony prominece so it will look the same when I get older lol.
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