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  1. How long does it last? I had been getting along w/ppl all day until tara dactyl misunderstood me in one sentencce. I was trying to lighten mood with jokes. Okay so I would like another chance. Chem and i talked prev. Now BANNED??? omg I am confused. Please let it slide.. what is crossing the line with humor??? I don't even really know... ? Help me mods...?
  2. No, I don't feel it will complicate anything.. No one will even talk to me right now I can feel the repel I am giving off. I don't mean to argue the point, but I feel like I either need to say something to my dad or self injure by drinking. And I can't say anything to him. He'll get his karma back!!!!!!!!
  3. Strongvoice1, nice to hear someone else saying that about alcohol I drink the exact same way amt you do and feel like a freak I was never this bad before. However, it is now taking me almost 3 days to recover completely. I have never gone, I think it would make me wanna drink more. Like right now I am fighting the urge to drink and I am losing...!
  4. Fuuuuuck!!! I am so ready to fight/angry/mad. I think I am having withdrawals from alcohol or something. I was fine until I talked to my dad earlier, he is a major D***. I feel trapped I wanna go off on him I am trying not to take it out on anyone. I am fighting the urge to drink so bad right now. Again I was fine in a very relaxed mood before I talked to him... Someone just answer
  5. Oh yes , I have one. I forgot about that. However, I am mulitfaceted I hate to create two different personnas.. that's why I quit using that old one. I guess if it gets real bad I will go back to that one.
  6. I'm losing my fucking mind!!

    1. Red Rainbow

      Red Rainbow

      FTS!!!!!!!!!!!   ALCOHOL  HERE I COME!!!!!!!

  7. Moody af!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Not that I have huge followings, But I cannot seem to stop leaking my anger and issues out on twitter or whatever. Now the group of followers I have are gonna be like 'oh shit, who is this person'. LOL its not funny but it's pissing me off I feel like I need to lose it again.. It helps to do it in public and not hide it in secret. So I am not sure what to do one day I'll be great with all my animal activist posts or just funny stuff. Now I am writing angry tweets, tweeting ignorant shit to others. Half the time I delete them but not sure I should put on a show of fake right now. I don't want people to think I'm 'crazy'!! I have decent followers. What to do, what to do.. sounds trivial, but it's a deeper issue.
  9. Sometimes if you know to much about people's 'dirt' they will see you as a threat. I can see what he/she is saying about that.
  10. **Warning ignorant rant** My family is fucked the hell up!!!!! They are the psycho people, now I really just fucking realize this. They are sick fucks! Everytime I talk to one of them I feel like fucking hurting myself. They are abusive, repulsive motherfuckers who use others as a scapegoat! I really have not felt this discusting feeling in a long time, of course I have not talked to them much, but I feel like I need dish there shit back because they are so fucking rude. They have mentality of rocks and dirt so they deserve it anyway. I guess way to sensitive to abuse because of them. They are rancid evil fuckers who are going to hate themselves when they actually have to look at their own shit someday! NOT MY DAMN PROBLEM. If I stand up for myself or tell them what I think they all just get together and gang up on me, cannot take the crap they do themselves. Anytime you are abused verbally or any other way that shit sticks on you until you throw it back on them My dad is one sick fuck!
  11. Not sure where to post this: Okay so I have called this crisis line in the city I live in a couple times throughout the past couple of years. EVerytime I talk to someone there, they are condescending and rude. You start to talk and they say "how may I help" you. The tone of these workers is crass and rude. I cannot in my heart open up about what I'm going through when the person on the other end just seems burdened while they are filing there nails. Who runs this place? While other lines I've called have been wonderful w/a few lacking. This is the worst one yet. However, this place is being pushed bigger than any other line. I'm pissed at how I've been treated on this line God forbid those who are truly calling who are suicidal and end up on the line with one of these arrogant workers. This is not just a one time thing, it's been a trend. Plus fyi IT IS NOT confidential. They just don't tell you that whatever agencies they are affiliated with get all the info on you. This line is a huge push for this city and someone needs to do something. Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this..... or is just me? I truly believe something needs to be done about this. The name of the line is BHR.. if anyone has experienced this let me know.
  12. Hi, I go into the chat room and people are in there but I am the only one talking no one else. This is highly unlikely. I need to chat i am usually always talking to myself but I shouldn't have to do it online too? Is there something wrong with it or is it my pc... maybe they all sleeping? hmmmmm anyone check for me and see if im' losing it.?
  13. Emperor.. loved that it made you laugh. lol
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