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  1. Haven't been in around in a while, but I've missed y'all!

  2. I"m doing so much better mood wise. It's amazing what one week can do.

  3. Feeling better. Even went to the grocery store last night after picking up my 9 month AA chip!

  4. Having major trouble sleeping.

  5. 1 more game for the season! Win the division Dallas Cowboys!

  6. Dallas Cowboys WON!!!!!! 3 way tie in NFC East! Go Cowboys!!!!!

  7. Watching football..Giants are losing! Go Cowboys beat the Steelers!

  8. I'm feeling like shit. People think they can just treat me like crap whenever they want.

  9. You're an awesome person! Just thought I'd let you know :]

    1. Kathleen


      Thank you. I've been feeling like crap ever since all the shit happened yesterday. I don't even feel like I can say anything anymore. Thank you.

  10. Still feeling pretty good

  11. Craziness, Thank you very much. I love them so much. I think they are beyond adorable.
  12. Kathleen

    My Baby Girls (Doggies)

    3 doggie children Sasha and Sadie (miniature Shi Tzus) and Kinsey (Miniature Dachshund)
  13. I'm also Bipolar 2, which I'm still trying to understand what that means exactly. I've read quite abit about it, but still have tons of questions. I had a really bad episode beginning of the week starting Sunday and coming to a head on Wednesday. I couldn't sleep. Monday morning when I tried to sleep after being up all night I had the worst nightmare of my life, which scared me so much I was afraid to go to sleep. I barely slept for 3 days - 5 within 3 nights. By Wednesday, I was totally irrational and raging. I got into a huge fight with my hubby. I even had a violent episode, tossing my small computer desk over. I'm not a violent person at all. I do yell and scream a lot because that's how I grew up, but being actually physically violent is not normal for me. I was a total wreck. I've been battling insomnia for a long time. I had been finally getting good sleep for about a month or so before this episode occurred. Then Thursday I was feeling better but I was so tired I slept most of the day. Friday and Saturday I was feeling almost "normal" whatever that is. I was dxed Bipolar 2 about 2 months ago. I had previously been dxed Major Depression for well over a decade before the Bipolar 2 dx. I also suffer from anxiety disorder and panic disorder. My Bipolar moods, as well as I can understand it, are always irritability, rage, and insomnia. I'm often "wired but tired" during insomnia spells. I have racing thoughts often. I was started on Lamictal first but I ended up being allergic. So I've been taking Trileptal for a little over a month. I'm a very impatient person, so waiting to see if this med works is driving me nuts. Does anyone else have any insights about Bipolar 2 vs Bipolar 1. I know Bipolar 2 is referred to the soft Bipolar. But this is totally disrupting my life. I've been afraid to leave my house. My raging can get out of control. The racing thoughts totally take over. I've been very depressed for months now. I'm so confused.
  14. Feeling much better...Thank God!

    1. malachite


      Glad you are feeling better!

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