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Ok, I've been on here for a little over a month, so I guess I should formally introduce myself. I'm Kathleen (Kat for short if you prefer...not Kathy, Katherine, Kate or any other bastardization of my name :smartass: ). I was dxed Bipolar 2 a little over 2 months ago, 10/2012. My previous dx was Major Depression. I also suffer from anxiety disorder and panic disorder. I've been married for 15 years to my wonderful hubby. I do not have any human children. My babies are of the furry variety, 2 miniature shi tzus (Sasha and Sadie), and a miniature dachshund (Kinsey). I'm a recovering alcoholic. I'm also a recovering social worker (gave up the profession due to my MI). I live in the great state of Texas. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan!!!!! :wub:

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