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  1. I guess this is better than facebook. So that's cool. I joined in 2012 and was gone until 2016. So.. woot.

    1. saintalto


      Deleted my Facebook years ago. Psychosis and Facebook are a bad combination. 

    2. Talky Tina

      Talky Tina

      Sounds about right. I got rid of it after a fight evolved from me making a new profile for a friends dog. I guess it's mean to make a profile, out the dog as a trans guy, and then complain about hormones. But what do I know?

      I feel like facebook isn't good for most people.

    3. saintalto


      I posted many paragraph essays in response to other people's very simple statuses. I also sent way too many inexplicable and epic private messages to people I barely knew or people I hadn't seen in person for over 10 years. I was delusional and it really did make sense at the time. Doing my part for the greater good that is sentience at the atomic level. Woo!

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