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  1. Interesting topic. The thing about social anxiety is that it tends to feed into - and help to create - paranoia, so it's hard to view them as two distinct entities. I would argue, perhaps a little contentiously, that you can believe people are talking about you and still not be paranoid - but what it would require would be the ability, once you have left / endured the situation to say "that was a situational thing, that I couldn't help thinking at the time" but then not to let it affect you too much from there on in. The after-effects are often the hardest part. I feel your pain though - as someone whose behaviour and interpretation of social interactions often comes down on the paranoia side of the spectrum, I realise how awful and scary that is. I would encourage you to persevere with your meds, they're not the be all and end all but it they do help. Best of luck
  2. Hi Guys Wow, there are certainly a lot of experience to draw upon! I thought I'd update you on my situation: My original weight was 92kg (about 202lb) and I am now does to about 85.6kg (about 188lbs). I'm 5'4 so I'm still obese by BMI standards, but I've always been pretty wide-set so it's probably not quite as bad as it seems. I've been doing Weight Watchers and killing at the gym (hill sprints, hill cycling and all that). I also try to get out and play one on one basketball with my brother, which really helps with my anaerobic fitness. It's fucking hard, but I've persevered reasonably well to this point (with the odd slip up). I've also dropped .5mg of risperidone so I'm down to 1, which probably helps too. I'll probably stay off Wellbutrin for now as I'm trying to reduce my overall meds. Hopefully I manage to come off the risperidone within the next year or two (I've heard some anecdotal evidence about weight gain on risperidone being reversible). I'll keep you posted, all the best to everyone who has posted for their future success.
  3. @ babydoll; I'm sorry to hear that, hope things get easier for you soon!. @ koali: Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I've heard it's notoriously hard to lose weight on. At the moment I'm going to the gym three times a week doing weight training and about 30 - 40 minutes of intense cardio. I might have to ramp up some aspects of my workout, but (on the plus side) I have the whole summer to work on it. We'll see what happens.
  4. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone who gained weight after initial treatment with Risperdal managed to successfully make it back to their baseline while still on the medication. I'm on Weight Watchers at the moment and so far I have taken off a couple of kilograms, but I'm concerned that the effects of risperidone on metabolism etc will cause me to plateau and ultimately put the weight back on. If you did have success with weight loss, it would be great if you could share any methods / techniques / dietary regimens / exercise programs you used (but obviously not in too much detail). Also, if you managed to lose weight on Olanzipine (Zyprexa) I would be just as interested, as it seems to have the same effects with weight gain as Risperdal. Cheers.
  5. I was a practising Roman Catholic until this year. I can't really believe how seriously I took it; I was going to Charismatic Catholic prayer groups, confession each week etc. Funnily enough I found myself in charge of a youth group with two other girls and that was an eye opener. These kids just openly ridiculed everything we tried to teach them - in retrospect I think they had more insight than me. So I quit that job and took up an atheist position, which was kind of inevitable at some point. I thought that faith really helped with MI. But I think confession is one of the more unhealthy things one can do. It's a process of guilt, shame, and doesn't really change much. I found being bound by religious rules was unhealthy for me; it didn't seem natural. So yeah, I gave it up. That said, I am still very much intrigued by theology and particularly Roman Catholic culture, even though I think it's all a bit of a sham. My profile pic is of the Archangel Raphael, who is responsible for healing. So there's a little nod to my old faith. Also, I still attend an Anglican communion service every now and again. I like a bit of ritual, and don't feel at all guilty about uttering the responses. And, finally, I think it is important to have religious tolerance; faith is very important for some people and I can appreicate that. On the flipside of the coin, I don't think religious bullying of any kind is okay. Especially when it comes to MI. (Luckily we have such an awesome group of people here who wouldn't do such things)
  6. Just discovered this forum today... bloody amazing. User agreement has a really good ethos and shows a sense of humour too which is awesome. I'm Harrison, but you can call me Harris, Harry, or H. There are a whole smorgasboard of nickname options, really, but I won't indulge myself. =P Dx: Major depressive episode, brief reactive psychosis. I've been to hospital twice, and I'm on Risperdal, Moclobemide, Levothyroxine and (occasionally) Lorazepam. Studying a BA in English and History. Love reading, writing, and related activities. I'm also dyspraxic (have known that since I was 7), which is a bit of a pain in the arse but it's not too big an obstacle really. Am I the only New Zealander on this forum? I'd be curious to know. Anyway, that's about it, looking forward to getting to know everyone in here.
  7. I was pretty mercilessly bullied during my first admission, but the second time I got on with everyone really well. It's kind of just luck of the draw unfortunately.
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